Wedding cake with butterflies

Scrupulous preparations for the wedding of catchesnewlyweds. The long search for the perfect bride dress, groom suit, space for on-site registration, restaurant banquet exhausting, and to-do list does not end there. But when it comes time to choose a cake, you will once again feel yourself full of strength and energy, because this sweetness has to be corona end of the evening. If you like romance, wedding cake with butterflies you will enjoy. Such beauty is best to give your affection couples.

Options for the manufacture of cake butterflies

Wedding cake with flowers and butterflies - a delicacy in whichThey embody all relevant and creative imagination. Select one- or two-tier dessert - not a problem, more important to deal with the stuffing and decoration. Cakes stuffed with protein, chocolate, butter, butter cream or frosting. But for sophisticated, elegant jewelry, not all materials are suitable in the form of butterflies. The best option - is mastic, caramel, chocolate and marzipan. What is the difference between them?

Of mastic

Tutor pastries pastryproducts is not taken every bride, so outsource it experienced masters much easier and tastier in the future. If you order a wedding cake with a delicate edible butterflies for transmission volume forms choose mastic. It comprises powdered sugar, marshmallows, gelatin, starch, egg white. The mixture goes white and bright colors if you want, you can ask for the addition of dyes. cake at the wedding will look realistic, if decorate a butterfly resemble living specimens. Originally?

Butterflies of mastic cake

From caramel

If you want to make a birthday cake at the ceremonyHe looked subtly, you will need one small detail - sweet butterflies, created by candy. Its composition is present sugar syrup and various edible dyes. The advantage of the choice of caramel - is easily carried out lace effect and volume due to the resulting shape. These butterflies are not visible when the line pair used to create a border shape, or fluttering a fully repeated patterns of living insects.

Butterflies of caramel

From chocolate and marzipan

If you're a fan of nuts and some combinations, theButterflies created with chocolate and marzipan - for you. One hundred percent of cocoa, ground almonds and sugar syrup will give you an ethereal, airy tastefully decorated for a wedding cake. Top marzipan chocolate glaze, getting candy in the form of butterflies. Festive sweet taste can be diluted with the addition of marzipan liqueur, orange zest, spices. Such a cake at the wedding will be appreciated by all the guests. Hurry, because butterflies always eat first!

Butterflies made of chocolate

Cake decoration ideas with butterflies on the wedding

After reviewing the materials to create butterflieson a wedding cake, you need to determine what else will be in addition to the delicacy of these ornaments fluttering. Correct union colors, design details and selected tasty toppings - that will provide an unforgettable evening ending wedding. Knowing the celebration theme, with shades and stuffed decide easily. How original complement the decoration of butterflies cake?

For a small wedding make lowtwo-tier cake, placing it on top of the stand Candy Bar, and set the bottom cupcakes, each decorated with a unique butterfly. To emphasize tenderness ceremony, supplement it with this satin ribbon; luxurious celebration is complete without a shiny brooches; Retro style will fit the decor in the form of fixed cells on top. The classical idea of ​​decorating goodies with butterflies on a celebration in the style of Tiffany are small edible pearls necklace with decorative stones. What can still be cake decoration?

Adorned with butterflies and figures of newlyweds

Classic is always in fashion. Figures newlyweds are popular among brides and grooms from different generations. Delicious white dress and black tuxedo suit for a luxurious wedding, but what to do when your celebration has an original style, going beyond the classics? Passionate Tango fans will be delighted with the cake with scarlet accents, and a figure of a bride in a ball gown, but do not forget the other half! Other couples will display minimalism, commitment to the classical canons through the snow-white coating goodies.

The original solution is to choose a cake forwedding tailored to your preferences in movies. Dark purple, blue butterflies, a crescent on top, the dark, but the happy couple - a delicacy in the style of the film adaptation of "Corpse Bride." One half of the cake can be decorated in a classic snow-white flowers with fluttering butterflies, and the second - in the emblem of Batman, if the groom is delighted with this hero. Newlyweds in the role of angels fit into a gentle, quivering ceremony lovers.

Wedding treat with butterflies and figures of newlyweds

Decorated cascade of butterflies

Graceful and luxurious looks cake with cascadingfluttering butterflies. They are located on the sides of the piece, stretching upwards from the cover side treat or helically over the entire area. Under the basis of selected neutral light shade, and decorations in the form of insects transmit themed wedding range. If you have a classic ceremony, the white tiered treat appropriate to decorate a contrasting color - black or red. Your celebration is full of colors and fun? Then a cascade of butterflies painted in different tones, reaching from the bottom up, as the colors of the rainbow.

Wedding cake decorated with cascading butterflies

Cake decorated with butterflies and flowers

If you have a wedding theme - someflower, all parts must fit, including cake. Confectioners, using mastic, get up believable fairy petals and buds, which will fall to taste all the guests. Roses, eustomy, peonies, tulips, poppies, cherry, gladiolus - not an exhaustive list to display your wishes. Different shades of colors look nice, so this cake is used as decoration on wedding photos. Many confectioners, watching the Western trends, decorate treats live buds, which looks even more spectacular.

The cake at the wedding, decorated with butterflies and flowers

Cake c lace and butterflies

Vintage Boho weddings and acquire every daygreat popularity. These themes convey gentleness, refinement, romance and the thrill of the newlyweds relationship. Neotemny decor element of weddings is lace. Cake, complete with flowers and massive decorations, it will be bad to fit in this style. Delicacy should ideally reflect the mood, so use delicious delicate elements as decoration.

If the cake surface is made viaresistant structure that can not be broken at a touch, the master bakers decorate its natural delicate tissues. When soft surface in the form of a cream is to bypass these options side by choosing the classic paste, caramel or chocolate, to perfectly display the lace motifs. Cake with delicate decoration is supplemented with satin ribbons similar hue.

Honeymoon cake with butterflies and lace

From butterflies, and the initials of the bride and groom

Whatever you completed the decoration of the weddingdainty butterfly and individual it will make only one element. The initials of the bride and groom, who at the end of the evening would have under the same name, will emphasize the end of such an important day for the newlyweds. Confectioners perform them on request: unobtrusively on one tier, using mastic, in the form of jewelry on top of the cake, planted on sticks over each cupcakes, which at high speed versed guests with Candy-bar.

Cake with butterflies and the initials of the newlyweds

Photos wedding cake with butterflies

Cakes with butterflies on the wedding are full of advantages: aesthetically beautiful view, a multi-faceted range of colors, many-sided execution of ornaments. For a chic effect of "take-off" of tasty insects ask them to sit confectioner delicacy in a spiral, and on top add sticks of varying heights, which butterflies will be planted. At first, many of the guests will feel that this snapshot creation of nature. So you will surprise guests with its unique cake!

Cakes with original butterflies on the wedding