White wedding cakes

Limousine, air bride dress formal suitgroom, exquisite bouquet - the required attributes of a wedding ceremony. What do you think of what else depends festive atmosphere, the mood of the newlyweds? Sweet, original masterpieces of confectionary skills - white wedding cakes - emphasize the elegance of the newlyweds taste will delight guests. Unusual toppings, refined decor multi-tiered confectionary art works will not leave indifferent neither adults nor children. What are the features of choice for a wedding cake?

Features selection of white wedding cake

How to choose a snow-white wedding cake

White emphasizes the triumph of style. For adherents of the confectionery art can be attributed to both mortals and persons of royal blood. Cream, chocolate, fruit toppings maddening connoisseurs of fine taste, and an original stylish decor makes confectionery creation masterpiece wedding fashion. Fairy-tale palaces, beautifully recreated "tasty" architecture, themed desserts white shade and complement the style of celebration.

Original white cakes

The shape and the number of storeys

A variety of forms of confectionery masterpieces white

The combination of white and black in the wedding dessert

Traditionally, white round wedding cakes givegentle accent banquet. Improper form of cakes, different height, size, becoming a highlight of confectionery creations. Original desserts connecting "heart" of the newlyweds - exquisite fiction designers. Laconic square shape is reminiscent of the strict lines of "modern" style. Real masterpiece of high "confectionary art" will be made to order cakes from the pads, hearts, decorated with mastic beads.

Cakes for wedding large size

Which wedding cake white stopchoice - single storey in a candy-bar, fruit with figures of newlyweds or huge multi-tiered masterpiece? The multi-tiered wedding cake covered with white icing, perfect for a magnificent celebration. Modest, small wedding involves smaller sweet, though, it all depends on Honeymoon preferences.

What kind of toppings to choose

Types of fillings for cakes wedding white

Gorgeous wedding cake look veryimportant, but the internal filling - cakes, cream supplements - plays a role in taste sensations invited. Therefore, choosing these things confection, the couple should pay attention to the following points:

  • The harmony and beauty as the appearance and internal.
  • The quality of the ingredients. Very sweet cream cakes too dense considerably spoil the impression of an exquisite dessert.
  • Adding fruits and nuts. Consult with the administrator of a cafe or restaurant, which are planning to organize a banquet for the availability of the "cold showcases."

A feature of most of the desserts for the weddingis the use of sponge cakes in its manufacture. They keep their shape perfectly, creating a work of confectionary art. If you prefer a different kind of test - stop the choice on the single-stage cake large, offering a professional to decorate the last snow-white cream. From the decor to the mastic will then have to give up

Decorating and finishing

Fine patterns, lined with silverbeads, impressive in harmony with the design of the room, ornaments bride. Lovely, airy flower petals are made of mastic, give tenderness and elegance confection. Long garlands of flower petals, sloping down from the top down, highlight the great taste as a master, and honeymooners who chose dessert.

Options decor white wedding cakes

Making a wedding cake

Exquisite decor looks as streamingtissue, echoing white wedding dress bride, gentle folds falling to the bottom of the cake. When choosing jewelry newlyweds have the opportunity to stop at the sight of white satin ribbons intricately entwine tiers, or unusual patterns, monograms, symbolizing the union of hearts.

Decor white cake - add some color?

By organizing a wedding celebration "color" style,newlyweds are not necessarily ordered a cake similar color. White dessert, decorated with pink flowers, pale lilac ribbons, bows and green create the necessary accents, pleasing you and guests. A novelty of the season in 2016 became white cake, decorated with Swarovski crystals and stones.

Wedding Desserts - colored accents on white

Gold pattern, monogram will take in the era of women withcrinolines and gallant gentlemen. Fun, playful note in the festive atmosphere will make colored macaroon decorating dessert. The classic combination of white mastic and chocolate confectionery creation will give bright colors. Do not forget about the couple's trendy now the style of "Ombre" delicate tints which will enjoy the visit.


The combination of blue and white in cake decoration

Deep blue color matches perfectly with whitebackground, creating intricate patterns. Bright chrysanthemum mastic, color figures give effectively. Satin ribbons, bows with precious stones emphasize the exquisite taste of the newlyweds. Elegant look, single-stage white cakes, collected in a single composition candy-bar, decorated with blue decoration.


Blue and white cakes

Pastel shades of blue giveconfectionery creation of elegance, sophistication. A variety of styles offers an unlimited choice of the newlyweds: a round shape or "Ombre" fabulous curvy or decorated with fine blue roses. Love art? Stop the choice on a wedding cake white, painted in shades of blue glaze "watercolor" style.


Red and white cake for newlyweds

Red decorations on a white background will turndessert in a luxurious work of confectionary art. Amazingly fashioned roses decorate a masterpiece; patterns and designs will be a bright addition to the outfits newlyweds. Unusual shaped cakes in the shape of a ship on the dreamy gonna remind and scarlet sails. And incredibly delicious strawberry decor will win the hearts of all.

The black

An exquisite combination of black on a white background

Seeing the masterpieces of confectionary skills,combining exquisite pictures, delicate lace dark color and a white paste, you can not take your eyes off the culinary dessert. Successful ideas for newlyweds would be cake decor black precious "jewels" - the symbol of the values ​​of the senses. Subjects of light and dark forces - fight, love - give the passions that rages to this day in the hearts of the newlyweds.

Photo of a beautiful wedding cake in white

Variety selection of masterpieces wedding whitecolor sometimes puts the newlyweds to a standstill. Which variant to prefer: the gentle fairytale dessert with beautiful birds loyalty - swans, and can modern style of graffiti - it's up to you. Pay attention to the quality of products used for confectionery desserts, flavor characteristics. Select a favorite dessert, a selection of photos will help the newlyweds most beautiful wedding cakes.

Photos wedding cake white