Contests on their golden wedding

Go through life together long way longhalf a century - well worth it. The tradition of the golden wedding anniversary of its origins in ancient Greece. Since time immemorial, on the 50th anniversary of a joint life husband gave his beloved wife a gold laurel wreath as a token of gratitude for their loyalty, support, and love. Gone are hundreds of years, and we continue to honor the newlyweds stepped half-century anniversary of living together. Festive feast, fun contests will give a great mood, give strength, vitality jubilee.

Funny competitions on the anniversary of 50 years for parents

Golden wedding anniversary celebration

Do you want to organize an unforgettable holiday forbeloved parents? And it is not so important what format culprits celebrations prefer: a quiet family dinner at home or a small party in a cafe, restaurant. Beautiful music, competitions for anniversaries and guests, greetings of relatives will be a great gift on a golden wedding. How to organize the event, bringing together the interests of the older and younger generations?

As noted 50 years of happy marriage

Prepare your holiday scenario, discuss withHero of the day questions of the celebration where they prefer to celebrate the holiday, who would like to see. A pleasant, unexpected surprise will be the appearance "unexpected guests" - young friends who attended the wedding 50 years ago. Contests should be organized such that the golden jubilee and memorable wedding guests.

The competition for the "newlyweds" "Daisy"

Suggest a gold wedding perpetratorscelebration cheerful competition "Daisy". Prepare pre-big flower made of paper, in the middle of which a yellow core is hidden desire for the winner. Daisy petals are made so that they are easily separable from the middle. On the reverse side of each petal write important dates: birthdays of each of the spouses, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Golden wedding contest - daisy

Each in turn must tear on a petal andto name one whose birth date is specified. Zagotovte symbolic gifts for anyone whose birthdays are listed on a daisy. Otgadyvaya names of relatives, the golden couple will be awarded prizes. To contest brought more emotion, joy, encourage those who guessed the couple, anniversaries say celebratory toast in honor of the perpetrators of the golden wedding.

Rules of the game Chamomile

For a family with many children, grandchildren andgreat-grandchildren will be fun and funny to see how grandparents diligently sorted out all the heirs. An interesting variant can be considered as such: write on the petals of the native names and anniversaries will be required, taking the appropriate tab, a date of birth. The winner is required to receive a prize, hidden in the heart of daisies.

"On the waves of memories"

Give vivid memories help hilariouscompetition "On the waves of memories." Funny, funny wedding moments of 50-year-old will certainly cut into the memory; important events and fleeting meeting - you have a lot to learn from their parents. Prepare a list of questions for those responsible for the golden wedding, for example:

How to make memories competition for anniversaries
  • "What a day when your beloved husband made you an offer»
  • "Bouquet of flowers which was in your hands on your wedding day?"
  • "Where did you go on a honeymoon?"

Interestingly beat-related issueswedding celebration invitation. Especially if some of the present and the golden wedding. Certainly interesting are memories of the memorable events in the life of children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren. Subjects associated with weddings heirs, Meet the Parents, tricks grandchildren - all will be relevant to the golden wedding anniversary.

"Election of the head family of the state"

Select the head of the family with 50 years of experience

Unusual competition to celebrate the goldenwedding "Chapter selection of family state." Help the parents to determine who's in the house? For this zagotovte small pieces of paper. Ask the audience to write the name of the spouse who is the head of the family. Ask briefly state why they think so. Then the leader collects leaves and read aloud written. Hero of the occasion offered to guess who wrote and why they read, and the winner of the couple hand the "gold" prize.

Contests on their golden wedding guest

Fun entertainment for guests createrelaxed atmosphere of celebrating golden wedding, and spouses jubilee reminded of the events of 50 years ago. Funny contests, dancing, comments give a good mood for both young and older generations. Dance, music competitions must not ignore any heroes of the occasion, nor invited.

The competition "Find a Partner"

To participate in the competition are invitedcouples as well as young, who came with their halves in the celebration. The total number of participants should not be less than 8 people. Lead offers to share in the team: male and female. Everyone should "recognize" among the stronger sex and beautiful representatives of the half.

Competition for guests golden wedding: find your soul mate

Announce in advance rules: blindfolded by touch to the individual parts of the body such as the hands or face, you must find your favorite / favorite. Couples mutually accurately determine each other, receive from the hands of those responsible for the golden wedding souvenirs and prizes. Suggest winners say celebratory toast back to the golden wedding anniversaries.

The contest "Dancing in pairs"

No wedding is complete without a merry danceespecially gold! Dance competition with balls is a great entertainment for all present and golden couple happily remember their own wedding entertainment. Invite wishing to take part in a dance competition. Men and women in the teams must be equal to the number.

Pair dancing - fun competition with balls

Under the cheerful music share a strong halfmankind balloons inflate and ask: who has to cope with the task faster. Then explain to participants that the competition will take place in several stages:

  1. Choose partner / partner to dance;
  2. Tighten the inflated balloon between the parts of the body members, who calls the presenter. For example, forehead, shoulders, and hips.
  3. Special music sounds for each ball position change. In honor of the golden jubilee put waltz, tango, lambada etc. tunes that were popular 50 years ago.
  4. The pair lost the ball during the dance performance, is eliminated. The competition continues until until it will remain winners. They also receive a prize from the "young".

"Dancing sumo"

Preparations for the dance competitionfor "sumo" it will take additional time. You will need to sew a huge shorts pants with straps over the shoulder. The more ridiculous enormous panties you poshete the merrier is the golden wedding. Number of "dancing sumo wrestlers' must not be less than five. The competition will need balloons - 10-15 pieces for each team. Leading invites you to take part in a dance competition.

Golden wedding: dance competition for amateur sumo

To create a team with one dancing "sumo wrestler" inhuge knickers and a few "serving" guests. According to the team gold wedding anniversaries competition begins. While sumo wrestlers dancing rhythmically, the rest of the team is inflated balls and throw them in a "sumo" pants. Leading this time pay attention to how quickly grow in size dancers. Suddenly, the music stops and the leading counts how many balls recovered a "fighter." The winner is the team that is better than all the "fattening" dancer.

Entertainment options at the table

How to entertain those present during the banquet

Have fun golden wedding guests, entertaincouple with 50 years of experience will help to competitions for everyone present. Fantasy, humor, sincere sincere words will please the golden jubilee, recalling the best moments of a long life together. Knowledge of family traditions and habits of the spouses will emphasize respect for the youth to elders, love and genuine interest.

"Alphabet wishes"

Ask guests to come up with a gold weddingCongratulations to the family reached the golden age, in alphabetical order. Give the audience on the ball inside which is a small piece of paper with a written letter of the alphabet. Let the guests come up with a little toast, starting with that character. Choices include:

Wishes for the golden jubilee of the guests

"Active life, sports (names of spouses)do not cease to surprise us good health, joyful mood, anxious attitude to each other. They are an example to follow, and their happy family life for 50 years, delights us. We wish them to live as long as possible was done on the wedding grandchildren, transferring valuable experience. Bitterly!"

"Mad Love tied once two hearts,pounding in unison. Golden wedding - it is only a step on the way to the next anniversary, which every year brighter, stronger force to burn your eyes from overflowing feelings. Let fate graciously give the joy of communicating with family, let friends often come to visit, and laughter and joy will be your companions for many, many years. Council and love you! "

"A piece of cake"

Your parents will want to know,how well the relatives, friends remember significant dates in the life of anniversaries. Think of questions for a wedding witnesses about the events of half a century ago; for children about the tricks, pranks grandchildren; for young - of moments of love anniversaries; for a husband and wife - for heirs. Attention, participation will be very pleasing to heroes of the occasion.

"The best congratulation among the guests"

How to congratulate a gold wedding

Announced a competition among all those present atbest congratulation for the golden couple. Poems written with his own guests in honor of 50 years of marriage anniversaries; dance kids to grandparents; unusual for the hearing of the older generation of rap from the younger generation; sincere congratulations affectionate children; unusual friends toast the couple delight anniversaries golden wedding.