Funny greetings with silver wedding in verse

Silver Wedding - is an important anniversary forcouples, because the husband and wife have lived for twenty-five years together. On this day, as a rule, satisfied with a large feast, which invited close relatives (brothers, sisters, parents, children with small grandchildren), good friends and colleagues. Each guest is committed to come up with original greeting "silver" spouses, which touched and will touch their hearts. Those who want to give smiles and laughter of the audience, turn to the ridiculous versions wishes glorifying long and strong marriage heroes of the occasion.

Options funny congratulations with 25 wedding anniversary

Choosing funny greeting for the spouses,lived together a quarter of a century, we must remember that it should contain not only a funny joke, but sincere wishes of health, happiness, longevity, love and understanding of the silver jubilee. It is desirable that the words spoken by the perpetrators of the celebration, were not vulgar or too vulgar. Thinking greeting text, mention may be made a symbol of the holiday - Silver, said that to date, marriage anniversaries also shines as the precious metal.

By the time the family silver wedding has a lotexperienced, so do not be amiss to wish the couple a happy and easy way of life, joy and carefree days to come, more young grandchildren, great-grandchildren and healthy appearance to note many more anniversaries, including the golden anniversary. If the guest have the talent of poetry, should write this ode to silver jubilee in the playful and energetic manner. Those who know how to play the guitar, can come up with amusing ditties that exactly will be the main number noisy feast.

Congratulations to the twenty-fifth wedding anniversary

Congratulations in verses need not beLength: to make the audience laugh, that's enough of his short, but capacious poems on four lines. Especially valuable are works composed by participants, because most guests know silver spouses has long been, and therefore learned their characters, for sure knows the story of their love. The poem contains the real facts from the biography of anniversaries, reflecting their features, just like all those present at the table, will cause genuine positive emotions and sincere smiles.

If the perpetrators of the festival have already appeared grandchildren,their parents can try to write a poem with the kids. Charming greetings from the smallest holiday guests will not leave anyone indifferent, will be the most touching moment of the event. If the visitors of a holiday alone can not come up with a funny poem, there are several exits of the situation: turn to a professional poet who writes verse to order, or to find a suitable option requests on the Internet.

Short wish silver jubilee

For those who for some reason can notvisit the silver jubilee, the ideal option humorous greetings SMS-Coy (before that you need to make sure that pair of silver jubilee able to read it, because many older people do not use mobile messages). Funny might wish to speak on the phone, if the perpetrators of the 25th anniversary can not read SMS, besides they will be much nicer to hear the voice congratulator than reading text. See below for examples of interesting fun greetings for anniversaries.

Congratulations in the verses of the children

After many years the most valuableacquisition becomes not a career or acquired property in the family, and relatives and friends who are close by. Children - are the most important people for anniversaries, but because they have to be sure to congratulate those responsible for the 25th wedding anniversary beautiful words. Surely the sons or daughters of silver spouses have already found a mate, so this includes congratulations from their husbands or wives. Children are well aware of their parents, learned their habits for so many years of living together, so easy to compose, or pick up a good funny greetings.

Do not hesitate, no doubt,
Report I am pleased today:
Silver - Metal priceless!
Your years will confirm!
Let whiskey silvered -
This is the wisdom of their color;
Let Daleko youth disappeared -
Eternal happiness for two!
Only life would not be tired,
Glad it every time ...
I am a silver wedding,
Congratulations to you today!

No anniversary in the world more beautiful,
Native mother and father:
Your Silver Wedding -
Happy years of the crown!
Gone you through heat and cold,
Tiff moment, the hour of separation ...
But everyone - and strong and young:
It stops time in you.
And I'm flying winged
His beautiful dream
There, where congratulate once
You with your wedding - gold!

Running year high and accurate,
But then came the hour:
wedding day of the test, Teschin!
I congratulate you!
You is not easy in the beginning
Sometimes, I admit.
She gave birth to a daughter, rocked -
My favorite.
How happiness lasts, to know ?!
But what is there to tell fortunes:
Up - diamonds - wedding
I wish you to live!

A quarter-century couple together -
Millions of gentle words,
Says the bride groom,
For her, all ready.
Although already an experienced groom,
But the young bride.
We are now only one example:
So let it be forever.

The husband of a woman

Greetings from the silver of the spouses to each other,As a rule, touching and beautiful, but the couple is quite capable with humor approach this ritual. The husband may jokingly refer to the manner of his beloved in the poem tell you about her character and the difficulties encountered in family life. But be sure to include in the text of gratitude for the years we spent together, for the warm hearth, for a tidy economy and sincere love. The spouse must say loved as well to live together on this earth, and to continue a long way together.

Thank you dear,
What have you always by my side,
We go the way one
And we feel each other's eyes.
I wish you joy,
Health and strength of strong!
You know that on the mainland,
I love you, my best, my dear!

Honey, you and I are so different!
How could we so many years
Relive all the sorrows and celebrations,
The pain of loss and the joy of victory.
After all, according to the laws do not come
We have each other - so says the rumor.
Just how do you find so many years
We are with you soft words?
You're gray, and I am no longer young.
A quarter of a century together - it's a date!
Often I remember that moment,
As with thee met when the.
As in love with you then head over heels,
And still I love you.
In children with you, my dear, or similar,
I see again their youthfulness.
Silver topped wedding -
Our gift to you for each other.
What's left? Here to know
What will the fate-girlfriend!
Be always with me, my joy!
About you, I pray the Lord,
And other gifts do not need me,
Because I love you.

Dear, love my husband,
You're not only my husband, yet you give me and a friend.
I am very happy that we are together
With you it is very interesting
With silver wedding I congratulate
You wish with great tenderness.
That life was as turbulent river
Bypassing all the thresholds and bumps.
And that together we as a husband, wife
Noted anniversary and already a golden wedding.
And sending pozdravok
I kiss the whole leaf.

Wife from husband

In response to the wife greeting the wife must alsothank him from the heart, noted her husband's dignity, to say how valuable for her care, love and warmth that gives the favorite for the past so many years. Perpetrators of celebration may agree in advance on a playful manner the wishes of each other, it will make their presentations cohesive, interesting and thoughtful. Congratulations in verse may be said to the guests, or written to the card.

When the whiskey to silver gray,
Love special is given to us,
It has more tenderness than in the old year,
When she is blind and young.
Everything was in life, so in fact has passed 25,
But the wedding we celebrated again.
Her silver people are called -
After silver glitters journey together.
Health, happiness, success, happiness, light,
I wish to remain young for many years.

I have joy in the world is only one,
There are favorite, of course, and tender wife.
With you twenty-five years we have lived together,
So, about the silver anniversary we are now sing.
Today will give you a beautiful silver pendant I,
You look out the window you, then go out on the balcony.
Let them see the people are different, all, every country,
So, how beautiful you are in the world and double.
And in the evening I was at the family and a wonderful dinner,
I will tell you how much I love you and I need.
You're the best in the world of angel,
Most read my pozdravochek!

My wife, I and thou peck of salt together,
A quarter of a century together so chew.
And it is for us sweeter sweet chocolates,
Our love envies light.
I am writing you this funny pozdravok,
And our love put under lock and key,
To no one could take her,
And another someone to pay!
Be the most beautiful, what is now,
Let everyone know, they hear about us.