Funny drinking games at a wedding

Each wedding - is not only the registrationYoung relations, but also a cheerful holiday, accompanied by vigorous dancing, magnificent feasts, games and funny competitions. As a rule, it helps to organize the fun guests a professional toastmaster, able to turn any "stagnant" in the atmosphere of a real explosion of emotions. Usually during the wedding carried out vigorously, but at the beginning of the holiday, when the present need to "warm up", and at the end, when all the tired, the leading spends funny drinking games, helping to make the situation truly festive.

Ideas wedding-dinner games and competitions for visitors

Drinking games are designed to help allpresent to take your time, take a break from active dancing, liberated. Contests for guests vary depending on wedding themes, preferences heroes of the occasion, the desired mood of the event. As a rule, drinking game based on the pronunciation of unusual, original toasts, drinking alcoholic beverages, as well as fun activities offered by the master of ceremonies. Several variants of the competitions for the people present:

Perpetrators of celebration on the merry wedding feast
  • Drawing lesson

This fun game will allow guests to show theircreativity and imagination. Need props - clean sheets of paper and pencils. Each guest receives a set of previously specified props, and toaster gives the task to draw something - let it be the first thing that comes to mind. Guests draws the sun, clouds, glasses, cars, carriages, carrots - anything. Then he gathers leading figures, it is time for the most interesting - divination.

Master of ceremonies asks questions related to the future lifenewlyweds, and the responses to them are risunki.Primery questions: "How will behave in the future child", "What will accompany the newlyweds during travel?", "What will give mother-in-law to her husband with his wife on the fifth anniversary?", "How much money will have a family after the wedding? "This a drinking game, usually causes a lot of joy.

  • Positive competition with compliments for the guests - rose-colored glasses

We know that the world through rose-colored glasses are alwaysthe other, so toastmaster invite participants to look at everything in a new way, in a rosy light. Props: Glasses pink or pink glasses. How the game is played: toastmaster first puts on an accessory, and after coming to a random person and say, "Excuse me ... How could I not see before your eyes shine brighter than the morning sun?".

Then leading removes his glasses, giving them whatTo compliment the original was made. The challenge of the next party a drinking game is to look at your neighbor "through rose-colored glasses," as if for the first time to see something, which had for some reason not noticed. It develops the imagination, helps guests to get close, get to know each other, and may be the beginning of a new romantic story.

Rose-colored glasses - requisites for a drinking game fun
  • Apple of discord

Each couple is faced with turmoilduring the life of two people, and a drinking game with the "old" apple will help them to be safe. Tamada should fix an apple on a string or elastic band, to hang next to the table culprits celebrations. The game goes like this: the wife eat healthy fruit without hands, which can be a real problem - in fact unsecured apple constantly dangle from side to side.

Guests at this time rooting for honeymooners, because oftheir persistence depends on whether they will quarrel, living together.If at the end of a drinking game all the apple would be eaten, there will be no doubt - rooming next couple will always be prosperous. For the contest is to choose medium-sized apples are not very durum.

  • strong greetings

For a drinking game toastmaster with guestsselects any goryachitelny drink - wine or champagne, vodka rarely. Then randomly selected people, leading puts a glass in front of him, as well as the selected bottle of alcohol. The bottom line is a drinking game: guest pours a little drink, passes next, he adds another, so it goes in a circle. When the glass is full to the brim with the latest party, he gets up, says a congratulatory farewell spouses and gulp drinks alcohol.

Props to play with raspivaniem alcohol

"Love is not love"

The game "I Love - I do not like" is held at the beginning ofcelebrations to amuse guests, help them to be liberated. After the first and second toast, toastmaster asked around the table closer look at its neighbor to the right, and then to say that the guest like about him, and what is not. For example, a participant said, "I like the cheek of his neighbor, but do not like the belly." When all share their revelations, reveals the secret of leading a drinking game: participants will have to kiss the place that they liked, and then bite, which was not pleasant.


There are many variations of games thathelp to check and use the vocabulary of guests. One of them - the game with a toast-congratulation. For this toastmaster asked the guests what they think the words belong to the family life, warning that choosing can be humorous words and phrases (ladle, washing dishes, laundry, etc.). All the options proposed are recorded master, who, after chooses two people . The challenge contestants a drinking game: one by one to make a toast, during which the toastmaster will show the recorded words - they must be included in it.

Toastmasters holds fun contest: vocabulary

Signs with the words in this game toastmaster liftssuddenly, as the guest need to quickly navigate to toast sounded coherent and interesting. The winner is the participant who faltered or less times that the audience applauded loudly. As a prize for the passed test winner can get a bottle of champagne or any other symbolic gift.

"Russian roulette"

Playing "Russian Roulette" - is an anciententertainment, implying greater danger to life. As a drinking game a simplified version is not particularly at risk, even on the contrary - promises visitors fun and laughter. The essence of the game is as follows: a guest who decided to take a chance, turning away before it put the stack 3 (2 pour vodka, 1 - water). Party Quest - team turn around, have a drink first, a drink and then drink immediately following. What combination of drinks will fall to the player - it depends only on luck.

Competition Russian roulette with alcohol


Alcoholic game is very popular in the beginningholiday to make guests how to relax. These include the interesting game - "Ladder", which requires the participation of two or more people. The more people - the more interesting. How is the game: the contestants sit next to, in front of them with a bottle of alcohol (preferably something that is not too strong), the first guest does one sip a drink, the next - for two, the third - three, etc. When the turn comes to the last bottle is transferred back to the first guest, so the circle. The game runs without stopping until participants do not get tired.

"Fun setting"

There is a chance that guests staying onwedding, can get bored, so they will need to "warm-up" on the part of Toastmasters. "Merry job" - is a game that will entertain those present, and also allow the couple to get a lot of original greetings. How is the drinking game: toastmaster gives the visitor the theme of toast, one tries to fully comply with it, saying congratulations. Examples of this competition:

  • Say animalic toast greeting. For example, the husband will wish to be strong as a tiger, his wife - a sly as a fox.
  • Sing the words of a toast.
  • "Push" it Gopnik in style, using the appropriate jargon.
  • Use a foreign language.
  • Wish young happy using metaphors with food: for example, that the outbreak was warm as freshly baked bread, sweet love, like chocolate or honey.

Guest says a cheerful toast during the game

"Fancy chocolates"

Candy game is held at the initial stagefeast. Tamada said: "I've got in store candy, but they are unusual. Now I'll walk beside you, who wants to - can take a one or more. " Leading misses the guests who wish to dismantle the candy or refuse. When Tamada beat all those present, he said: "Well, I said - candy difficult. Someone took a piece - even today tell something interesting about the life of the young, or come up with a wish. If you have more - more stories. "

"Tongue Twisters"

To carry out this toast in the game, the host should beIt will advance to prepare cards with patters. Competition is the most fun when the guests have already had a few drinks and it is more difficult to pronounce the words. As the game: everyone gets a note with his patter, team-leading slowly reading it to all listened and remembered. Then again toastmaster asked to read the text, just quickly. The winner is the participant who stopped less time and told patter, without missing a single word.

Guests at the wedding patter read out from a sheet

Funny wedding chants 2016

It helps provoke guests to give weddinglight, cheerful atmosphere chants performance of dedicated wedding theme. They are held commands or text repeat guests for toastmaster all present. Especially for such a drinking game set: it can be married life husband and wife, and the theme of the banquet feast, chants with good wishes of the couple, texts about the mother-in-law. See photos, which collected some interesting chants, used to entertain guests magnificent wedding:

Texts for gay wedding chants

Video: fun competition for the wedding "Magic Hat"

The old game "Magic Hat" does not lose itspopular for many years, because during it the guests do not need to do anything: all you need for entertainment of table - playlist with songs, and any suitable hat. The essence of the competition is as follows: Tamada wants to know about what is now thought to holiday guests? To do so, leading in turn puts a hat on the present. Playing any unexpected song, sure to cause laughter and smiles. Watch the video, which depicted holding a drinking game of this interesting: