How to sign the wedding cards

Want to beautiful and unusual, bright and neizbitycongratulate the newlyweds with wedding day? Exquisite bouquet of the bride, the newlyweds a gift - it gives an official style. Present card, made with his own hands by writing a warm and sincere wishes of love and happiness. Prose or poetry - is not so important. Warmth, which are impregnated with the phrase farewell to the happy life of the parents, will warm warmth in difficult moments; congratulations (comic and not) from friends will support guarantee. How to sign the wedding card to convey the warmth of feelings to the young?

Rules for congratulations card

The tradition to give small-cards envelopescommemorative dates with bills inside - not a reason to give up even one pleasant gift. Wedding card, which is invited to the wedding of friends, family, personally signed, will be a pleasant surprise, it will keep for a long time in the memory of the best moments of the day bridal wedding. When choosing, consider the following features:

Wedding card celebration in style
  • Style celebration. Themed wedding requires not only the appropriate decor and surroundings, but also sets the bar high for the guests. Podyschu unusual greeting card, repeating the style of the wedding ceremony.
  • The size. A small or a huge wedding card - not the best choice. The first is easy to get lost in the confusion of the celebration, and the other may be nowhere to store because of its size. Medium sized card - an ideal option.
  • Preferences of the bride and groom. Creative people are pleased to receive congratulations from family and friends, signed on wedding card hand-made. Lovers of sophisticated, high style will appeal to an exclusive gift, stylized ancient manuscript or parchment. Young beautiful like card printing, selected with love.
  • Have ready a printed text. With this postcard will be no problems, because the unknown author came up with all of you. But it's nice to receive congratulations for a wedding, written by hand with a donor heart and tenderness.

How to sign the wedding cards to the young was nice, exciting, many years later, opened yellowed sheet and recall the solemn day of the wedding? registration rules are as follows:

  1. Card envelope sign is not accepted. If you want to emphasize the name of the donor, sign the envelope should be brief.
  2. The closer you are familiar with the newlyweds, the more warm, affectionate words and phrases used for writing.
  3. Beautiful words on sheets of unusual wedding card, decorated in a particular style, will make a splash if they were written with pen and ink.
  4. To sign a postcard to the wedding better succinctly.
  5. Comic Form greetings will always be relevant, but try not to overdo it.
  6. Create the structure of the text congratulations to be read easily and quickly.

The structure of the text

The text of congratulations to newlyweds, which you sign on the wedding card, conventionally divided into four parts:

How to structure congratulations wedding card}
  1. It appeals to the young. Preferably refer to the groom with the bride's name. For parents to be correct phrases like "Dear kids!" "Our Golden ...". Relatives, friends, sign address with the words: "Favorite ..." and distant acquaintances - "Dear ...".
  2. The text of congratulations, indicating the reasons for the holiday. It is appropriate to use "with great joy ..." "With all my heart ...".
  3. Main part. Words of farewell, warm wishes, affectionate phrases, humorous treatment - it all depends on your imagination.
  4. Signature. The reminder of the donors will gracefully signed wedding card, which many years later will bring fond memories.

What style sign congratulations?

Distance relationship, close communication, long-termfriendship - factors influencing the choice of the style of the signing of the wedding cards. If unfamiliar colleagues, "necessary" people or very distant relatives to buy a standard typographical postcard greeting, the relatives and friends will make every effort to come up with something creative and exclusive.

If the guest is a close relative or friend

Signing Wedding card with comicjokes, a bit of humor from relatives, close friends, it is appropriate. Kinship, close relations determine the kind words of love and caring, sincere feelings of joy and pride. Beautiful poems, full of warmth, decorate greeting. Funny jokes-congratulations, full of laughter and fun, festive atmosphere is emphasized.

As a sign of congratulations on the wedding of relatives

If the guest is almost not familiar with the newlyweds

Unfamiliar newlyweds guests invited to thewedding, or distant relatives, whom the groom or the bride had never seen until the day of the wedding should be more restrained in the manifestation of emotions. In this case, the standard will be appropriate, classic phrases and treatment. A more traditional word-will and wishes of the text: "a long and happy life", "strong love".

Traditional congratulations on the wedding of friends

Examples of beautiful texts congratulations for a wedding

How can I nicely to congratulate the newlyweds,signing wedding card? The bride and groom will be happy to read your kind words, wishes to convey his sincere feelings, emphasize gentle attitude towards young couples. Make your own, exclusive version of congratulations from the examples below.

How beautiful wedding card sign

Congratulations from the groom or the bride's parents:

"Favorite of our kids!

In such a solemn and magical day wishto congratulate you on your assumption of the union of two loving hearts! Let this day will forever remain in your hearts, souls, warming warmth of love, giving rays of the sun of happiness, joy!

We would like to wish fulfillment of the cherished dreams,agreement, understanding. Do not forget to go through life hand in hand - not an easy task. Only mutual feelings, support, great love will help to overcome any obstacles; Patience and care will be a reliable refuge for new achievements. We wish you a house to be a "full cup", pleasing the children's voices and laughter!

Your father and mother "

As the sign at the wedding congratulations card from colleagues in prose:

"Dear (name of the bride) and (groom's name)!

We would like to congratulate you on the remarkable event - the wedding day!

We wish you a high feelings, hearts, hugslove, warmth, comfort, many, many years! Let happiness illuminates the way, smile and good mood does not leave the soul. Appreciate the joyful moments of communication, often speak sweet words to each other, while living together two loving hearts will turn into a never-ending feast.

Your colleagues'

Poems-greetings from relatives:

On this solemn holiday

We heartily, young, desire,

To never a shadow of mistrust

Love is not eclipsed. And that you always

Guiding star in the light of life,

That happiness was shining, so long lived.

That wisdom and patience enough,

And to each other are always valued.

For children birth to Prigogine,

Ponyanchitsya to their grandchildren lovely.

And never to the bad days

Not met you in life together!

Congratulations on the wedding card from grandparents:

From now on you, the bride and groom,

Blessed forever be together.

Get the kids, and that has never to the court

Problems troubles did not arrive,

To happiness in the house settled.

And never on the rock life

The family was not to be broken.

Poems-wishes from friends and relatives:

Let the beautiful roads

you life will curl in.

Happiness let keep pace,

Protects. Good luck!

Let fate do you give

Kiddies - love flowers.

May all wishes

The most daring dreams.

Wedding congratulations from his friends in verse:

The family wish young

To live up to the golden wedding.

Always give each other happiness,

Away banish bad weather.

Have a cozy light house,

To the kids settled in it.

Yet we wish to live together,

To be able to forgive, to believe, to love.