Wedding cake with fruit

Wedding - one of the main events in lifehuman. And every bride wants to triumph was perfect. Catching compilation wedding menu, pay attention to the choice of the cake, which will be the main decoration of the entire event. Dessert chosen based on style of the wedding - it may be a single-tier or multi-storey, cream or fruit.

Tips on choosing a wedding cake with fruit

Wedding Cake - the sweet and the main attributethe holiday, because it would wait for all the guests. Before buying a dessert, it is desirable to get acquainted with a number of secrets and subtleties of his choice. The most important thing - to order the "right" cake, the taste of which will be able to evaluate every guest. Due to the wide range of design wedding cakes, each pair will be able to choose for themselves just perfect cakes, the only important thing. Consider the following nuances:

  • Type - is a heart, a square, circle, rectangle. Choose what your taste.
  • Korzh - it is better to stop the choice on the biscuit.
  • Filling - it all depends on your personal taste preferences.
  • For a summer wedding give preference to light desserts - for example, cakes, soufflé cake with butter cream, which does not spoil quickly in the heat.
  • For holiday winter pick-soaked cakes, cream filling.
  • The size and weight of the dessert. Confectioner help correctly calculate these figures (for 1 guest for approximately 100-150 grams).
  • Decor. It can be decorated with fruit, rosettes of cream.
  • Colour. Pick it, in accordance with the triumph of style or with shades of the bride dresses.

Wedding desserts

Stand and the number of storeys

In the trading network presents various dessertsshapes - rectangular, oval, square, round, triangular, in the form of hearts and stars. There are a wide variety of cake height - from one and up to five-tiered masterpieces cooking. Top to decorate can be used figurines of young, fresh fruit, custard, chocolate, flowers, hearts, doves. In the center and sides of dessert often applied labels. For example, wishes young couple names or wedding sayings.

In the 19th century there was the first multi-tiered cake and since this is the most important wedding dessert table. We must remember that the number of layers depends on the total weight of the dessert:

  • weighs less than 4 pounds - 1 stage;
  • weight 5 pounds - 2 tiers;
  • weight 8 pounds - 3 tiers;
  • weight 10 pounds - 4 tiers;
  • weight more than 12 pounds - 5 tiers.

The classic and the best option weddingcake - it's three tiers. If you chose the more complex formulations, you need to think more about the intricate, interesting connections, fastening together every stage - be it shelves, stairs, simple stand. For a fee you can rent a wedding figurines of young people who will look more original dessert, festive, thanks to their use of each layer of the cake is easy to cut and give to guests.

Three-Tier Wedding Cake

The color of decorations and toppings

We define a color scheme of the wedding cake,you can choose almost any color that you like best - from the snow-white tones and up to the bright neon. However, the presence of unnatural colors suggests adding artificial colors that can trigger the appearance of a severe allergic reaction in the most sensitive guests.

Completely snow-white wedding cake willlook not very expressive, sometimes too pale. After all, video and photo will not show its beautiful reliefs, they just smazhutsya, and begin to resemble one large pale blur. The ideal option for wedding dessert will be a combination of blue, pink or chocolate with white - a noble classic that will always look tasteful and stylish.

Make the brightness of the cake you can, decorating ita variety of fruits and berries. Beautiful and interesting dessert looks matched the color of the bride's wedding dress when she gave up the white dress. Making baking should be fully consistent with the overall style of the event. For the filling choose the best sweet and sour fruits, berries (raspberries, apricots, peaches), and strawberries and chopped nuts will be a perfect decoration dessert.

Making wedding baking

Ornament and decorated in accordance with the wedding style

Catching a choice of decoration for a wedding cake,pay attention to the features of different options - start with the traditional fruits, as well as the beloved chocolate and finish marzipan, a sweet paste. Desserts should be stacked with a special stand, it was convenient to their cut, and the selected baking design should be fully combined with the overall wedding style decorations. If your cake does not weigh more than 6 kilos, you can put layer upon layer, but at a higher weight, he just flattened.

To decorate a multi-storey and single storeywedding cakes, in almost all cases, the use of the ring, beautiful figures of doves, swans, as well as honeymooners. If you wish to make an unusual dessert, instead of the traditional figures of the groom with the bride, fairy tale characters, use or give preference to modern interpretations. For example, it may be a driver or a young couple on a motorcycle. Use here the history and images of common life or common interests.

Decor wedding cake

If you decide to supplement the wedding cake is not onlya variety of fruit, but also figures, they will stay on a flat, hard surface. Therefore, the upper cake should be covered by sweet glaze, jelly, chocolate or other sweets that are well keep their shape. Decorating the wedding cake should be taking into account the style in which the festival is held - roses, bows, fruit, etc. During the summer, a combination of fruit looks beautiful: apples, grapes, strawberries, currants, cherries.

The recipe for a delicious wedding cake with fruit

You can order wedding cake in the bakery, butalso have the opportunity to cook his own hands at home. Choose an idea for his ideas - sand cake, waffles, jellied dessert, biscuit, meringue or soufflé. For home baking it was not only delicious, but also beautiful, for decoration use seasonal fruits, cookies, cream, marshmallows, gelatin. To prepare homemade wedding cake, you will need the following products:

  • sugar - 425-435 g
  • cream the softened butter - 1.25-1.5 kg
  • vanilla sugar - 42-45 g
  • syrup (cherry, lemon, strawberry) - 175-185 g
  • eggs - 28-30 pcs.
  • starch - 142-147 g
  • water - 12-16 Art. l.
  • Peach jam - 980-1000 g
  • meal - 415-425 grams
  • powdered sugar - 630-655 g
  • baking powder - 22-27 g


  1. Making the dough for cakes - take 15 eggs, separate the whites from the yolks.
  2. Using a mixer, beat the egg yolks until a thick foam.
  3. Gradually add small portions of water.
  4. Enter sugar (235-240 g), baking powder, starch, sifted flour. All components are thoroughly knead until you get a lot of uniform consistency.
  5. With an electric mixer, beat the remaining sugar proteins (should form a stable foam), then gradually add them to the test, all very gently knead soft circular motions.
  6. For baking, use the round shape, which should be of different diameter to the wedding cake was in tiers (of the following ingredients from 4-5 cakes).
  7. Inside the form properly lubricate a little butter, sprinkle with flour, cakes to not burnt.
  8. Fill the dough, align.
  9. Bake cakes in a preheated 190 degree oven for about 50 minutes (periodically check the readiness of baking a wooden toothpick or skewer).
  10. Ready-made cakes reserve for the time that theyslightly cooled, then half of each portion impregnate cherry or strawberry syrup (it can replace natural yoghurt, mascarpone cheese, condensed milk, sour cream).
  11. All cakes grease jam, gently place one by one.
  12. Take the remaining eggs, separate the whites from the yolks.
  13. Pre-mix the softened butter with the vanilla sugar, add the remaining syrup, stir thoroughly using a mixer.
  14. The resulting thick oil the cream cake on all sides, and that the layer has been maximum flat, use a knife.
  15. Basket of seasonal fruit gives a chance to make a varied and colorful decoration of the finished cake, perfect for canned pineapple.
  16. With gelatine you can pour any fruit on the top layer - is very nice and tasty.
  17. Homemade cakes are also decorated with rosettes of cream.

Homemade cakes for a wedding

Photo of wedding cakes with berries and fruits in 2016

fruit cakes

Video: cheese cake with fruit without baking

To make a delicious wedding cake, notbe sure to spend time baking. Use a simpler version of the dessert - cheesecake with fruit. A detailed recipe and fine cooking of the tender and incredibly tasty treats, see the following video: