Wedding contests for parents

The organization of the wedding night - thin anddelicate process. How to arrange a lush, fun, unforgettable wedding worries on the eve of the newlyweds. Therefore, in the holiday program is mandatory include games, raffles, involving young and older guests. A properly fitted and competitions for parents are the key to successful holiday. We offer for your consideration tenders that do not leave indifferent the most native people - your parents.

Parent Participation in competitions

What should be competitions for parents at the wedding?

It is difficult to imagine a full and interestingwedding party without music, contests, prizes and revelry. Where, if not at the wedding, it is possible to express themselves, their imagination and artistry? For this and needed competition for the festival. In the selection of drawings is important not to rely only on the range of interests of parents, but also their emotional perception, as well as the peculiarities of cultural education.

It is no secret that many competitions at the wedding havevulgar connotations, and depending on the personal relation to the topic of parents should adjust the availability of vulgarity in certain competitions. All the most interesting, funny and mixed competitions experienced toastmaster always holds in the middle or end of the wedding, when all barriers have collapsed under the pressure of the alcohol, and the guests got acquainted, actively communicate with each other. Be careful. so as not to offend the parents.

Parents having fun at the wedding

Ideas competition for the parents of bride and groom

The most popular competitions do not lose its relevance over the years:

  • Every year guests amuse the parents of the bride and groom, trying to get a pencil tied a rope to his waist in the neck of an open bottle.
  • Everyone loves a contest where a father in law father-in smart suits, ties, patent leather shoes, armed with a hammer and nails, race collected stools.
  • An unforgettable experience will produce steamparents who are given the task to say at a time kind words. Very touching to hear from people loving each other, have lived together for many years, proof of their love.
  • Wink imagination will contest where parentsgiven the task to come up with a written greeting to the wishes of the newlyweds. Its essence is that the name of the bride and groom each time to attribute the adjective.
  • Old but popular nowadays weddingcontest in which competing popes bride and groom. They are given to each according bobblehead doll. It is proposed to set doll clothes: vests, diapers, sliders, caps, jackets, socks. Pinpoint the time of Pope on distillation dress pebbles. It is important that the order of the layers of clothing you need to follow. Guests support team with loud cries.

Contests for the parents must come to an endselection of a winner, which is required to award the prize. For mothers this can be a cup, soap, towel, mirror, frame, handbag, cosmetics. Pope also awarded such prizes: tie, alarm clock, key chain, comb, socks, ball-point pen. Below we describe some popular, but this is every bit as fun contests.

"Bubbles" for the mother-in-law

We bring to your attention a very fun competition. Mother-in-law handed bubbles. In turn Tamada sets the tricky questions of his mother-in-law then. After hearing the matter, Mom blows bubbles, guests consider their number, this is the answer to the question. This competition is good that mothers do not have to do anything special, they will enjoy the event. Here are some examples of questions the mother-:

  1. What you'll be son-in oven pancakes on the weekends?
  2. How many times have you kiss-in-law?
  3. What you get from the son-in bouquets of flowers on March 8?
  4. How many times you will be able to tie shoelaces in-law?

And here sample questions for the mother in law:

  1. How much do you make a compliment daughter on the second day of the wedding?
  2. How many times have you call in the morning daughter on a day off?
  3. How many pans you give daughter for her birthday?
  4. How many times will take the grandchildren to imagine that the couple had a rest?
  5. How many socks you bind daughter?

Competition with soap bubbles

"20 years later"

Here's another version of good and peaceCompetition for newlyweds parents. This competition involved both parents. The Pope asked the bride to sit down on a chair, and his wife go out for a while in the other room. Husband asking leading questions, the answers are recorded on paper. After that comes the wife, she asked the same questions. Look how converged answers spouses. At the end of the contest is given to newlyweds Parent tip: remember their love story in twenty years as well as remember their parents. Here are sample questions:

  1. Date of your love?
  2. Date of your first date?
  3. When you first kiss?
  4. As you did with your wife?
  5. The brightest gift at your wedding?

"Define my voice"

This fun competition will be enjoyed by allguests. Mother-in-law is involved here, which tied a bandage his eyes. Before her line up of seven young men, among them the number of the newly-in-law. Each is given a balloon filled with helium. By turns they inhale this gas (after inhalation of the voice changes, it becomes cartoonish, funny) and, from the first, saying, "My dear, beloved teschenka, it's me, your son-in-expensive!".

Mother of the Bride should guess his voicein-law, even though it all becomes almost the same. At the end of the contest toastmaster add something in this regard: "In life there are different situations: it can happen angina, tired at work, drink too much. But in any case, forgiving his son-in slips. Here's to the love of mother-to-law, for their understanding, mutual aid! ".


On this day, grandparents just right to recall lullaby. Grandchildren is not far off, so that training in singing lulling melody does not hurt. So, two teams involved in the competition:

  • first - my mother and father of the bride,
  • the second - the groom's parents.

Participants are given two different words lullabiessongs. Simultaneously, the team begins to sing verses, followed by the chorus. Guests can cheer for the selected command, to help with their singing. The winner will be the team that perepoet his opponent. Each team must try to sing louder, bassist longer. The competition promises to cause a storm of emotions, fun.

Parents sing at the wedding

"Mom, are we"

This contest will show how well the mother knowsor the voice of his son-in-law. First the groom's mother knotted handkerchief eyes, before it become a girl, among them the bride. Each of the girls says: "Mom, it's me." Mother in law should be determined by voice when he speaks of her daughter. The same competition is held for the mother of the bride - Tiffany. Just line up in front of her invited young people, among them will be the groom. On each team in turn says: "Teschenka, it's me!". Mother of the bride should know the voice of his daughter's husband.

"Find me"

In this game, leading blindfolded groom's mother,then beckoning to attend about seven young girls, along with the bride. They stretched out his hands. Mom give the job to find her daughter, touching the hands of girls. Fun will be invited to the team of young man women or child. The same can be done with the mother of the bride, put in front of her no more than seven invited boys. Mother-in-law will have to find a son-in-hand guys.

Contests involving parents alwaysfit into the fabric of the festival. Close newlyweds people should get their share of attention, to show their talents. Tests always brings a smile, not even looking at some ambiguity. Even when the relationship between the older and younger generation strained, their marriage improves and competitions give an impetus to look at the parents of their halves in a new way.