Congratulations to the wedding of my aunt

Close relatives - the most welcome guests atcelebration. So congratulations on their prized new husband. Especially nice to receive congratulations to the newlyweds at the wedding of his uncle and aunt, who since childhood certainly helped parents coddle child gave sage advice at an older age, and strongly supported. Toast for the niece or nephew may be funny, touching or solemn - it all depends on Honeymoon themselves from congratulator sense of humor and the general mood of celebration. Examples of congratulations with the wedding, see below.

Possible wedding congratulations from my aunt in verse

If my aunt wants to do at the wedding ceremony,artsy greeting, should refer to the poetic variations requirements. Stilted poetic style enchant present and exactly please her husband with his wife. To the poem sounded really nice, pre-aunt should rehearse the lines in the mirror, try to place the emphasis intonation, feel the place to pause. After several repetitions of the verse of the text learns, so there will be no urgent need to constantly look at the piece of paper.

Congratulations on the wedding verses from Aunt

Well, if you have pozdravitelnitsapoetic talent - then it will be able to compose their own work: this text will touch the newlyweds and guests of the celebration even more. If you want a professional approach, aunt can order poetic congratulation on the occasion of the wedding of the poet or to find a suitable poem on the Internet. Pozdravitelnitsa can read not only the solemn and lofty work, but also to come up with a funny wish - syllable poems such easy, fast, it is set on a pleasant way all present.

You drained the glass of vodka few drinks
For that after five decades
To celebrate the wedding and gold
And to live all his life without sorrow and without troubles!
Congratulations on your cardio,
Live long and carefree.
Connect your destiny
Now, forever, forever.
And even among you all year
Discord was not used trail.
And no matter how hard you would live,
Two inseparable hearts were.
So be happy always!
And we can do is -?
Exclaim in unison: Kiss! Bitterly!

Raise full glasses
For our wedding table.
And, as expected, the first
In honor toast Young said.
We heartily wish it,
How it was done long ago,
To love is strong was their,
How is good wine;
To them life was a full bowl,
From the way luckily not go down;
To the bride and groom our
Together in love a hundred years to live!

We heartily young
Have allegiance to the grave,
And age is not to hurry,
And that wealth was in the house,
And someone somewhere put,
To both knew ...

Congratulations, newlyweds,
With this step right, responsible,
A bride is so beautiful, feminine!
And the groom in the excitement, tense.
Do not worry just vain,
We're seeing all your senses -
They are like the sun beautiful,
Only live together - is an art.
To comprehend it, we wish you
With a man's heart cute !!
And we heartily congratulate
With the changes in the excellent fate!


Tete will be easy to congratulate the bride with the mostexciting holiday in her life, because between them there is certainly a special bond. Do not overload the toast parting words, which have certainly been listening to the couple from their parents, congratulations should be easy, fun, sincere, joyful. Wishes pozdravitelnitsa must show their good attitude to celebrations culprit and her chosen one. Also aunt should say kind words about the future of love, happiness and wish the newlyweds live happily for many, many years together until golden wedding.

My niece is now all the more beautiful:
She is gentle, sweet and radiant!
And on the day of the wedding, probably no happier
Bride beloved and lovely!
Couple, cute, family,
Let me wish you a lot of light,
With all your days were golden,
And the sea of ​​joy, love, success!
I wish you to enjoy life,
In love and happiness every moment of your live!
That had no desire to be angry,
And just enjoy and love!

You have recently
Cute little girl was,
At that moment, the long-awaited -
You're the bride is good!
your thin Stan attracts,
A smile - the door to paradise!
And the groom knows about it,
It is now like a king!
I wish you, relatives,
Drink cup with happiness,
To denechki gold
However, to live in joy!

Congratulations Aunt:
Married, living the life of the mind,
then all what you expect from it,
There will come into your warm house with the good.
Trust each other do not lose,
Do not darken the feelings of suspicion,
Love heart and, of course, respect!
Then you will be happy all the world!
Let your house be a lot of light,
That ringing children's laughter in him did not cease,
And be all the happier on the planet -
So man wished our God!


Raising a toast to the groom (his nephew) AuntIt can tell a few funny stories from his childhood, from the heart to congratulate the fact that he found his love - a beautiful, kind, decent girl around. Pozdravitelnitsa can wish him a happy family life, mutual understanding, advise lover often indulge all sorts of gifts, overseas trips and unexpected trip to the restaurant (the words of the aunt's mouth will sound cute and funny). Greetings from my aunt in verse can be found below:

Council and love - wish you every.
I only utter addition:
Let the sun and the stars above you do not go out,
Let happiness will drive away the sorrow and trouble.
I love even from you will never go away,
Let kids healthy give fate.
And just let the good going on!
Nephew, you tell me - my own family!

I had fun today,
Today I'm glad
Vodka drinking sweet,
Sweeter than lemonade.
Watch young,
Sweet heart beats,
This sweetie denёk
The wedding is called.
From myself, from all relatives,
Congratulates aunt!
Well, when at last,
Bitter nalёte me ?!

Today in festive attire,
In the heat and the riot of colors, drunkenness
The groom leads his bride
The long road from childhood hometown.
So be happy this way,
A couple even always beautiful
And the wise will be the year,
That spared the trouble your home!
Let your happiness in the house knocks,
May the joy you just happen!
And let as a health card,
A lot of money as a postcard!

How to congratulate on a wedding day in your own words?

It happens that you do not want to use someone else'scongratulations on the wedding of the closest people. There is a way - to compose original wish the newlyweds themselves. To address could spur of the moment, it is necessary to thoroughly prepare: to write the text, edit it several times (preferably with a break of a few days to notice all the flaws and shortcomings), then at least five times to recite in front of the mirror. Some people think that will necessarily find the right words without preparation, but at the crucial moment is always a risk become agitated and confused.

Video: beautiful greeting with wedding Aunt

To congratulation managed and liked everythingguests of the festival, it is necessary to contact her aunt, not only to his nephew or niece, and be willing to love, health, happiness, longevity and good marriage, both heroes of the occasion. Ideal will not just read the text wishes to leaf, and write on a postcard beautiful - so couples will be able to enjoy for many years to touching congratulatory lines. Watch the video, where congratulations on the wedding of his beloved aunt as a beautiful poem newlyweds: