Drinking games for a wedding

Since ancient times, the game created for the wedding speciala festive and relaxed atmosphere. Today's celebration - is no exception. In most cases, the wedding entertainment organized on the principle that the inebriated guests like everything. However, such a good, bright celebration more appropriate to be original, interesting drinking games, where all the guests will be happy to participate. Learn new and exciting entertainment for the wedding.

Funny drinking games for youth and adolescents

Entertaining game for young people at the wedding

Each wedding - is a fun holiday with an abundance ofcontests, dances, games. It helps organize fun for guests toastmaster, who is able to transform boring atmosphere in a real explosion of emotions. Time passes at a wedding often vigorously, but at the beginning of the celebration, when guests need a warm-up, fun drinking games are held. Here are a few options of entertainment for teenagers and young people present at the wedding:

  • Brindisi game titled "Drawing Lesson". Several young people handed out sheets of paper and pencils. Tamada requests to draw any object that comes to their mind. After leading collects drawings and starts guessing. Master of ceremonies asks questions that relate to the future life of the young, and the answers are the drawings. For example, sound questions like: "How much money will the family after the wedding?", "What is the nature of the unborn child?", "What will give in-law on the fifth anniversary?".
  • "Merry job." Tamada sets the present youth theme of toast, and the selected person must follow it. For example, he asks to say animalistic toast, congratulations Gopnik in style, the wish to say in a foreign language, sing a toast, etc.
  • "Tongue Twisters" Brindisi game. Tamada distributes cards with youth patters. First, everyone should read it slowly so that guests will remember. Then party again reads the text, but as quickly as possible. The winner is the one who has less time stopped and did not miss a single word.
  • "Magic Hat" Brindisi game. Tamada suited to young guests at the wedding. He wants to know what they think. To this end, leading in turn puts a hat on the present, and at this point begins to play an unexpected, funny and cheerful song.

Funny drinking games for adults and the elderly

Games at the wedding table for guests

Drinking games for seniors, adults onwedding - an interesting process, which is accompanied by a commentary, jokes toastmaster brings guests a lot of fun. Such mass entertainment, they allow a guest to join at any time or to discontinue participation. Drinking games cover a wide range of interests of any company. Entertainment options you can choose the weight:

  • "Tender hedgehog." The bride and groom give the matches, they stick them in a round object of plastic material. At the same time the young couple say kind words, which referred to each other. When the fantasy suite runs out, they are asked to help the guests.
  • "Funny toast." The participants are divided into two teams (bride and groom), and in turn against each other toasts. Each guest must finish in congratulating one word. When the couple read their complete needs.
  • Brindisi game "Gather the heart." Paper hearts are cut into several pieces. Each piece is distributed guests. The participants have to collect hearts. The winner is the one who quickly gather all the construction.
  • "Shortly speaking". The essence of entertainment is to say the most capacious, short toast.
  • Brindisi game "matchbox". User puts on the nose boxes and trying to remove it with the help of facial expressions. The winner is the one who will do it faster than anyone.
  • "ABVGDeyka". Guests utter wishes the newlyweds starting a phrase with the desired letter of the alphabet.

Games chants

Games chants for wedding

Zastol'nye game chants help give the weddingfun, light atmosphere, provoke guests. They are held commands or text behind the master of ceremonies is repeated by all the guests. The theme of such a drinking game can be any: banquet married life husband and wife, the couple wishes, about the tests in-law and father in law. examples:

  • The young grow wings of happiness, for it is a drink, well, we do not mind!
  • About waist fragile ladies dream, all are invited to the dance floor, musicians need to call more women shouting "We want to dance."
  • The girls playfully go dance now they will have to light. And tell the whole world that we want children bride!

Humorous game with cards for female company

Games for a wedding for women

A special place set aside in the entertainment programgames for the ladies. The most popular - with the use of props, such as cards. this kind of drinking games are a comic character, so plenty of smiles and fun, you will be provided. Choose entertainment to your liking:

  • "Creative person". cards are required for this game, where words are written for women, such as broom, beauty, lipstick, beautician. Participants of the tray 4 word list and a pen. Ladies need to compose a poem in five minutes, which must be present dropped their words. After the girls read out their works, and men choose who wins.
  • "Sale" drinking contest. Prepare small gifts, one must have a certain number. Girls tray pouch with cards on which is written a certain figure. Every guest is invited to try their luck and pull a piece of paper. Number outstretched cards corresponds to the present, which gets the winner.
  • "Women's logic." The purpose of this competition for the wedding is to determine who has the best-developed logic. Participants are given tricky questions, including non-standard situations. For example, you like the employee to work, but you find out that your friend, he is also like what your actions. Girls have come up with interesting answers. Who will do it better, he will win.

Video: drinking games at the wedding banquet

Correctly composed drinking games shouldtake into account the age, mentality, hobbies guests at the wedding. It will surprise guests and bring a special touch. Interesting entertainment options you can see in the video below. Professional toastmaster will share with you their secrets: which game is better to spend at the outset for the Emancipation of the guests, and what props it is better to use?

Examples of games

Wedding drinking games you canentertain guests during the banquet. The program should be built so that guests feel relaxed, comfortable, fun and laughing. Very popular for wedding drinking games, which give the show their imagination, daring, skill. If you do not have time to come up with appropriate entertainment, ready to use examples below.

The game "question answer"

Wedding a drinking game with questions and answers

Leading holds two trays: the first lie upturned cards containing questions on the second - the answers. Tamada suited to the first who wants to participate and asks who he wants to ask a question among those present at the banquet. The guest then chooses a card and reads the question. Tamada comes to the person to whom it was addressed, and asks to select the card with the answer. After reading it, the participant chooses a guest who asks the question.


To play you need props - from daisypaper. Each petal of the flower in advance will need to write your family responsibilities. During the wedding toastmaster will bring daisy newlyweds to each hero of the occasion petal unearthed. By doing so, the couple will know who will have to perform any duties in life together. The game is a comic character.

Brindisi game with chamomile for a wedding

"Drink a snack"

This fun game is played at a wedding in thea time when there are guests at the table. On small cards Tamada says "Drink of ...", "Biting of ...". The papers are procured by the number of guests and are arranged in two bags. Presenter gives its first guests on one of the leaflets bag "Drink" and "Biting", then his neighbor, and everyone present. So participants choose from what will be a snack and drink. For example, a drink from the pot, teapot spout, lid, plates, thimbles, with palms, eat an apple on a branch, with a song on his lips, his hands without touching food zanyuhanny piece of paper.

Drinking game at the wedding

"Who are we really"

On the cards for men and women separately writtenhumorous descriptions of people. Guests pull on paper turns and read aloud the words written there. Toastmasters offers to find out who someone is in fact, despite the fact that he thinks of himself. On the cards can be written as follows:

  • Saying I mistress, pour, like a bird. I learned about everything: who from that how much? And gossip love, first learn the news. Curiously all to me, I will open wide the soul.
  • Hurry I'm so tired I do not know exactly. What am I doing? I do not know. Here and there I flashed everywhere. I help, bothering, but praise derision.
  • I envy anyone, because I'm all so cool. And change foreign cars like a cowboy horses.
  • I have a family, a modest man, do not walk so I do not drink. poetry itself the read, I sing songs in the night. I take valerian and can lie on the flank to disturb my sleep undisturbed nobody could.

Wedding game Who we really are