Limbo contest for wedding


Entertainment program of any wedding isof fun contests where guests willing to participate the event. Due to the competitive program of the invited will be able to relax and move. By the selection of tenders for the celebration should take responsibility to ensure that no one party has not left the wedding ceremony on the sidelines, and also got the opportunity to have some fun. To create a relaxed atmosphere of a contest "Limbo" at the wedding. What are the rules that you will need for the game?



The competition is called "Limbo" is derived fromHawaiian folk dance of the same name. It became the basis for a fun-filled event. The essence of the contest are as follows: the participant must pass under a tight rope without touching it. The game requires the ability to balance and control the coordination of movements. But often even the most sober wedding guests are not able to fulfill the conditions of competition on the first try. Movement is best to make rhythmic music, disco desirable.


The number of participants and competition rules Limbaugh

"Limbo" The game is played with the help of leading andone who wants to compete - a wedding guest. It is advisable to become a leading toastmaster, because he will be able to get public and priluchit to play almost all the guests, even the ladies. For holding the lead rope needs an assistant. If the event is an even number of men and women, a competition called "Limbo" is easy to carry out in pairs. Then the man holds his partner under the rope so that neither she nor he had not touched the rope.

The course of the competition "Limbo"

According to the rules of the game, the participant mustbend back and go under the rope without touching it. Gradually the rope away from the earth reduced to a few centimeters, so the party is forced to squirm and be more graceful. The winner is the participant (or couple), which will be held under the rope for the shortest distance from the ground.

Start with a long distance fromland to the excitement has not died away prematurely. It is necessary to take into account the growth of the participant, because short people are more likely to fulfill the conditions of the game. Game spend in a wedding hall, because the street is an event may result in serious injuries. The competition is desirable to hold during the feast, gathered in a circle. Then, wishing to have the opportunity to compete, and the audience will be able to watch the proceedings with interest and appetite.

In the video below you can see what looks like competition "Limbo" by:

Details for competition

For hot "Limbo" need only onesimple props: a rope, which is necessary to fulfill the conditions of competition. Make sure that the principal props was solid, if a participant accidentally catch hold of it, the competition is over the injury. If necessary, the rope can be replaced with a stick. The stick was originally used for this competition, because with the help of height is better controlled. But later it was replaced by a practical rope.

Challenge Ideas

No competition is not without awardingwinners. So, at the end of "Limbo" is necessary to present the prizes to participants that have fulfilled the maximum number of passes under the rope. As gifts suitable for things like champagne, t-shirts with funky slogans, memorable photo magnets with honeymooners. You can also give the winners a decorative soap, soft toy, sweets. Turn on your imagination and the wedding participants will be delighted with your gifts!

Prizes game participants

The competition is called "Limbo" at the weddingceremony - is a great way to have fun, have fun, get new impressions. In addition, this game will leave a lot of memories of your wedding. Do not forget to take pictures and video to refresh your experience at any time.

You once had to take part in such wedding entertainment? Share your experiences in the comments!