Winter wedding cakes

You're lucky if your wedding date is set forwinter period. White inlaid with snowflakes, cute snowman, cones and other christmas attributes can be seen not only in the yard, but also on a wedding cake. Snow-white aerial delicacy will attract and fascinate guests with its taste and aroma, as well as a magnificent surprise appearance. Fantasy of the confectioner has no borders, so make a wedding cake from a professional or Bring a masterpiece with his own hands.

Decorating ideas for winter wedding cake

Magic can be not only in a fairy tale, but also todessert table. Wedding cake will impress all its magnificence, if translated into reality one of the creative decoration ideas. Surprise your guests with colorful works of culinary art. If the wedding date close to Valentine's Day, have your cake will be a romantic declaration of love, of conjugal fidelity. Decorate it with figures of Cupid, the bride and groom, sweet red ribbons, edible roses, orchids and other decor.

Festive wedding dessert, usually whiteor pastel colors, blue and violet shades perfectly simulate snow, cold, winter day. The original is a sweet product to the triumph with pompons, Christmas toys of sugar cones, with figures of lovers penguins. Cake in the form of a gift to remind a guest surprises Santa Claus or Santa Claus will look spectacular on a holiday.

Creative design ideas wedding dessert

Additional elements of the wedding decorCake is sweet beads, patterns, chocolate Christmas trees, branches, cones. Dessert often presented in a restrained palette of cold white, blue and purple hues. Exquisite jewelry sweet "snow clearing" is rightly considered intricate curls simulate winter frost. Such decoration gives delicacy wedding special grace and charm.

Bright accents in the form of holiday decorationsdessert (red viburnum berries, cranberries, pine green branches with cones), saturated colors of individual elements of culinary design will create a contrast, on a cold winter day, will add a touch of spring warmth, love, special romantic mood. Surprise your friends and relatives original, unique, sophisticated attributes of your celebration.

Case figures

Traditional bride and groom figures onwedding cake will delight guests when in the plan will present a note of humor. For example, the sculpture of a bride holding in her arms her betrothed. Christmas snowmen, penguins are the glamorous, sloping down from the hill, perfectly complement the bleak picture "snow-covered" a huge dessert. Even the feathered residents of the magical forest to congratulate the newlyweds with their presence in the form of sweet figures on a birthday cake. A branch of mountain ash and viburnum, cones and spruce branches sugar supplement symbolic decor winter wedding goodies.

Case figures of pastes for decoration

Sugar flowers

The special tenderness and romance attacheddecoration birthday cake sugar flowers. Even in the winter version dessert floral motifs look spectacular. Agree, without colorful decor of the main treats wedding becomes interesting, even boring. Garnish with a snow-white dessert delicate roses in pastel tones, cream-colored orchids, the composition of the cones, sugar twigs of red viburnum berries, purple leaves, and a masterpiece of confectionary art will surprise even the most demanding gourmets and aesthetes.

Sugar flowers in the decoration of desserts for the wedding

Snow cones or twigs

When making a cake for the winter holidaystalented confectioners sugar often used spruce twigs, simulate snow-covered cones of powdered sugar, marshmallow, cocoa and other ingredients goodies. Snow Fairy Kingdom - a very real picture of the decor for the wedding dessert. Adults and children will be delighted, photos in festive goodies will turn the original, and your victory will be remembered by guests for years to come.

Bumps in the decoration of the main celebrations sweets

Edible or decorative snowflakes

Childhood Dreams Come True! And it's proven professional pastry making. Often children try to taste a snowflake winter, after the palm. On the surface, these festive dessert fancy delicate creations always edible, sweet, colorful. If you have the time, skills in cooking and desire, make a culinary masterpiece with his own hands. Adult guests will appreciate your exquisite taste, understanding of aesthetics. In their memory for a long time will emerge from the visual images of the divine beauty of the wedding dessert.

Decorative snowflakes to decorate a festive dessert

Sculpture reindeer

Traditional winter holidays are always associatedfantastic characters snowmen, Santa Claus, Snow Maiden. Such figurines are ideal for a winter holiday goodies option. But what to do without the proud deer and silver sleigh? Give family, friends an unforgettable celebration, albeit on a dessert table stands a colorful, almost magical cake with figurines of the characters of the winter holidays. Wedding table in the center of which stands the magnificent festive dessert, will be the perfect backdrop for unique photographs.

Sculpture reindeer in the decoration of confectionery

Features cake choice in the winter theme

Cake on the dessert table - the final chordwedding celebration. By choosing important goodies should be taken with full responsibility to impress guests original design and tender, unsurpassed taste. Consider not only the decoration of confectionery products, but also its layering, color paint, stuffing and more. Decide on the size of the cake if the guests-Sweet small percentage, then ordered a huge dessert does not make sense.

The color scheme and filling

When choosing the color of the wedding dessertrefer to the overall style of decoration of the banquet hall. Make a little warmth in the cold colors of the room by using bright, colorful cake, the decor of which have warm, sunny shades, sugar contrasting figures, cones. The main thing - do not overdo it with the richness of colors. Wedding Dessert should not only be colorful in appearance, but also a "melting in your mouth." Do not forget to check with confectioner at the expense of filling product: vanilla, chocolate and mascarpone. Be sure to tasting a slice of cake.

The color palette of the wedding cake

The shape and the number of storeys

Wedding Desserts come in various shapes and flavors. Multilevel (from two to five storeys) cakes are a kind of decoration of the sweet table. Selects the shape of the product based on your own preferences, the overall style of decoration of the room. Traditionally cakes are round, square, trapezoidal. If you planned a large number of guests, it is better to purchase tiered treat the correct form. It will look beautiful on a stand among the other creatures on the dessert table.

Multilevel cakes at a celebration in the winter

Photo Winter wedding cakes

Gala dessert - not only deliciousdelicacy, but also a kind of business card memorable day newlyweds wedding. Making winter wedding dessert to be perfect, exquisite, unforgettable. Find the master of his craft, a talented pastry chef with years of experience. Embody one of decor ideas, create or purchase a delicious dessert on a snowy wedding, seeing and saying to yourself the best photos from the selection below.

Skins desserts winter theme

Cool colors in the decor of the main sweets