Wedding Cake "love"

Such a delicacy, like a cake at a wedding in the style of Loveis, waiting for all the guests. And it is in any case should not disappoint them. To this end, it is important to choose the right design, form filling. Wedding cake of Love - a real masterpiece of culinary art, with fun décor, unique and delicious filling. It can be done in different ways, but one thing remains the main - in its appearance every detail must be associated with a known Love is chewing gum. The filling may be any of its variations are very diverse and traditionally decorated with cute inscriptions and figures.

Photo of wedding cakes in the style of Love is



Tips for choosing a cake for a wedding in the style of Love is

Three-Tier Wedding Cake

During the selection of the original Cake Love should be guided by such general rules:

  • The design should be one with a color scheme of the celebration.
  • The perfect treat in the design takes into account every detail of the wedding.
  • Figurine choose in advance, so that it perfectly fit into the design.
  • If you want a multi-tiered cakes, not for each prohibited choose your toppings. That is, each stage will have your taste.
  • Try several fillings, you should not choose them by their appearance.
  • Consider the interests of the guests, because someone may be suffering from allergies, for example, red fruit.
  • Book a dainty little larger than required. So you pass a piece of those people who could not come.
  • Some cakes are served separately fresh fruits and sweet sauces.
  • Outset in the confectionery delivery wedding dessert in a restaurant.
  • Cake Love from should not be too bold, in fact, after a hearty feast wants to lighter desserts.
  • Make a beautiful knife and spatula to cut the dessert.
  • Talk about the restaurant supply of hot drinks to dessert, because not everyone wants to eat cakes with cold drinks or cold food at all.
  • To select a suitable pastry bypass several manufacturers, look assortment of photos of previous work. Do not give up the tasting.

Stand and the number of storeys

Three-tiered cake with figurines of Love

An important point - the calculation of the weight of the cake, whichIt depends on the number of guests. Many confectionery advise such a standard - 100-150 grams per person. But there are nuances: when filling a light, such a rate is suitable, but if, for example, cakes soaked liquor, which greatly increase the weight of the cake, covered with a layer of chocolate, it is better to select for each weight 200-250 g per serving is multiplied by the number of guests, for example, a wedding cake in 50 people of Love must weigh less than 7 kg.

In addition, there is one more important detail: the dependence of the number of lines and the weight of the cake. For example, a cake in three tiers must weigh at least 7-9 kg. This is due to the fact that the lower tier weighs 3-4 kg, to stand on itself two more tiers, and not to fail. Therefore, if you have a wedding for 30 people, which is enough for 5 kg of Love cake, three-tiered he can not be. If you want in a multi-tiered weight, it is not forbidden to make a fake one tier.

It is important to choose and stand for Love cake, which will be a beautiful and graceful. Its use has many advantages, among which:

  • Easy movement and transportation.
  • Each tier has a dish that does not allow them to fail, to settle or even collapse.
  • Dessert on the stand looks more solemn.

The color of decorations and toppings

Blue Love cake from a wedding

The cake on the feast of Love in terms of colorsis where carousing. You can feel free to use bright colors, which are found on the wrappers of all your favorite childhood cud, bright pink, blue, green, etc. But it should be taken into account and the color scheme of the celebration.. On the bright cake look very beautiful patterns and reliefs, but white, they are lubricated in one spot visually. It looks very stylish combination of the two colors in the design of Love cake.

The basis used wedding cakehoney and nut cakes, biscuits, yoghurt base meringue. For dessert options Love in the style of the perfect cake, which can be done in any color in contrast to the top of the cake frosting all. Fillers and a layer of curd mass, souffle, paste with chocolate and nuts, fruits, berries, perfectly complement it, making a cake with sweet and juicy. The cream can be tvorzhno, yoghurt, custard, cream, butter, and protein.

Love Cake in the form of heart

Consider when choosing toppings and wishes of the gueststheir tastes. It is undesirable to use too heavy, greasy creams. Berry and fruit fillings, cream, yogurt, souffle - ideal for a wedding cake. If tiered treat, combine different flavors, such as a filling - honey cake, the second - tiramisu. The heavier the filling should be in the lower tier and easier - at the top, to the cake of Love Save the form.

Decoration and romantic quotes

Visual design - a very important part,because in the first few minutes of visiting treats all try to consider it. Outside of Love cake covered with icing or cream. Great opportunities also opens marzipan mass, which is prepared on the basis of ground almonds and icing sugar. With the help of a variety of molded parts and thin figure. Also used mastic.

Figures groom and bride of Love

As the decorations are figurines of the bride andgroom, rings, angels, doves. For Love theme from a pair of ideal figures, which resemble the appearance of heroes with gum wrappers known. Wedding theme on the cake might look like, and in a variety of quotes, for example, with the same wrappers:

  • Love is a sign that spring is around the corner.
  • Love is careless.
  • Love is to be far away, but mentally there.
  • Love is to miss the film due to the search for her shoes.
  • Love is not to notice her wrinkles.

If you do not want to fully comply with the Love of the chewing gum, is not precluded from making other romantic legends:

  • Sweetheart short inscription on the theme of love.
  • The text of the song for a first wedding dance.
  • Cake with a wedding vow.
  • Literary Quotations of romantic feelings.
  • All kinds of poems, supported on the sides of goodies.

Master class on cooking a cake of Love

White wedding cake

To prepare the cake for the wedding of Love will need the following products:

  • For red sponge cake: 1 cup sugar, flour, 1 g of dye "Cherry", 4 eggs, 1 tsp.. disintegrant.
  • For mastic: 3 tbsp. l. water, 250 g of sugar powder, 100 g of marshmallow, starch.
  • For decoration: chocolate topping.
  • For Meringue cream: 420 g of powdered sugar, 4 protein.

We proceed to the preparation of baking:

  • In a water bath dissolve marshmallow from the calculation: 100 g marshmallows, stir thoroughly. The consistency of the mass should get sticky and soft. Collapses in starch paste, wrap film, put a couple of hours in the refrigerator.

  • For the sponge cake, beat the sugar and eggs until fluffy foam, add the flour, baking powder and dye. Poured into the form and bake 45 minutes. When the cake has cooled, remove it from the mold.

  • For the cream put in a water bath a mixture of powder andproteins. When we bring constant stirring to dissolve the powder and remove from heat. Beat with a mixer on high speed until fluffy foam proteins for about 20 minutes add the butter at room temperature, chopped into pieces. Continue whisking slowly until you have a creamy fluffy mass.

  • Korzh cut into three pieces, sandwiching cream, coated with a surface remaining. Aligns the entire surface, we put in the fridge for an hour.

  • Roll out a thick layer of mastic in diameter more than the biscuit. We rolled on a rolling pin, distributed over the delicacy.

  • Of mastic lepim heart, we prick it on the wire and decorate the cake. Separately lepim more hearts, distribute them on the baking surface.


  • Chocolate topping do inscription.


How to make figures of characters from the mastic

Traditionally, the Love of Cake put the groom figurinesthe bride and groom. They can kiss, hold hands, go to the car to dance. His appearance is desirable that they embodied the lifestyle newlyweds. The easiest form of mastic. This edible mass high viscosity adhesive consistency. It feels like it resembles clay. For the manufacture of statuettes of Love uses such mastic:

  • Honey - it does not crumble and does not crumble, based on honey.
  • Dairy - made on the basis of condensed milk.
  • Gelatine - used for complex products.
  • Flower - is used to create the petals of flowers.
  • Sugar - made on the basis of sugar, but can crumble, crumble.

If you do not know how to sculpt, it is not a problem. Below we present a master class from the photographs, which show in detail step by step execution of each element of the bride and groom from the mastic. According to this statement will make even a child. The following characters delicacy of Love resemble a pair depicted in gum wrappers of the same name. The bride holds a suitcase in his hand, indicating that the young will soon travel.

Love for the cake figurines of

















Video: Cake gum "Love from"

In the following video clearly shows a variant of the cake to the wedding of Love. It is made in the shape of a rectangle in a bright blue color that looks completely mimics the form of chewing gum.