Games at a table at a wedding guest

Traditionally it made to celebrate the wedding of fun andenthusiasm. In this wonderful holiday the couple and their friends enjoyed a wonderful occasion emergence of a new family. Wedding program involves conducting the active contests and games to play directly behind the banquet table in the fun. Entertainment invited to help liberated, to know each other better. Games at the table - another good way to congratulate young wedding day.

Ideas interesting games for the guests at the wedding with the master of ceremonies

Funny wedding is impossible without games to play

When choosing games for the wedding should befollow some simple rules to help avoid unexpected reactions of guests, young or their relatives. It should be understood that the holiday table brings together representatives of different generations, so the competition should be good, versatile and interesting for all ages.

Theme of the competition program is determinedtaking into account the cultural, social and educational level of the invitees. For example, if the majority of those present at the wedding are fascinating intellectual quiz, is to focus on such topics as historical facts or scientific discoveries. Thus in any case we should not forget about the interests of the others present, who may not be knowledgeable in these areas. Games for wedding table should be chosen so that no visitor has not felt "at ease".

As practice shows, on a larger proportion ofmany weddings is still young. If you start from this fact, the games should be interesting for the young men and women, friends of the bride and groom. In this fun contests for the wedding guests should not be vulgar or offend the older generation. When properly maintaining the balance and the young guests, and invited the older will have fun at the celebration of solemn events.

"A perfect match"

Games at the table - a great way to loosen up the guests

The game at the table called "perfect match"It helps a little liberated friends and get to know each other souped close relatives of the bride and the groom's family. For the game need two previously prepared pattern, printed on paper, as well as a clean sheet. That is contained in the template, must know only lead of the game. Example text is as follows:

  1. Just woke up ...
  2. Breakfast ....
  3. During the exam (the chief) ....
  4. While returning home from work ....
  5. At the party ....
  6. Alone with his beloved (of th) ...

The essence of the game is that the leading,referring to the relatives of the groom, asking them to name, for example, the six qualities that should have a perfect wife. The same question about the ideal husband is sent to the bride's family. At this time, called the quality should be moved into the empty space of prepared template. To warm up the audience, the host finds the guests, whether there is, in their opinion, the quality of the young, which probably is not enough.

The master of the game at the table explains thatup portrait of young, and reads as will behave heroes of the occasion in different situations. Usually it comes out very funny, and sometimes incredibly touching description that certainly amuse participants of the ceremony. After playing a leading offers a toast and toast to the newlyweds.

"Pink glasses"

To arrange the next game at the wedding, you need toprepare funny glasses with pink lenses. Gay Entertainment suit guests to set the mood, the emancipation of the bride and groom. The game is called "pink glasses" invited guests will get to know each other, as many present at the ceremony may be unfamiliar with the others.

In my example, the leading shows in the essence ofventuring games. Going to any guest, the host puts on rose-colored glasses, saying with any compliment, like, "You have a beautiful shape of the eyes, and I did not notice right away." Thereafter guest puts glasses on, turning to the neighbor, tells him something nice, with emphasis on the fact that he used this may not be noticed or just embarrassed to say.

"Famous couples"

Drinking games for a wedding - universal entertainment

In the next game at the table will be actively involvedtake away. Entertainment does not involve the use of any props. Toastmasters offers the maximum number of recall iconic pairs, became famous thanks to his dedication, loyalty and love. These pairs are Odysseus and Penelope, Romeo and Juliet, many others. The game continues until such time as the guests do not call the last couple of famous lovers.

"The missing ingredient"

The game is called "missing ingredients"It involves ten participants. As props you'll need to prepare ten classic recipes of traditional dishes. Wedding competition is held at the table. For participation in the guests will have to brush up on some cooking knowledge. Toastmasters provides participants with sheets of paper with the recipes of famous dishes, but each letter is missing one ingredient. Guest task - to find out which component is missing from the list. Symbolic gets a present to someone who first guess of the missing product.

Funny game at the wedding table without Toastmasters

Funny contests without toastmaster at a wedding

The solemn feast - the most important stageof any wedding. During the banquet table, and the young guests have the opportunity to not only eat, but also to feel calm and relaxed. In addition, the feast at the wedding - another great opportunity to sincerely wish the newlyweds happiness and love. The entertainment program will help in maintaining a fun festive atmosphere. Many games and competitions can be carried out without the participation of the host.

"Merry alphabet"

In the entertainment game called "CheerfulAlphabet "take part all interested guests. The essence of the game is that with the help of the alphabet participants must congratulate the young holiday. Each new sentence should begin with the following letters in alphabetical order. Witnesses and relatives of the newlyweds foresight to prepare a small prize for the one who will come up with the most original greeting and win the competition. As used any surprises pleasant things: decorative hearts, ballpoint pens, comic and other paraphernalia.

"Brevity is the soul of wit"

Competition for the shortest toast - universal entertainment

Next game for the table is called"Brevity is the soul of wit". It is focused on ingenuity and wit taking part in her guests. The competition is incredibly simple and universal, so is ideal for people of all generations, present at the wedding. The essence of the game is that you need to say to the young participants the shortest toast. Guests who will be able to do the job better than others, that is to come up with funny, but succinct text, will be awarded a prize.

"The best declaration of love"

To hold the next game, kindlyprepare sheets of paper and pencils. Each participant receives the relevant information. To begin with the joint efforts of all the invitees selected several chains of nouns, adjectives, verbs. For example: "the sun - fun - run." After that the players will have to think up and write down a declaration of love, using the prepared words chain. Leaflets with the recognition given to young, which determine the winner.

Video: fun competition at the table "absurd compliments"

Cheerful Competition for the wedding called"Absurd greeting" is intended to cheer up the guests and the newlyweds. Fun entertainment will invited to relax a little, loosening up and cheer. In addition, it is an exciting game at the table is another original way to express best wishes and congratulations to the newlyweds.