Zastol'nye tenders for wedding

Wedding - one of the most important events in the life ofnewlyweds. This day should leave fond memories in the memory of heroes of the occasion and the guests. For this to be included in the program of drinking contests, which will make the holiday fun and touching. Various games, congratulations to perfectly fit into the overall theme of the celebration will help to entertain guests and original to wish the bride and groom happiness in family life.

Funny contests for adults wedding

Funny wedding contests

As a rule, weddings dealstoastmaster, but not every professional can maintain interest in guests during the holiday. Most wedding ceremonies do not wish to use original ideas and cost formulaic toasts, congratulations to the young couple. It will take only a few hours of the holiday, and guests start to get bored, although the situation would have saved a couple of provocative, funny competitions. Below you will find some fascinating, simple contests that will help make the celebration more bright.

In preparing for the wedding scenario competitions, you need to consider a lot of little things. It is important to remember that drinking games should not be:

  • primitive
  • tightened
  • too vulgar

Wedding competitions help to consolidate the guests,so choose the games for the celebration should be with great care. To begin with the future husband and wife should be familiar with the list of guests. If the wedding will be attended by the children, be sure to make up for them several competitions, as a bored child can spoil a holiday. For the older generation to choose a few games that are easy to carry out at the table, because they do not have the forces to jump rope. Prepare small prizes for all participants - even a small gift is always pleasant.

Contest on the cards answer the question

This game requires preparation. To do this, cut from heavy paper cards, write on them in advance invented by questions and answers. As a result, you should have about 15 pairs of cards. The main feature of the game is that the answers are universal and suitable for all issues. The competition is held as follows: Lead offers the visitor to choose a card with a question and address it to anyone present. After that, the latter pulls out the card with the answer, read the text aloud. The procedure was repeated the next guest, etc.

Competition drink and not a coward

To conduct this contest, you will need some props:

  • thimble
  • tea and tablespoon
  • small bucket
  • cork on any bottle
  • carved from carrots boat
  • saucer
  • soup ladle
  • plastic bag
  • flask
  • great basin
  • Coffee cup

It is also necessary to prepare cardshort poems. For example: "Hard to was walk, drink vodka from a thimble." Rhymes should include harvested container for drinking intoxicating beverages. Make large letters for easy reading. The competition should be held in the midst of the celebration. Wishes to participate, guests must pull out the card, read the verse written on it, and drink from the corresponding dishes in turn.

Fun competitions for drunk Company

Games for drunk company at the wedding

During the celebration is complete without alcohol, and therefore should be included in the program of competitions-dinner for the wedding a few games for drunk Company:

  1. Place your bets. For carrying out of this competition you will need transparent glasses, a cocktail stick, the amount of which will depend on the number of participants. All who wish to participate to get the container poured a clear liquid. The facilitator should be forewarned that there is a glass of vodka, and in the remaining water. The problem of participants - to empty the glass so that the others do not specify that they drink alcohol. To heat the interest of visitors to arrange betting on good money. Sol competition that in reality all the glasses is vodka.
  2. Sheet. For the contest requires one party to a common sheet. The game begins with the choice of wanting to participate. Man is completely covered with a sheet, and host reports that guests make come true is something to put on it. The task called party item in question. If the contestant is obliged to remove the errors which he called item of clothing. The catch is that the only correct answer - sheet. Only if the party savvy and have time to guess a riddle, he has a chance to stay dressed.

Funny contests for older people - wedding guests

Zastol'nye wedding contests for guests

To the older generation visitors also do not get bored doing nothing, it is advisable to use the following examples of competitions:

  1. Like, I do not like. Terms of the game are as follows: each guest has to say what he likes in the neighbor sitting next, and what is not. Participants can call body parts, clothing items. For example, lips, hair, ring, shoes. Thus the chain has to go full circle in a clockwise direction, then the leading announces that liked the place you need to kiss or bite neponravivsheesya.
  2. Song contest. Occasionally wedding complete without drinking songs. In order to somehow control the chorus, you can use the elements of competition. Divide the guests into teams and each tell a condition that must be present in the song. For example, first the team must sing a song, which meets the woman's name, and the second - about the time of year, and the third - about love.

Video of table wedding contest

To imagine what would be a wedding prandial competition, look very good example in the video below. You can use it on your festival.