Funny video competitions for the wedding

After the ceremony, romanticofficial marriage ceremony the newlyweds and guests wishing to relax, relax, have fun. It is difficult to imagine a wedding without an entertainment program, including a charming, funny host, performances show bands, artists. But the visitors are rarely willing to be passive spectators, so cheerful, funny competitions must include in the scenario of a wedding celebration. Such entertainment can cheer up all the guests, to create a relaxed atmosphere, to give joy to everyone.

Video selection of funny competitions for wedding guests

Wedding - is the unity of not only the two lovershearts, but the union of two families, people who until recently did not know anything about each other, and one day become family. Funny contests - it's a great idea to the guests could get better acquainted with each other, learn new closer relatives, friends with them. Fun always helps to get closer, to communicate in an informal stop.

Cultural programs, entertainment for weddingcelebration up with toastmaster or master, making scenario planning games, show program. As a rule, they rarely change the usual, turned out rooms, introducing some innovations, changes, updates, so often triumph and entertainment out the same which many have seen in dozens of other weddings. Therefore, the future spouses make their own adjustments, offering some of the games at its discretion.

Funny contests may come upindependently, to slightly modify existing ones. Remembering the interesting moments, you get to use entertainment, peeped in movies, TV shows or corporate events. Presented 'video fun, exciting competitions will select a few that you can include in your wedding program to amuse guests. Such entertainment require little or no special equipment or details and are suitable for visitors of different generations.

Wedding Contest "Fairy Tale"

Entertain, amuse guests of all ages"Fairy Tale" by way of competition. There are several variations of this fun, everyone can make their toastmaster minor adjustments to the script to make it look original and action to cheer up all the guests. The necessary props:

  • crown for the king and the princess,
  • masks for the three little pigs, wolf (possibly do without them, but it will be interesting to heighten the fun, creating realistic scenes with them).

To participate need a girl - Princess,five men (the king, the gray wolf and three pigs). Heroes take the stage under a certain music, master of ceremonies prepared in advance or leading, play their role in accordance with the sounding commands. It is desirable to hold the competition closer to the end of the evening, when all razznakomilis, relax and feel at ease in the wedding party. In order to see how it goes in real life as it is fun and interesting to watch the video:

Funny contest "Tongue Twisters"

For a good mood, checking guests "onsobriety "perfect game with patters. It would seem that the normal competition and it can be funny to read the usual lines at a rapid pace. But slightly tipsy guests in a fun, lively mood can not always be the first time the right to read the tongue-twister, and the original texts in the performance of these speakers will bring all to hysterical laughter. To participate in this competition can visit the different generations, and spend it better in the middle of the festive evening.

The essence of the game is to make it faster and more accuratelyutter a phrase that lead had prepared in advance. As a result of activities, chosen by the applause most sober guests who relies as rewarding glass of alcohol. In order to ensure that the competition is really able to give joy and good mood, see how it looks from the outside, watch the video:

The contest "Guess the melody"

Give unforgettable emotions as participantsentertainment, and all present guests, fun way contest "Guess the melody". For fun need three pairs of guests, chairs and slicing tones, which will guess the guests. Billets music usually prepares toastmaster and DJ by selecting them from the movies, cartoons, TV shows or songs that were hits a few years ago. Newlyweds can make their own changes to the list of songs during a discussion with a leading games, offering their own versions.

The competition is held as follows: the guys in the entertainment play the role of a "button", when clicked, play funny signal indicating that the team knows what melody sounded and ready to give an answer. Girls click on the button, if they know the correct answer. The winners, contestants are given tokens, certificates or humorous souvenirs. Watch the video to see for yourself in the competition originality, possibility of its use at the wedding celebration:

Competition for the wedding, "Jumping"

The original competition, which is not oftenfound on wedding events, called "mounts". For it need special props: balloons (not inflated), chairs and rubber pumps, which are used for inflating the inflatable mattresses and boats. Bidders usually are men, but if you want, for a change, the maximum fun possible and invite the girls.

On a chair placed pumps on the end of thatballoons attached. Target participants presenting themselves horsemen horses, jumping on chairs to inflate balloons. The competition on speed, because winning the one whose first ball burst. Facial expressions, gestures the participants during the race will cause a storm of emotions, laughter of the guests. The ending of entertainment may be toast, congratulations, sounding from the mouth of the riders, and they receive consolation gifts. To see how it looks from the outside, and to assess how such a contest like your guests to watch the video:

Wedding competition "Christmas trees and squirrels"

Merry, a new interpretation of the famous gamewith chairs, a competition "Christmas trees and squirrels." For a fun do not need any special props need only five boys and six girls (possibly different number of participants, depending on the number of guests and willing, but the girls in any event must be one more), as well as a DJ that starts the music .

This gay guys play the role of competitionfirs, standing quietly in a circle, and the girls squirrels dance around the boys. When the music stops, "squirrels" have to climb a "herringbone", the girl who did not have the guy out of the game and takes with him any player male. The game continues until until it is determined by a pair of winning. This competition will bring a lot of positive emotions, fun, good mood, not only the participants, but also for guests to watch. Watch the video to see how it looks from the outside:

"Harem at the wedding"

At the same time to captivate a large number of guestsentertainment, give them a real holiday and honeymoon spectacle, perhaps a competition "Harem at the wedding." Incendiary, cheerful, dynamic competition will give pleasure to the participants of such institutions, concubines and simple contemplatives. To participate in the contest as props required 3 turban and chairs. Of the guests selected the three guys who are holders of the harem, and for its filling them within one minute must to invite women from the audience. The more women in a harem - the richer the Sultan.

After all the "concubine" in place, leadingannounces a job for them to perform the whim of the Sultan, and to facilitate his life. Competitions and tasks can be completely different, but at the festival are not uncommon in the younger generation - the children, so from excessively vulgar tasks should be avoided. Under a beautiful romantic music girls perform tasks. Wins the harem, where the girls will become more savvy and will perform a whim, given the characteristics of the "Russian Sultan." Watch a funny video competition at the wedding with a harem: