Fun competitions for wedding

Can there be a wedding without fun contests andcharades? No. Practically only they built the entire gala evening. Through competitions, guests get to know each other, the parents get used to the new family, and the couple themselves simply relax in such an important day for them. It is therefore particularly important that the fun contests for the wedding were a compulsory part of the wedding show.

Contests - secured gay wedding

The main requirement of the competition - it's fun. Only then it will be interesting to the public. It is not necessary to involve too many people, but also have fun with only one pair is not so interesting. Exceptions are themed contests for honeymooners. They can easily be divided into several groups depending on the target audience.

Contests for guests

The main audience of any wedding - guests. So they do not get bored, you need to involve them in various fun competitions at the wedding.

"The Cat in the bag"

To begin, prepare the props. It can be any family clothes well, just incredible size. Furthermore, guests have to stand in a circle and pass each other bag, in which lie all these things. All activities are accompanied by rousing music, or even dance.

At a signal toastmaster music stops. The player with the bag was left in his hands, should get the thing and put it on yourself. The winner is the one on whom the least clothes out of the bag. The rest of the dance fiery dance.

"Corral through the gate"

Guests at the wedding are dealt cards, on whichIt is written by those involved. All participants stand in a row. For each guest belt tied on a rope beer bottle, hanging to the floor. On the same floor is a ball. The task - to bring the ball to the end (to drive the gate), shaking the bottle on a string. The player who made the condition first wins a prize: a piece of candy, or an apple, and the others read poetry with congratulations.

"Where are my clothes pegs?"

Try to amuse guests at a wedding, playing in"Where are my clothes pegs?". This is not just a joke, and killing process. Participants include several pairs of "man-woman". One of the pair is required blindfold, but on the second fixed pegs 5-6. The winner is the first one to find all the clothespins.

In search of clothespins

Contests for newlyweds

Perpetrators of celebration - the couple. To the wedding did not remain in their memory as a sea of ​​troubles, you need to engage them in fun competitions. For example, "mummy."


Participants are divided into two teams, and each is givenroll of toilet paper. At the signal, the participants turn into a mummy by one member of the team. As soon as the paper runs out, leading gives a signal and evaluates the results. Do not forget to take pictures with the mummy as a souvenir.

Live "mummy

"Live corridor"

For family entertainment newlyweds eating contest"Live corridor". For him the need candles and a box of matches. MARSHALL 10-15 wanting in two columns. Between the columns must be at least three meters. In this corridor are newly married, carrying a candle, and the players blow, trying to blow out the flame. The more candles will carry, the more love couple.

"Guess her betrothed (narrowing)"

And then there is a game in which the process is found out,how well young to know each other. There has to drive the bride. That he was able to guess your wife, try to build in front of him in a series of some girls. Cool would be if in this series to put a couple of men. Touching the knee of each "girl" in a number of groom
I will have to find his young wife. If desired, the competition is on the contrary - for the bride.

Is that you?

cheerful parents

Often, the main burden falls on the wedding hassle parents. To cheer them, use cool competitions. For example, play with his parents in "the truth."

"The honest truth"

Parents leader asks questions concerningchildren, and said answers. The winner is the parent who correctly answered questions. On the sheet, you can write questions such as the groom's favorite color, shoe size, hair length, favorite food, hobby and so on.


Another cool contest - "Find-in-law." Souped mother-tight tie eyes, and in front of it to build all the guys who will call her in turn. The task - to find in-law's voice.

"Mom, we are here"

Similarly, there is a contest, "Mom, we're here." Just call mom will separate the pair, including the newlyweds. Moms need to find the voice of children.

attract witnesses

Very uplifting cool contest for witnesses called "Eggs".


Required to hold an egg through the left leg of the man to the right, without breaking it. To simplify the task, you can use the ball well, and complicate the mission to take the pea instead of eggs.

The contest "The Egg"

"Wedding sign language"

The game "Wedding sign language" would be a goodtraining for those witnesses who own pantomime and have a good imagination. There will be no need of words using mime to create a portrait guests or heroes of the occasion. After reviewing the silent scene, the audience will have to specify whom the witness shows: toastmaster, parents or guests.

"Tears of the bride"

If the wedding bores, entertain the audience withamusing contest "Tears of the bride." The bride with the cry is unlikely to be, if only to laugh. During the game, the witness is clamped between the knees with a bottle of wine. Tilting her, he must pour the wine into a glass or glass, clamped at the knees of the witness. How many drops is on the floor, many shed tears, the young wife of a lifetime.

Contests at the table

Tired of running around and dancing, you can have fun at the table.

"What am I?"

For the contest, "What am I?"I need a mirror. It should be looking in the mirror say to myself compliments, but do not laugh, but the surrounding have any means laugh of one who looks at himself in the mirror.

"Talking Hat"

Another cool contest for the wedding - "talkinghat". Pre-written scraps of songs with words, also need to prepare some kind of hat. "Magic" hat toastmaster brings to the party head and asks what he was thinking at that moment. Instead of answering, the music. The players can podtantsovyvat and sing along.

Magic hat

We buy the bride

Do not complete without fun contests and charades and bride price. Suggest to pass competition "Dragon."

"The Dragon"

Take a chair (this is an imitation of the dragon) and a nail. But you need to buy a hammer. The joke is that the newlyweds will get an inflatable hammer.

"The stand groom"

Determine the intent of the groom, you will be able to help"The stand bride" contest. As soon as this will drive up to the house, he immediately appears false, also dressed in a suit and with flowers, saying that he wants to buy narrowing-maskers. For emotional suitors better prepare prominent frontman Man, dressed in a jacket or in a national costume.

"Guess the finger"

The bride price you can turn coolcontest "Guess the finger." The sheet is required to make a few holes in that pokes fingers girls (and, perhaps, some of the guys). Future newlyweds must find a soul mate on the fingers.

Inside the apartment, close the door to the room with wallpaper bride, hinting that there is no more room. If the groom is hard to break and tear the wallpaper, take him compensation for the repair.

The goal - fun

The cool and fun competitions will be better.

"And you sweet?"

Cheer up the wedding invitation youable with the help of the contest "And you sweet?". Give participants to eat on the lemon slice, but make sure that they not only did not wince, and said, what it delicious. Some go the distance as soon as lemon touches lips. But there are those who can withstand it.

"I like you, I'll"

The contest "I like you, I told you." Selects 3-4 pairs. First, each player is required to put on his clothes, appropriate to its floor, in an amount of 3-4 pieces. Then the girls on the team with the guys share clothes. The winner is the couple who will do it.

Funny contests for the wedding just do not count. In the course of the fun contests you will learn a lot about their guests. The main thing - do not overdo it. Choose the ones that will be fun for your audience. And then the wedding will be remembered by guests as an unforgettable celebration. Most contests do not require complex preparation, but especially guests like games with props.

What wedding competitions for guests, witnesses,parents and newlyweds in your opinion, more fun than others? Perhaps you have been at weddings than once, what funny game you remember more than others? Share your opinion in the comments.