Wedding cake with initials

Wedding cake - the final, final stageholiday. Newlyweds are not less than the guests are waiting for the ceremonial removal of dessert in the banquet hall. It pays special attention to: mute light, candles are lit, playing solemn music. Wedding sweet treats rarely buy ready-made, make them to order - get exclusive copy. Decorating goodies confectioners offer yourself or make your sketch. Wedding cake with initials - a special variant, popular with newlyweds. To decorate use several ways that we will look at in more detail.

Possible manufacturing initials for a wedding cake

These professional bakers caninvite future newlyweds catalog with photos of such confectionery products. Variety of ways to perpetuate their names on sweet treats newlyweds will select the most vending option for them. There are letters made of caramel, mastic or painted cream - choose the bride and groom themselves.

Of mastic or marzipan

Mastic and marzipan are used equally frequently. The difference between them is that the marzipan are made on the basis of grated almonds, having a little peculiar bitter taste, and paste do on the basis of powdered sugar, and therefore, it is sweeter. Fashioned mastic and marzipan figures or letters can be stored in the refrigerator in a sealed container, so harvest decorations beforehand. Letters having dense texture (based mastic or marzipan) is placed vertically on top of a sweet or pyramid cake placed on top in a horizontal plane.

painted cream

Caption cream on the cake surface is performedpastry syringe, slowly squeezing the right amount. On a dark background chocolate cake look more impressive letters, made with white cream and vice versa. Cream is prepared from butter oil, which solidifies at a low temperature, making letters look voluminous. Adding food coloring, pastry chefs get the desired color for the cream.

Chocolate or caramel

Chocolate inscription on the wedding desserts lookvery appetizing, and not make them difficult. We just need to melt the chocolate with milk, add butter, cool and pour into a package. Cut corner and gradually squeezing out, easy to get excellent writing. Caramel letters are not good to lie on a layer of cream, it is better to use a denser basis. The easiest way to cook caramel mass - melt-store toffee. To remain in the memory of many impressions, write their names on the cake themselves under the guidance of pastry.

Cake decoration ideas with the initials of the wedding

If we imagine a cake, which will beOnly the initials Suite - it will be a treat boring, even if you make it a multilevel and tasty filling. By adding the newlyweds figurines, decorating various edible flowers, bows and confectioners will design wedding treats more attractive. Many guests try to take a picture for memory confectionery product. At the newlyweds in the archive is always a place for a photo on the background of the magnificent cake with their names.

Adorned with flowers and initials

A beautiful combination of blossoming marzipanor cream-colored buds and letters indicating the names of the Suite - a classic of the genre confectionery. Petals, made carefully and with love, like a live blossom on the cake tiers. The initials of the bride and groom, artfully made in the form of monograms, towering between the beautiful flowers attract views.

Decoration wedding goodies initials newlyweds

C cake decoration in the form of lace

Fine work professionals to establish a laceon the surface of a wedding dessert deserves admiration. Original drape translucent mesh lies on the cake cakes smooth, exquisitely. To give greater tenderness appearance dainty delicate openwork carried out in a white or light pink palette. Contrasting colors confectionery decoration give a striking effect, even a certain audacity. Lace made of mastic, does not lose its shape, it rests on the surface of the cake reliably and gives a special charm confectionery delicacy.

Delicate lace pastry to decorate the wedding cake

The names and figures of the bride and groom

Many of the wedding couple and the guests too, notfancy wedding cake decorating without his figurines bride and groom. Often these images embedded share of humor by newlyweds image in unusual situations. Fashioned of colored mastic edible figures, but, as a rule, do not eat them for ethical reasons. Initials or full names of the newlyweds, placed on the cake, decorated with hearts, floral motifs.

Figures newlyweds on the cake with the names

With decor in the form of ribbons and bows

Rarely a wedding complete without dessertdecorations in the form of satin ribbons and bows. Belting tiers of cakes placed on a stand, mastic tape transmit every twist and bulk jewelry. Skill confectioners improved every year, bows decorating wedding goodies from afar many accept as natural. Beauty and tenderness of each product brings joy newlyweds and their guests.

Luxury ribbons, bows in the decoration of cakes

Cake decorated with the initials of loose rhinestones

In recent years, the trend has become fashionable to decoratewedding desserts rhinestones. An unusual approach to the decoration of confectionery fine detail gives the wedding a glamorous shade. Shimmers in the rays of light scattering of crystals create cake around a special aura of romance and mystery. Jewelry trend in decorating often resonates with the model and the bride's dress style.

Desserts with rhinestones for wedding

Photo of wedding cakes with the initials of the newlyweds

There are unconfirmed national sign thatthe sweetness of family life begins with a wedding cake. The variety and originality of jewelry only confirm what confectioners imagination has no limits. Wedding cake with initials - always original solution of choice in this solemn feast day. Non-standard approach is much nicer serial dessert. Unforgettable impressions are guaranteed, if the celebration will be supplemented with the names of the wedding dessert.

Wedding cakes with names newlyweds