Wedding cake with orchids

Each cake - this piece of confectioneryArt. Appearance dessert with decoration displays the semantic content of the celebration, its main motif. Wedding cake with orchids - regardless of the size, color, filling - it is always delicate, beautiful handiwork of a pastry shop for the newlyweds. Graceful sprigs and flowers created with edible pastes, give a special charm to the festive treats. Taste quality is never behind the appearance of the sweets.

Ideas Your wedding cake with orchids

To the wedding cake looks impressive, it is necessarythink in advance of its decoration. After consulting with experts in baking, the couple come to an optimal solution. The amounts of the dessert should be enough for all the guests. Professionals of the confectionery industry, as a rule, offer to do a multi-tiered structure, if future newlyweds want to decorate dessert delicate orchid. The pyramidal shape at a convenient stand attaches importance not only the sweets as treats, but also as a decoration festive table.

Cake with a cascade of orchids

The basis for this dessert can be round, butsometimes confectioners offer deviate from the standard rules and make it square. Several tiers of sponge cake, with each layer decreasing in size, are suitable for convenient and beautiful place the orchid flowers in a cascade. Confectionery decoration made with mastic, marzipan in different shades.

Deciding to apply for decoration live buds, you need to know some subtleties, not to overshadow the celebration withering:

  • prepare fresh flowers kindly;
  • It should always be stock of colors that confectioners are not worried that the branch can be spoiled in the process of fixing.

The ideal option for a cake in the flower style is a combination of a cascade bouquet of the bride and of the same goodies.

Desserts with floral cascade

Wedding cake with live orchids

It is important to order the correct, beautiful,original dessert, and this can become a wedding cake with orchids. Fresh flowers as decoration is not uncommon for confectionary art - it helps to remember the date of the marriage as a most unusual day with pleasant surprises. Live orchids before the feed is processed with a special solution to flowers could not affect the taste of the cake. Chic appearance dessert will not leave anyone indifferent.

Decoration with fresh flowers

The multi-tiered, square shape

To the wedding cake looked like a square shapesolid, the thickness of its layers should be impressive. Tiers can be placed on a stand-shelving of the same shape, without touching each other, because it is convenient for distributing treats guests. Another option would be a superimposition of layers on top of each other with decreasing the perimeter of the square. Positioning can be precisely symmetrical or, conversely, turning the edge of a certain degree. Sprinkle chocolate chips, dessert looks very appetizing.

Tiered square cake with orchids

All variants look amazingly beautiful andunusual because the wonderful festive look gives decoration dessert orchid flowers. They can be arranged as a deposit on the edges of each layer or cascade hanging sprig height of the cake. About living colors mentioned above - they are relevant, but more widely adopted orchid flowers made from marzipan or mastic. Outwardly, they are not inferior to their fellow fresh, thanks to the golden hands of confectioners.

With sugar orchids of mastic

Each flower is fashioned out of the mastic can beseparately called confectionary art. Sometimes the buds are made so realistic that some of the guests, trying to put them into the water. With repeatability form the petals, leaves and stamens - the result of the professionalism of the confectionery. Attached to the wire, they are inserted into the cake. With orchids create a composition for a dessert or a them in the loop. Newlyweds often choose a decoration because Phalaenopsis flowers are very delicate and wonderfully convey the atmosphere of solemn events.

Cakes of orchids from the mastic

Dressed figures newlyweds or a pair of swans

For classical solution of the main decorationssweet dishes for a wedding celebration began newlyweds figurines, fashioned with mastic. Do not yield to them and a pair of white swans as a symbol of fidelity and pure love. figures often made on the basis of the sugar pastes, mounted on top of the structure. Married, with a sense of humor, can place their copies - and then imagination and confectionery specialists themselves Suite will tell you how and in what style to make figures.

Desserts with figures

To biscuit dessert looked like a reliablethe basis for the modeled works, it can 'cover veil "mastic performing drapery cakes. Very original will look fine lace around the edge. With a tighter framework for the installation of the figures, you can plan to install them not only on the upper flat shortcake, but in the middle of the structure, recreating a moment from the life of the newlyweds.

Photo Wedding cake with orchids

Pedestal in the world of flowers is always shared betweenrose and orchid, phalaenopsis but so tender and sensual looks that for the wedding ceremony the newlyweds prefer it to all other colors. The contemplation of such striking beauty, which may surprise us confectioners, fill the surrounding unforgettable emotions. A very important moment of the most feed wedding dessert the hall, as the solemnity of the moment will long be remembered as the cake itself is a beauty. A selection of photos will show that will be done with orchids.

Wedding cake with orchids