Contests on pearl wedding

Each year, lived in a marriage - is unique. Therefore, the celebration of commemorative dates for the family is separated. The thirtieth anniversary of living together referred to as the pearl wedding. It is believed that on this anniversary not only invite family, friends, and grandchildren. Contests and competitions on this anniversary is tied to the customs and mentality. In pearl wedding invented many of the original competition. If you choose the latter worth exploring guests and anniversaries.

Fun competitions for parents

Like any anniversary, pearl wedding has a number oftraditions. It is believed that pearls - the symbol of purity, fertility. This is the only stone that grows as a tree or grass. Therefore, the family union of two people should grow and develop. Pearl wedding (30 years together) - this is an impressive period, the rate of power relations and an example to all the friends, relatives. Celebrating a holiday with your family. To feast was not boring, use fun contests and other entertainment. For example, the game "30 years later", "Read the spouse," "Confessions for all."

30 years together - Pearl Anniversary

"30 years later"

Pearl wedding - 30th anniversarylife together. Therefore, children can remind their parents about memorable events or dates. For the competition, one of the spouses at the time, asked to leave the venue of the jubilee. Usually it makes the husband. In his absence, his wife asked a few simple questions. For example:

  • Describe the place where you met each other?
  • What are your future spouse was wearing?
  • What was the weather the day of your love?
  • Under what circumstances did you meet?

Responses are recorded. After that, the wife invited into the room and ask the same questions. That game has become even more fun, and repeat this procedure for my husband. Questions prepared for him in advance. For example:

  • What is the favorite color of the spouses?
  • Describe the first quarrel.
  • Who is the main family?
  • Favorite flowers wife?

It does not matter whether "married" answers match. In any case, the competition will cheer up. At the end of his offer a toast to the health and longevity of the couple are willing to wound up the road of life is not in their dead-ends, and the next anniversary took place even more fun than the present. Hero of the day congratulating relatives, friends, recite congratulatory speeches and toasts.

"Get to know the spouse"

This competition is carried out on any anniversary of the wedding, buton the pearl anniversary it is especially important. One of the spouses, usually the husband, offered to find a soul mate blindfolded. Determine your wife will need to touch. The contest depends on the mentality and emancipation anniversaries. Find your couple need the leg, arm, knee, shoulder or hair.

"Recognition for all"

For this competition required props. The facilitator should prepare two hats to lay down in their written notes with questions and answers. Naturally, stack them head to different devices. The couple in turn take out the notes and ask questions their halves. The answers are not the same, so the release of the original and fun. The text prepared in advance. The unusually there will be questions and answers, the better.

Hat with notes for the contest

Possible questions for the contest:

  • How often do you treat strangers on the beach?
  • Do you like the movie star of adult movies?
  • Who among colleagues nicer?
  • Do you sing in the shower?
  • Do you like striptease?

Possible answers for the game:

  • Once every two days.
  • And who does not like it.
  • It is the dream of my life.
  • Only in the morning.
  • Undertone.
  • Not always, but periodically.

Interesting competitions for guests

Pearl wedding compared with the necklace. Each bead is strung on a thread, it symbolizes the time lived together. For 30 years, formed a lot of friends in common. Inviting them for an anniversary, consider the competition program, the holiday was fun and relaxed. Entertainment for the guests prepare children anniversaries. The choice depends on the competition venue for the celebration. There are ready-made entertainment. Their "customize" under the specific people. Here are a few competitions.


Funny contest for guests with a hidden meaning. For the game choose two or three driving. Typically, the first row of the most active visitors to other friends and relatives feel relaxed freely. On the back-conducting sheet is attached to the name of the place or institution. Guests must be able to read the title and the contestants - are not present. "Institutions" selected original and memorable. For example: women's or men's room, a sobering-up station, a strip club, the investigator's office, toilet.

Name of the institution for the competition Welcome

Leading ask questions, they, not knowing where to follow, fun to meet them. Upon receipt of the planned number of responses, the guests reported their destination. Sample questions for the contest:

  1. Do you get the pleasure of visiting this place?
  2. How often do you go to?
  3. What you get dressed?
  4. Who do you take with you when visiting this place?
  5. Do I need to take pictures there?
  6. Visiting this place is paid or not?
  7. Does this institution wife knows?

"Seventh Sense"

This contest is simple, but requires patience tolisten to the rules. Participants in the game knotted handkerchief eyes. The master of the competition shows the other guests some actions. In each of them the participant must answer "yes" or "no." Actions are selected original, fun and memorable. For example, a scratch behind the ear, kiss someone on the cheek. Action to which the consent of the games, you should remember.

The next stage of the competition is to identifythe number of executions of a particular action. To do this, the leading shows the number of fingers. At what value of participant it will stop, and the number is stored. Next is determined a guest who will perform the task. He, too, is determined with closed eyes. For example, the "artist" in the participant's cheek kisses a predetermined number of times. The leader If you guess the guest, they are swapped.

"Think of the verse"

In pearl wedding is customary to give poetry. To this gift will be remembered, is holding a contest among the guests men. For the game will require a piece of paper and a pencil. Set a required number of words that should be used when writing. They are selected so that was fun. For example: pearls, belly, tail, pirates wife.

Poem of pearl wedding guests

Entertainment options at the table

Pearl wedding - a solemn event. This anniversary should not be ignored. On the thirtieth anniversary of marriage invite close friends and relatives. Typically, the celebration is carried out in a cafe or restaurant. To pearl wedding memorable, prepare celebrations script with interesting games and competitions. Often spend an anniversary, or hire a leading toastmaster. Here are a few examples of fun entertainment.

"Drink: Think of the end of a joke"

This competition is carried out at the banquet table. It does not require physical exertion. Leading holiday offers everyone to participate in KVN. To do this, read out pre-prepared jokes, but no end. Continuation of funny stories, guests must come up with themselves. The success of a game depends on the wit and sense of humor, and leading participants.

Examples of unfinished jokes:

  1. How do I get mad with her husband in bed? ... (Turn football, select the remote).
  2. The wedding was postponed, because the groom? ... (Ran out of money, not enough to buy the bride).

"The missing ingredient"

To conduct such a competition is requiredbasic knowledge of cooking. Guests distribute recipes simple dishes. different ingredients are missing in them. The one who first identified the missing components receives a promotional award. The key to this competition - not conceive complex dishes. Not all know how to cook, so the game will suit burgers, borscht, or soups.

The ingredients for the dishes of the competition

"Famous couples"

In conducting this competition leading celebrationsIt offers to recall famous celebrity couples. It suits both real and fictional characters. The competition is held as long as the call the last couple. It is advisable to remember the people who have remained in history because of their love and loyalty to each other. Suit Romeo and Juliet, Orpheus and Eurydice, Ruslan and Lyudmila. Also called and the heroes of the occasion.

Famous couples: Romeo and Juliet

"Guess the melody"

Which anniversary without the accordion? In celebration of pearl wedding conducted music games and contests. There are many variations of the contest "Guess the melody". For example, competition with candy. On both sides of the table are placed the players. In the middle of it lay a piece of candy. Presenter includes popular melody. One participant, who was the first of its know enough candy. If he guessed, candy goes to him in the form of incentive prize. In an unsuccessful attempt, it will have to put back on the table.

Another option would be a contest where guestsguess the song on several notes. For example, when a contestant guessing game melody, he says "stop." After this sentence guest must call keywords or songwriter. The winner becomes the most erudite music competitor. To play the game you need to pick up the familiar, popular songs.