Baby contest at the wedding

The essence of competition kid at the wedding that the mainparticipants of the future performance paired playing an imaginary child who carries all the leading teams. The words are written in advance or on the scenario negotiate directly with the actors before the show. The music and props are selected under the image of the protagonist of the competition: a gentleman in a hat, as in the photo below, or the tough rocker - it all depends on your desires, fantasies.

Props for Baby Contest

The main requisite for the competition will Kida screen that is easy to do with their hands. You will need a 1 meter wide canvas fabric size of 1.5 m and children's clothing. As a basis we recommend to use any cotton sheet monochromatic white or another low-key color.

The cloth is cut a hole so that you canstick your head through the material below the neck stitched bib, vest, baby pants or a jumpsuit. Children's clothing for the screen, it is desirable to select a bright, contrasting colors to performance hero was clearly visible to all the guests. Additionally, slotted holes for the arms and legs. Beautiful cover for spectacular performances ready.

Honeymoon contest for another need: the bottle, pacifier, rattle, shower cap, toothbrush, cap, balloons, pot and tray to effectively make various objects on the stage.

A few minutes before the beginning of the scenes behind the scenesParticipants prepare presentations hero. To fulfill the role required a team of 4 people: 2 actor - usually the bride and groom and 2 extras - young witnesses to hold the screen during scenes. If the sight of the main participants are the newlyweds, the bride's head is threaded through the neck into the cloth, and puts his hands on the sliders (such as gloves). Bride put your hand in the baby's undershirt sewn on the sheet. Advance preparation is finished, the baby is ready.

Photo: Competition toddler wedding

A contest, melody, and witnessesbring to the stage screen. Under the first laughter of guests music gradually subsides. Leading begins his story, and the baby accompanies his words with actions. Offer to put the groom in the head cap room explodes with laughter. Fun guests cause any active actions of the characters. Well look different dance moves from hip-hop to dance the funky chicken. Sophisticated motion advance rehearse backstage if improvisation - not your strong point.

Explosions cause laughter guest host "Our wordskid learned myself to eat and drink! "and trying to get shot of the bride in her mouth to feed or groom snack. Amusing look proactive newlywed who wants to help the narrowed - from the outside it looks like a kid eats legs. The main thing - do not hurry up and pay attention to each step of the competition.

Possible scenarios may be different - allIt depends on the nature, age, type of activity present guests. A good response is the real story of the life of the groom, use the form at the same time humorous presentation. If the wedding is selected a specific style, the contest shall be conducted in accordance with the overall style of the festive event. Pofantaziruet yourself or take advantage of our tips.

competition Screenplay

Leading announces: "Ladies and gentlemen! We were on a visit granted Kid! Celebrate! "

"Our baby was born in the city of N. Kripen'ka - Continues the story lead. - "They called him Ivan (use real or homemade diminutive groom's name). Our boy shouting loudly and crying (portrayed a baby crying), until he was given a pacifier (endure props). Then he began to grow, learned to walk, wash, brush your teeth, get dressed "(the groom performs each action, playing and fooling around for the amusement of guests).

Leading: "In kindergarten Ivan liked to listen to music and dance (included musical preferences of the groom). Show me how you danced as a child! As sang songs, I went out with friends. " Laughter guests heard during the entire performance of the bride and groom.

"Our baby grew up and went to school. - Says a leading. - Show how you become great! In school, playing football, chess, shaking his biceps. " To this point, choose any kind of activity that has been the bridegroom.

Leading: "At one point, Ivan met his soul mate - beloved bride Svetlana, and decided to marry. Show how much you love her! Strong? Svetlana immediately agreed to marry you? Show me how you asked her to marry! "

Leading throughout the competition sets the bride specific questions and requests to portray this or that movement, actively watching the reaction of the guests.

"It is a significant date - the dayWedding - completes the competition lead. - Our baby Ivan came to visit us to talk about ourselves and congratulate all on this wonderful event. I helped him in this bride Svetlana (use the name of the bride). Let's welcome the young! "

After these words the couple are released from clothes baby out from behind the screen, and bow to the guests. The contest is finished.

Video: Kid wedding contest