Contests on the bride price

Bride Redemption - an ancient rite, duringwhose fiancé was showing its material consistency of the bride's parents. These days, he turned into a performance and is more than entertaining. We invite you to exciting contests on the bride price, which the wedding day will be fun and interesting.


Typically, creating a festive scenario rests onthe shoulders of the bridesmaids or close relatives. If you want a good fun and please protagonists triumph, use humorous ideas competition for bride price:

  • musical talent test passes on the street,under the porch. When betrothed arrives with friends team, everyone is given a musical instrument. In the role of the instrument performs an old pot, two empty bottles, children's whistle, rattle, etc. (louder - the better).. To the sounds born "symphony" betrothed loudly sings a serenade to melt the heart of his beloved. If he succeeds, the window of the bride will throw a symbol of its location - "bouquet" of onions or radishes.
  • Funny competition for redemption - the recognition of the futurespouse in love. He should tell us how loves his bride, using only gestures and facial expressions. If you meet the leading acting, they passed Mr Right for free.
  • Identikit. In this competition the set of printed photos with parts of a person lying on the floor in the hallway. Of these, the groom has to make a portrait, an identikit, most similar to the bride. It will be more interesting, if some photos of strangers really caught the face of the beloved (eg nose or mouth).
  • Bridesmaids ask to whom the bridegroom came. When he says, girls are asked to draw a portrait of the beloved, to understand exactly whom the young man says. This competition will be funnier if the future husband does not know how to draw.

funny competitions for wedding


Interesting contests for the bride price will enable the bride to be smart, agility and prove once again betrothed, he deserves it.

  • On a sheet of paper large format girlfriendBride draw traffic maze. Instead of the usual "Finish" written at the end of Name Bride. Future spouses give a small radio-controlled cars. He must get to the end and to comply with all traffic regulations. For careless driving future spouse will receive a fine.
  • Drawing-recognition does not require serioustraining. Lead hands hat with two dozen pieces of paper - each written word or phrase. Quest for the groom: pulling randomly chosen words, he should use them all in recognition of his beloved. If Tripping - pay coin.
  • Bridegroom asked why he called for a Womanmarried, but he has to give an answer, standing on the step in the entrance, which corresponds to its cause (advised, I'm afraid to sleep alone, etc.). "In Love" is at the top of the steps. He needs to ask the witness to guess or to carry it to pay for passage. However, particularly adroit men sometimes possible to get to the stairs without help.

Interesting wedding contests
  • A good way to be smart - Competition "According toletter. " Maiden name bridesmaid record, breaking on the letters on separate pieces. The future spouses must remember and say at least three compliments on each individual letter.
  • Test "in goal." On target Dart on top is glued paper "target" with gifts names. These gifts should make a husband to his wife after the wedding, if you fall in them. Top offer to play until the number reaches five gifts. As they can act and serious things (apartment, a car, a fur coat) and comic (mop, poker).

In verse

If one of the authors of the script has the talent of the poet, you can try to write a poem for each job for her future husband.

For example:

  • Redemption with a kiss. Girls along with the bride lipstick bright lipstick and kiss a piece of paper. The future spouses must guess what should be left to his beloved:

On a piece of paper - bright lipstick, these prints make out,

Guess should be the bride's lips. And you can not - pay the money!

  • Bridegroom give old baby pictures and say:

A stack of photographs of children in the arms, we give you.

Guess his bride will select or money!

  • To see the power of her future husband, a leading said:

Wearing his wife in his arms ready? Check on the witness now!

You take away it at least five steps.

Beginner? Then purse open for us!

Contests in poetry for wedding
  • Dance test. witness:

- A groom is not lame? Well, topni Single leg!

It does as instructed.

- You people do not be ridiculous,

We gypsy splyashem!

Start dancing, the witness continues:

- Bride beautiful love fun,

Plyashi not one, but together with everyone!

To dance connect the witness and friends. If they do not work or refuse participants, the future husband to pay a large ransom.

In the photo are several options jobs in the verses that make a simple competition for the bride price is still fun.

Quest for a wedding in verse

For the groom

There are many different contests for the groom. Here are some great ideas that are easy to modify and vary according to your imagination:

  • Before her future husband put a saucer of flour. To show how well he will "blow off motes" with the beloved betrothed must blow away all the flour at once. If you can not do the job pays.
  • When almost all the hurdles are passed, helda joke: the protagonist gets to the room and finds her beloved barefoot. To avert a favorite to the registrar, it is necessary to guess which of the three boxes are shoes. If the restriction guesses right, congratulates his girlfriend and future wife, and let go. For error is paying a coin.

competitions with the shoes of the bride
  • Oath. Girls along with the bride coming up with ten to twenty abbreviations, of which spouse should choose five. Girls decode value capitalization and future husband swears all perform. For example, the GSI - wedding anniversary in Italy GP - breakfast in bed, but - new clothes, KVDTS - every weekend to give flowers, BP - to drive to restaurants.
  • Classic drawing on the knowledge of the Russian language andtheir halves. The future husband comes to the door, where he was waiting for the beloved, and the inscription on the door: "In this room, languishing blue-eyed / kareokaya / gray-eyed girl." Girlfriends give him a marker and offer to fix what is wrong on this line. In addition to the grammatical error should lead incorrectly indicate the real color eyes narrowed. If he does not accept the mistake, it pays.

competitions for the groom
  • In the room a dozen inflated balls next to the doorBride. In each of them a piece of paper marked with the amount of redemption, and only one of them the word "key". The test will end when the hero will get to the promised sheet.
  • From the deck of cards offer the groom to choose a narrowing. Advance on their surfaces glued funny pictures, cartoons and a photo of the bride. Each new attempt is worth the money.

For the groom's witness

Presenters do not disregard a witness - an important guest in the house of his wife. That's interesting contests on the bride's ransom for the witness:

  • Witness chooses one of three glasses with water,in one of which it is bitter in the other - with a salt in the third - with sugar. He is told: "With what face will you drink the water, with his wife and her husband, we want to live!" If the witness chooses glass bitter or salty water, he should try not to show it. Sometimes leading cunning and sugar is added to all three glasses.
  • The test, which should show the witnesscandidate for a husband with the best hand. As long as the bridegroom is coming up the stairs, at every step of the witness makes his compliments, call talent or achievement to introduce a friend to the beautiful leading.
  • To work out the groom dancing with his lover, the witness offered to choose one of five songs. Only here to dance to this song will be a witness and groom to each other.

competitions for witness

Rites ransom future wife - excitingholiday activities. All tenders for the dowry beat thematically interesting - bride kidnapping mafia, the capture of an evil witch, gypsy ransom. event organization takes time and effort, but the results justify the costs - this day will be remembered for visitors and lovers for a long time.

If you have experience of redemption, or if you know the original idea for the contest - tell us about it in the comments.