Wedding competitions with balls

Wedding celebration - a long-awaited day fornewlyweds. How to organize a holiday, so it was fun for a long time remembered by the audience? Show program with a leading, original competitions, dancing, entertainment - all this will help young guests relax. How to surprise guests, contests with any wedding dance, music come up? Use balloons, with their help, you can come up with lots of games and entertainment.

Ideas best wedding contests and games with balls (photo)

Ideas competitions with balls

Do you want to diversify the finished script weddingcelebration? Think for a humorous job offers, the implementation of which will not be difficult, but the surrounding is good fun. For example, ask them to sing a comic ditties, to come up with a toast to the young in the verses, to dance in a prepared gypsy costume, cowboy dance, in an extreme case, the dance of the small swans.

Write your "job" on small pieces of paperpaper. Before inflate balloons to decorate the wedding hall, lay the leaves in some of them. Leading invite all those present to choose the vending balls of any color and size. Gently blow-off them or inadvertently lopnuv, depending on your wishes, each guest will receive a "personal mission".

And what a delight it causes huge advance inflatedhelium and waiting in the wings, transparent ball inside which there is more than one hundred small balls of different colors! Toward the end of the wedding, he poured out a huge number of small, bright "pieces", as in the photo below. Ask guests in advance to write wishes for the young on small pieces of paper, put them in little balls. Newlyweds on memory will remain very warm and gentle words from relatives and friends.

Balloons - the perfect way to decoratewedding hall. But not only. This handy tools for games, fun competitions bridal shows. Comic battle between two knights of the number of guests inflatable swords, dance hands-free for girls and guys with balls, team games and relay races, where members share with each other the balls to burst them - just do not count. Fun guests will be provided.

"Score a goal"

One of the fun and amusing contests for the guests -"Score a goal!" To participate are invited guys football fans. Lead offers to split into two teams. One will be "representatives" of the groom, the other - to "defend the honor" of the bride. Come up with names of the teams. Then each participant tied waist ribbon or string, leaving the free end of a length of 40-50 cm. To him tied matchbox or any other object. The main condition - it should not be difficult. Then the leader of each team provides pre-inflated balloon.

Players of one team must score a goalopponent, try not to miss it in their own. As for the "ball" is possible only matchbox, moving the ball towards the opponent's goal. The team that scores the greater number of goals in the allotted time (for example, while playing cheerful music). Prize gets the most active and effective player, and that of the newly married couples, whose side defended the winning team, personally presents the prize to the winner.

Score a balloon at the gate

A variant of the competition is individualcompetition participants. Lead offers "hold the ball", ie balloon, from the starting point to a particular place at a distance of 5-6 meters from the starting point. The first participant whose ball reaches the finish line is declared the winner. In this competition can participate, both boys and girls. If at a meeting with obstacles party balloon will burst, he was eliminated early.

"Dancing with balls"

Active and fun is a competition in which the pair"Man and woman" dancing with the ball sandwiched between them. Lead offers, have expressed a desire to participate in the competition, choose a pair in the face of the opposite sex. The number of participants is not limited. Each pair of master issues an inflated balloon. Desirably, round or oval. This may be harder to hold, causing extra emotion from visitors watch the action.

How not to drop the ball dancing

Then the music starts. According to the team leading pair clamped balloon between those parts of the body, which indicates the toastmaster. For example, while playing lambada, you must perform this dance, holding the ball foreheads. During the waltz it is necessary to hold and not let go by using the hips. Parts of the body a lot, so be prepared to carry out any "fancy" master. The winner is the couple who will be able to portray the dance, which coincides with the music, without losing the balloon.

"Someone who precedes"

This contest is designed more on fun and laughterparticipants. Balls in it will only accept a "virtual" part. Lead offers to participate in the competition to two guests, preferably with a good light. It will have to compete in strength, the power of "blow." Between guys placed on a stand balloon. What's the catch? The participants are blindfolded.

Who his opponent

Then toastmaster announced that the one who is stronger,stronger will blow on the ball will be the winner. At this time, instead of a balloon is placed on the stand plate with a slide sprinkled with flour. Leading commands: "Start!" ... And the whole mass of flour flies to both parties. It is desirable that the latter were with a good sense of humor, and their wives / girl too. Clean suit, have a long face. But the guests, watching the fight, will be delighted by the situation, have fun at glory.

"Air darts"

To prepare in advance of the competition board inwhich easily will include darts. In her place the inflated balloons with attached notes. They indicate the number of points. To participate in the contest invites leading marksmen: boys and girls, darts lovers. The number of participants must be even to divide them into two teams. Each group is given an equal number of darts, at least one per participant.

How to play darts in the air

Then toastmaster offers teams hit the target -get into the balloon of a certain color or liked. After contact with darts balloons burst, and one leaf falls to the specified number of points. At the end of the contest, the team that will hit all the targets and collect the most points is declared the winner. She handed over the prizes.

"Salute congratulations"

To arrange a fireworks congratulations to newlyweds, prepare the following requisites:

  • Send suggestions for the young in the form of poems, toasts, plain text.
  • Inflate the balloons with attached them congratulations.
  • Tie them attach safety pins by the end of the thread.

Give the guests at the ball or offer selectvending. Master of ceremonies solemnly announces the launch of fireworks in honor of the young. Guests pierce the balls one by one, reading congratulations. Available improvisation. The most talented reader becomes the winner gets a prize.

How to arrange a fireworks display in honor of the newlyweds congratulations

Relay "Kangaroo"

For the fun of the relay "Kangaroo" leadinggathers several teams. Participate can boys, girls, children. Each team must have at least 5 people. Cheerful relay consists of several stages, each of which all team members must perform certain tasks. The winner is the team to score the most points. One task - one point. At a distance of 5 meters from the start placed chairs. This will be the finishing point around which you want to get around, jump, run. competition team Tasks include:

  • "Valuable cargo". Who was the first to bring the balloon in a tablespoon from the starting point to the finish of the chair back and forth. Hands touch, maintain, can not direct the ball. A player who violates the rules, out of the game. Imagine adults tetenek dyadechek and trying to keep the ball so valuable in the spoon. Laughter guests provided.

Shooting balloons
  • "Who's next shoot." Each team member is given deflated balloon. According to the team leading the first party to inflate the ball and runs it .... The aim is to finish on the chair. The funny thing is that the trajectory of the ball flight, which is blown away, it is very difficult to predict. The next person starts from the point where the ball fell to his predecessor. Very fun to watch as balloons diving around the banquet hall. The team that reaches the finish line first gets a point.

Jump like a kangaroo
  • "We jump like a kangaroo." Lead offers everyone who wants to present himself in the role of the Australian kangaroos. Terms of the contest are as follows: holding a balloon between their knees, the participant must doprygat to a chair at the finish line, bypass it and return back. The team, all of whose members have coped with the task, receives a prize-winning point.
  • "Playing in the penguins." If the previous competition causes bursts of laughter, imagine how fun would look like gait, and the participants themselves as the leading option to perform a task similar to the previous, only need to hold the balloon in the ankle area. Jump, of course, will not work, and that's fine mincing little steps, participants will get to the finish line, just like penguins.
  • "Gusenichka". Last competition fun relay. According to the team leading the first two team member is clamped between a balloon. While the music plays, they are in any way you need to reach the finish, go back. At the start of "gusenichka" grows, allying to itself the next team member. The balls may be retained by any part of the body except the arms.

"Air bombers"

Playing in the air bombers

From this amusing competition, guests will receive a portionlaughter, fun. Participants must be equal: men and women. Cabs for "pilots" are prepared in advance: the chairs are arranged in a circle on the number of couples participating. Men sit, holding between his knees balloon. It begins to sound the music. At the command of the master-bombardirovschitsa woman should land on the knees of his partner so that quick burst balloon. In an unsuccessful attempt, the action must be repeated. The winner couple managed to get things done for the least amount of attempts.

Video: Competition with balloons for guests

How to amuse the guests at the wedding? Dance contest with balloons - great fun! To properly conduct this contest, see the following video, where wedding guests dancing to the selected host, incendiary music (gypsy, rock and roll, lambada).