Competition cheerful alphabet

Merry alphabet - wedding contest, allowingguests show their creativity, wit, humor and inventiveness. The essence of the event is to use every letter of the alphabet to test participants. There are several options the task setting:

  1. The first sentence of each greeting guests Suite should begin with the word corresponding to the order of the letters of the alphabet (a, b, c, d, etc.).
  2. The contestants are divided into two teams, each participant is given a letter of the alphabet. The photo shows how it should be organized.

Moderator asks questions and the subjects onspeed is the answer. To choose a wedding celebration or contest the proposed options or come up with a variety of tasks. At the time of writing the wedding do not be afraid to show the fantasy scenario, if the feast will take place fun, fun for everyone - young, old.

Wedding: contestants alphabet

Number of participants

To participate in this contest with the speakertitled "Alphabet" toastmaster invites everyone, which allows to introduce, to bring people together. Any guest celebrations will be interesting to participate in the competition, regardless of age, gender or social status. Such joint efforts of the public - the main sources of laughter, enthusiasm, fun holiday, creating elated bride and groom.

Quantitative composition depends on the scale of the wedding: if the guests a lot, and invited to become a participant of this competition more people better. In the case of a modest wedding, a small number of participants is compensated succinct questions to conduct a short excursion into the story of young love.

Props Contest alphabet

For the competition you Merry Alphabetadvance is necessary to determine the format of the event, then, on this basis, prepare props. If it is a more complex version of the test - congratulations to newlyweds, the toastmaster should advance a list of keywords - Tips for guests who will not be able to go to come up with the beginning of the couple's wishes. For example:

  • and - diamond,
  • b - marriage,
  • in - loyalty,
  • g - the pride, etc.

After each grand congratulations offers leading the audience to fill shot glasses with alcohol and a drink to the health of the newlyweds.

The second test variations Toastmasters needList of gay issues and the main attribute of the contest - the letters of the alphabet printed on paper in large print to be answered. If a wedding present narrow circle of friends, family suite, it is desirable to specify the puzzle they have been associated with romantic history newlyweds. In any other case suitable humorous, funny questions, topics related celebrations.

Prizes for the wedding contest

The winner of the contest is determined guests celebration. Prizes "Alphabet" can be varied, for example, come up with fun congratulations nomination contestants:

  • "Miss Creativity"
  • "Mr. Resourcefulness"
  • "Mr. inventor"
  • "Mr. or Mrs. Merry"
  • "Best joker"
  • "Mister Joker"
  • "Mr. Barrister"
  • "Madame Pun"

Hand nominees chocolate medals, statuettes,souvenirs. Another option is rewarding - letters on a magnet made of felt, which is easy to do with their hands - can be seen in the photo. Get a sense of humor, then the event will be held fervently, for long be remembered by all those present.

Felt letters - alphabet wedding contest prize


Movie competition will keep a long time inMemory fun event, funny jokes, wit, ingenuity, humor contestants. Funny video of "Alphabet" - a perfect expression of thanks after the wedding the bride and groom guests. Make the original video test as in the video below, or cutting from all competitions, and then donate to the good wishes to all the participants of the event.