How to congratulate the newlyweds on the wedding

The wedding ceremony takes place, as a rule, oneonce a person's life, so it should be at the highest level. Unusual greeting newlyweds stored for a longer period than the most expensive gift, so all the guests to the celebration are thinking about how to congratulate the newlyweds on the wedding. To cater to the celebration of the bride and groom, it is desirable to dream, inventing unusual greeting. Let's talk about the original wishes of the wedding of the young.

Variants of the original congratulations wedding day

Remembered for the wedding guests those who utter the most cordial wishes for the newlyweds. Units pronounce congratulations extraordinary and creative, and in fact many options for self-expression:

  • For example, do not necessarily have a largetalent to congratulate the newlyweds in verse form. If you wish to easily alter the famous song and a greeting for the newlyweds will be a pleasant surprise.
  • Or make a fun collage, choosinginteresting photos Suite in different periods of life, from infancy. Think of them funny comments, pick cheerful music, and give the newlyweds a cheerful greeting, which will raise the mood for a long time to all those present.
  • An interesting greeting will be recorded on video requests from strangers you meet on the street and ask to congratulate the wedding the young.

Be creative - and you definitely will visit an original idea!

Beautiful words in verse and prose

Wishes newlyweds in prose - it is the mostcommon kind of solemn speech at the wedding, because not every dare to write poetry, and custom poem is expensive. Wishes prose should not be too long. In order not to lose the attention of the audience, it should not take more than 1-2 minutes. As a rule, a ceremonial greeting ends with the presentation of a gift, which adds importance of spoken words. Here are some ideas for a solemn speech in prose, are sure to enjoy the newlyweds:

  1. If you ask many different people, that ismarriage, we will hear a lot of opinions. Some would say that it is the duty of young before God. Others have suggested that it is only one month of love and many years later monotonous existence. Some add that the marriage - a gift of fate. Each of them will be right, for the union of two people is such, they think of him. I wish you all the time to think about love, happiness and joy to your union it was awesome for everyone!
  2. A wise man said: "Many in the world looking for, but few have found." You - the most happy people, because were able to find each other. Let your family hearth burning unquenchable flame, illuminating family life, the light of fidelity and love.
  3. On the wedding day, you said, and gave a lot ofgood. But the most valuable prize you get from the sun. It gave a piece of his love, of which you have created a family home. Keep this gift all his life, so that any wind of change is not repaid your love, but only inflamed even more!

How to congratulate the newlyweds at the wedding poems? It's very simple! We offer several poems which you can use in his speech:

Bride like a swan - a strong, well-built!
So noble and wise!
By becoming himself a girlfriend chose,
To love until the end of time.
We wish you luck and patience,
Happy life and victories!
And most importantly - love of family,
Love you and concord!

Young and innocent as two pigeons,
And life ahead - a clean sheet!
I wish that life gave a smile
A leaflet on the flower to blossom!
Its shores, holite, cherish,
It is a symbol of a strong family!
Together grow together pour,
After all, the only way you will be happy!

All my life I only go around,
Maintaining loyalty to each other.
Do not let the evil eyes,
Do not know much you offense.
Let the sun shines you always.
A cloudless days will be!

Never left,
Heart let your strong love!

Example newlyweds congratulations in verse

Short Wedding congratulations

Speaking at a wedding or a beautiful toastoriginal hand an envelope with the money you need to learn. You can sign the card with a ready greeting, but it is better if you are in your own words to congratulate the newlyweds. You do not have to talk nicely or long. Let your desire be short - it does not lose its relevance from this, it is no wonder they say: "Brevity - the sister of talent." Examples of short requests:

On this day, one can say,
After a serious step, I understand.
I just want to wish happiness,
We heartily congratulate you!

Born on the family, both in the sky a new star.
Congratulations, my friends and remember that a wedding - it's forever!

You joined your hearts
The robust and durable alliance.
I wish that love is preserved
And proud of the strength of the bonds!

Original short newlyweds congratulations

Funny congratulations in your own words

If you are not a fan of the learned proseor other people's poems, congratulate newlyweds at the wedding in your own words. Tell the groom with the bride the most important thing that you have on your mind, and if the words are fun, then your speech will accept with delight not only the couple but also guests. The main thing - to rehearse phrases advance to the feast, not blush, do not stutter, and not be nervous. It is better to write on a piece of text or wish to learn by heart.

We offer fun examples of texts in their own words to the newlyweds:

  • Chinese philosopher Confucius said: "Happiness - is when you understand." Now this statement is as true, as many centuries ago. I wish the young love and understanding that they have always felt respect and support each other.
  • We congratulate to the marriage! We wish that your life was not bitter or sweet, and to the extent of: sour, spice and zest!
  • In the ocean, marriage matrimony - isship. Wife - the helm of the ship, and her husband - the sail. I want to wish the bride always find the right course, and the groom - wisdom, endurance. Caravel Let your family always finds a steady flow, and even if behind the storm - on the deck of your ship let there always reigns love, peace, peace!

Funny greeting with wedding

How unusual to congratulate the newlyweds from their parents?

Parents of children at the wedding are the mostthe guests of honor. And their congratulations to perform a kind of parting words to future family life. To the original wishes were for a long time remembered, parents should be prepared in advance. And from us - a few examples of mental congratulations Suite:

  • Dear children! We can see in your faces happy smiles. Let the good mood will never let you leave, and the happiness that overwhelms you now, will last forever! Have dignity go all the way, which is called family life, it is still unknown, but so interesting!
  • All parents are happy for their children when theyhappy. And we rejoice, for you have found each other and met the love. Let you cry at the wedding: "Bitter" and we wish to bitter days will never come life and happiness forever lodged in your house!
  • The wedding day - this is a magical time whenfulfilled all desires. We want to think of that in your life has been a lot of love, mutual understanding and respect. If you reach the harmony in the relationship, all other wishes will be fulfilled! May you live happily ever after!

Video: congratulations creative ideas

Not really matter how creative wordwill be told at the wedding, the main thing that they were spoken from the heart. If you have not yet decided on the option newlyweds congratulations, you watch the video, in which the wishes of fun preparing for the bride and groom: