Wedding cakes mastic - photo

Sugar paste firmly holds heartSweet pastry and minds. In modern bridal cake mastic occupies a place of honor leader. Mastic is easy to work, painted in any color and holds its shape well, so it subject to the newlyweds wildest fantasies. An additional advantage of such a wedding dessert that under mastic decor can hide the stuffing for every taste.

Cake with mastic for wedding

Ideas Your wedding cake of mastic

Any decent bridal salon or privatePastry with a good reputation necessarily offer the future newlyweds catalog desserts prepared with ideas decor. Registration for exclusive design is also widespread. For each pair I want the wedding to be special and original cake - a good way to impress guests. What does a modern fashion?

Trends in decorating wedding cakes mastic in 2016 developed in several directions:

  • Classic design with wedding paraphernalia, but the bias towards minimalism.

Classic Wedding Cake mastic
  • Ornate flowers, including living(For flower decoration suitable not only for the traditional wedding roses, lilies, lilies, orchids and peonies and violets, daisies, field and even succulents, which will make your meal an extraordinary).

Wedding cake with flowers
  • Edible prints on rice paper.

Wedding dessert with photos
  • Emphasis on the cover cakes (the latest trend - Ombre, gold or silver metallic, fabric texture, lace).

Fancy wedding cake with mastic
  • Themed cakes in the style of the wedding scenario.

Themed Desserts with mastic for wedding

We should also highlight another fashionabledirection, which is combined with any above-mentioned trend. This small size of the cakes that are used even in the multi-tiered dessert. Huge creamy sponge design, which previously hid dancers and doves, are outdated. The smaller the confectionery masterpieces, the brighter the trend. Therefore it is necessary to consider another alternative design of the wedding of sweet treats - candy bar.

Wedding candy bar

Candy-bar (literally "candy bar") - separatelya table with a variety of a la carte delicacies:. classic cakes, cupcakes, chocolates handmade makarons, tartlets and other candy bar often complements traditional small cake, so as not to break the tradition of cutting the main treat. For a wedding with a small number of guests stylish option is a tiered shelves, on the upper level where a cake for the bride and groom, and the lower - candy bar for guests.

Figures swans or doves

Swans for a wedding cake

A pair of white swans or doves - the attribute of purelove and loyalty - popular with honeymooners decor wedding feast. For such products used snow-white paste. Effectively look bird, who reproduced the texture of the pen. Figures, the characters are not accepted there - by tradition the bride and groom need to save them to memory. Also popular porcelain or glass birds that decorate the wedding cake, then become part of home decor.

Wedding rings

Wedding feast with wedding rings

Wedding rings, along with swans ordoves as decoration of the wedding cake will always be popular ornament. Rings of mastic - a simple decorative element of design that will be mastered by even the novice confectioner. To the theme of wedding rings on a serving, did not seem banal, beat her, connecting fantasy and humor. It is necessary to change the size, shape or color of the decor and wedding rings do not seem old-fashioned decoration, have fun not only the bride and groom, and guests.

Honeymoon Photos

Cake with honeymooners photos

Another fashion trend in the design of weddingcake - fotoprint the bride and groom made on edible rice paper food dyes. This decoration is not considered to be complicated or expensive and is available for order at any respectable confectionery. Photos on the cake are selected and produced under the wedding style (for example, black and white, theme, or collage). If the script traditional celebrations, fit just beautiful photo newlyweds.

Decoration according to your wedding style

Stylish Wedding cake with mastic

Many of today's brides and grooms preferthemed wedding with the original script and an unusual entourage. Cake at a wedding - a strong decorating techniques. If it is intended, for example, rocker wedding, bright decoration of motorcycles will be dessert. For the wedding party in the style of boho or eco fashion cakes are ideal without topcoat Naked Cake. Beach script perfectly complement mastic cake with maritime paraphernalia.

Themed wedding dessert

If the bride and groom want a traditional, butstylish multi-tiered dessert, the best solution would be a continuation of the color gamut of the wedding decoration in the room decor treats. Considered trendy wedding cake decoration in the style of the bride's dress. For this purpose it is necessary to advance confectioner show the wedding dress, and modern cooking materials and technologies will play on Korzh pattern and texture of fabric or lace desired color.

Wedding feast at the bride's style

How to make a cake to the wedding without mastic?

The latest trend of fashion wedding candy,which were asked in the past year, Hollywood stars - "naked" cakes Naked Cake. Korzh Naked Cake top anything not covered, leaving a feeling of negligence and "home-baked". Sponge layers Naked Cake often deliberately stacked unevenly, and the stuffing should be clearly visible. The decor of the minimum cakes: flowers (sugar or live), fruit themed figurines. Allowed to use a little bit of glaze or chocolate cake on top.

Wedding Naked Cake

A more traditional version of the decoration without mastic- Off-white or cream décor. Among the novelties in the design of wedding cakes - a uniform color (usually white) deliberately negligent cover large "strokes" or a continuous repetitive pattern in the form (one-color or gradient colors). Art paintings of cream or cream are also still in fashion. Suitable supplement will be themed figurines, fruits and other classic pastry decorations.

Wedding feast without mastic

Honeymoon cake without mastic

How to cover a cake sugar mastic with their hands?

Decorate cakes mastic quite a forceany hostess. This will require proper sealant, food coloring, icing sugar or starch, smooth surface for rolling, plastic rolling pin and a sharp knife. Experienced bakers working with mastic mass use special tools and molds. This facilitates the hard work and allows you to create perfectly aligned elements. And the flowers or leaves, fashioned with the help of special devices, it is difficult to distinguish from the real thing.

Cording cake with mastic

If you can not purchase cookingInstruments for the mastic used to design the means at hand. Samu mastic for the first time (or if enough of its preparation practices) recommend to buy ready-made. This will protect against failures and save time. The culinary stores sold as a white or colored mass. If the color of mastic need very little, buy only white, and dyes to buy in addition separately.

Roll out the paste should be on a smooth surface,which is sprinkled with powdered sugar or starch. Hands during the operation, the mastic sticking to, and processed starch (less oil). It should be remembered that, although the base of any mastic - sugar powder, a product for stringing on the surface of cake and figures differ in their properties because of the additional ingredients used in the formulation. Excess paste wrapped in foil to prevent drying and the frozen softened by heating.

Smoothing of the mastic on the flat shortcake

Before coating mastic cake cakes precoated with butter cream and carefully aligned. Roll out the mastic mass in a layer of at least 5 mm, check whether remains on the surface trace of a rolling pin or hands. Carefully unroll raised paste, cover the cake, making sure that no air bubbles. Special razglazhivatelem (or hands), carefully smooth out the mastic on the surface of cakes, lightly pressing on all sides. Remains of cut with a sharp knife.

Photos, single-stage and two-tiered cakes mastic 2016

Our photo gallery of wedding cakes in 2016 will tell youa registration order or make their own hands for the upcoming celebration. Modern wedding cake - it's not just the food and tradition, but also an integral part of the overall decorative holiday plan. Feel free to mix your favorite elements, change colors, add its own flavor - so you get your wedding a unique tasty treat.








Video: Master-class on making flowers from mastic

Master the art of making mastic colorit will be easier, if you look at this process in a video tutorial. Try to repeat the first step-by-step wizard. Having trained with simple elements, you will be able to realize their own ideas. All the tools used by the master as presented, are sold in specialized confectionary shops or on the Internet. They make it easier to work with putty and ensure perfect results.