Funny competitions on the wedding day 2

The second day of the wedding fun and uninhibited: celebration has already taken place, the guests had not yet departed and pretty drunk on the first day - on this basis, any contests, wedding traditions, funny undertaking accepted with great enthusiasm. The more fun contests for the guests on such a day will be played, the better friends, parents and relatives on both sides know each other. It is not necessary to invite the toastmaster - you can organize everything on their own, for example, on the initiative of cronies and groomsmen. What to think of this day, read on.

Dressed groomsman at the wedding

script ideas for contests and games without a toastmaster

Classically, participate in competitions "mummers"pals dressed in different images (the groom, the bride, parents, other characters). They may be leading, replacing the toastmaster. From the place where will be held the second day of festivities, dependent nature of competitions:

  • if it is an open space, such as a forest glade or a court holiday home, the competitions can be mobile, require more space for (relay, matches);
  • if it is a home or banquet hall, the entertainment should not be as sweeping more theatrical, drinking, rather than moving like dancing.


An interesting way to diversify the second dayWedding is an organization of theme parties on an unusual subject in uncommon style, such as the art deco style, in a nautical theme, "Wedding in the animal kingdom," in the style of masquerade, carnival, "swashbuckling" 90s, children kids, hostels, mods. Let invited to come up with a suit or appropriate attributes. This will give enthusiasm to this event, will involve the guests in general recreational activities, will help to relax, to feel "the other person" and thus fully open to competition.

The second day of the wedding in nature

Under these conditions, it will be well received, such contests:

  1. The contest for the best costume. Spend a review for the best costume, which should be invited to participate. Objective winner, which can be selected by means of a vote, should get a medal winner or a small commemorative gift.
  2. The competition "Match". Spend comic football match or volleyball among the guests, but the game is not the usual ball, but, for example, a large ball for shaping or small child a ball. It will be much safer and funnier than the usual game. Team winners povyazhite command tapes that need to be with them all night - even a sense of unity with each other in victory, think for them rite securing success (for example, a demonstration drinking a glass of beer or winning rhythmic clatter, shouting, "Ho!").
  3. The contest "Caring parents". Spend a competition for the best of parents, during which the need to speed quality baby wear (socks, cap, dummy) and replace it with a diaper. Usually there used baby dolls CPMP, but you can go ahead and make the contest more fun! Let mummers (buddies or any other willing) will play the role of capricious baby and the couple who wish - the role of parents. This game is sure to cheer!
    Druzhki-babies at the contest "Caring parents"
  4. The contest "The point of contact." Play the game "point of contact", which is somewhat reminiscent of the twister, but without the playing field. The playing field will be the participants themselves! Cut pieces of paper on which write the human body parts. Divide the young people into pairs. Pull out a piece of paper for each participant - it will be the part of the body, which they will have to touch. Next stretched paper - part of their body mate, to which they will need to touch.

The next two papers will determine the point of contactto mate. Each next contact you need to make, without breaking the previous one. The couple, who will not be able to establish a new contact is eliminated. The winners - the last pair, which will be supported by the greatest number of points of contact. This is a very funny competition, which is sure to enjoy!

In the home environment

On the second day of the wedding, held in the premises,It can also be a focal area, which will be fun to beat. It will replace the usual, ordinary "Roma". In such circumstances, it is appropriate any entertainment - film adaptation of a fairy tale, which the organizers can come up with yourself, inscribing it in the competitions for guests. But within the room such entertainment can not be sweeping, and therefore ideal drinking fun:

Oriental Tale on the second day of the wedding
  1. Beer Competition. Invite guests to the speed of a beer glass with a straw, in which one or more holes done. Contestants will not be easy to do it, but it will be fun to watch them try. The prize may be another glass of beer.
  2. The competition "Match". The contest, in which all can participate, sitting at the table, guests. Have them write on a piece of paper the name of the neighbor on the right and on the second to describe the nature of any animal. Then the herald collects all the pieces of paper with names in a hat and animal characteristics - to another, and then reads the papers at random, combining them as "name-characteristic." Instead, the names and characteristics of the animals, you can come up with any other funny couple: a useful object and its purpose, marital status and profession, and others.
  3. The contest "Sweetie." Let guests between packet of sweets, some of which will be wrapped sheets with tasks, but none of this have not been warned. Let every man as much as he wants. And then offer to deploy wrappers. Those who caught the job will have to perform them under the cheerful music. The one who will have to perform several tasks, and make it can be awarded the Medal of fun or a valuable gift. Possible tasks: to tell a funny story about the newlyweds, to dance the twist, to say the original toast, make a toast of 3 words, sing a song, think of the verse with the word "bride" and so forth.

Celebration of the second day of the wedding in a banquet hall

Variants of tenders 2 wedding day

Contests may be held for all comers,and for members of specific groups, such as parents. Separation of competitions by the nature of participants is useful in that attending the wedding guests will not remain unreached fun: if the competition is addressed to the newlyweds, then avoid it they will not succeed if invited - similarly.

Funny contests for honeymooners

  1. The competition is "Circle of Friends". At the same circle of friends who more - at the groom or the bride? To find out, place two paper circle (or draw with chalk) on the floor in the middle of the stage or the audience. Inside a circle comes the wife, inside another - husband. The challenge for both cheerful music to pull the highest number of visitors. In order to fit, guests can climb on each other's arms, shoulders, sit in your legs. Someone in the circle to complete the song, there will be more people who won the competition.
    Guessing bride groom at the wedding
  2. The contest "Cleaner potatoes." Determine who will be in the house peeling potatoes subsequent years together, the couple may participate in this competition. They have to take on the big potatoes the same size on the same knife and cut the maximum length of sandpaper. He won one whose skin is longer (measured line of the first paper), and the one who loses will peel potatoes in the family, "to learn".
  3. Contest "Fairy Tale". Another funny contest "Fairy Tale" will amuse guests and decorate the holiday. How it is done, see the video:

Original and humorous ideas for parents

  1. The contest "Stork". Ask young parents as they were their children. Parents will be difficult to respond to the public on this sensitive issue, but because they remember about storks. Prepare them for walnuts, which are necessary to squeeze between his knees, and pans. Divide into teams of parents on the principle of "the groom's parents against the parents of the bride." Turn lively music, during which each team parents will have to move all the walnuts to the launch pad in the pan. During the passage of the parents should depict storks - waving his arms like a bird, and the bird's cry issue - it is a prerequisite. Which team parents at the expiration of the songs bring more nuts, and she will win in the competition.
  2. Contest "For whom the holidays?"All parents want their children for the holidays after his marriage came to him. Future disputes may decide the contest. It is necessary to take a long rope and tie it to each end of a pencil. Exactly in the middle of the rope is a knot. Parents of the groom taking up a pencil, the bride's parents - the other. Their task faster than rivals pull up the rope to the middle node. Who will win, and for those holidays.

Druzhki mother-driven on a cart at the wedding

Fun games and activities for guests

  • The contest "agile boyfriend." Druzhki (if more than one, and if one then invited all young women) are displayed in the middle of the room. In front of them is installed board with a sheet on which are written the qualities of the best the friend, and tasks that must be performed to demonstrate them. This boyfriend - is:
  1. temptress (pants get any guest);
  2. dobytchitsa money (to collect money from 50 rubles to the banquet participants);
  3. easy person (must be brought to the hands of any visitor to the site distribution of tasks);
  4. Expert (take any man's tie and make it a piece of clothing for yourself);
  5. Quickness (do selfi with a bouquet of the bride);
  6. assistant (bring a pair of women's shoes bride, so that she could change the shoes).
  • The competition "Brave boy friend." Relay with pals (or guys, if one buddy). Organized obstacle course with several tasks (to be funnier and more difficult, if their eyes are tied scarf). Fun, if the participants come up with contests, throwing a piece of paper in a hat with the competition, they would be "willing" to its competitors, among them at random and the same for all the obstacle course will be made up. Example obstacle:
  1. drink a large glass of beer through a straw;
  2. catch an apple from the basin with a teaspoon;
  3. Woman convey;
  4. hit a ball at a target;
  5. to run in single file.
  • The contest "Banja". Reminiscent of the competition "Chair". Participation shall take away. They are given bath hats, brooms and sponges for bath, and empty cans are placed in the middle of the hall (the higher, the longer the contest). Includes music, as long as it sounds, the participants have to pretend to wash in the bath as soon turn off the music, the guests have at their bath amenities jump into basins and bath wear hats. Who did not, that is eliminated. At the end of each round of a basin is taken.

Costumed Roma wedding

There are a lot of competitions and games thatsdruzhat cheer and guests on the second day of the wedding. They are carried out and in between feasting, and the script, if a holiday theme or entertainment all united by a common story line (adaptation of a fairy tale, design). Home to the guests and the couple themselves imbued with the spirit of the holiday, fun, laughter, then any idea will be successful and will be met with enthusiasm.