Wedding cake in Ukrainian

In modern bridal observedrevival of original marriage ceremonies. Cake in the ethnic style is ideally supports this trend, because the confectionery industry now gives greater opportunities for decorating desserts. Wedding cake with Ukrainian theme will support a national holiday flavor, give a special sense of triumph. We'll show you how to decorate the main wedding dessert dish, combining old traditions and fashionable trends.

Ideas Your wedding cake in the Ukrainian style

It has long been a traditional treat weddingfeast in the Ukraine was a loaf decorated with wheat ears, rings, flowers, poppy or sunflower, a pair of birds and other relevant attributes of the baked dough. Confectionery fashion to use mastic brought about changes - loaf, decorated with colored sugar figurines, is in high demand in today's newlyweds.

Ukrainian wedding loaf with mastic

But still more and more popular weddingcakes with ethnic patterns and ritual symbolism. Ukrainian national ornaments are not only beautiful and spectacular, but also carry a deep spiritual meaning. Create a decor using sugar mastic, multicolored prints on special edible paper or the old fashioned way - with cream and icing. Decoration with fresh flowers is also important. We invite you to evaluate the most popular design options for wedding cakes with Ukrainian themes.

Cake with a bouquet of wildflowers

Traditional Ukrainian bride headdress -wreath - the custom trudged from twelve different wildflowers, who personified goodness and sincerity of heart. For this purpose daisies, poppies, cornflowers, Helichrysum, forget-me-flowers viburnum, periwinkle, and others. Each flower has a symbolic meaning. Between flowers intertwined colored ribbons. This tradition has found a response in our day - the use of wild flowers in the decoration of the wedding cake is a fashion trend and a tribute to tradition.

Cake in the Ukrainian style with wildflowers

With Cossack men and women in national costumes

Cossacks - is an integral part of Ukraine, itshistorical protection, national pride. Therefore, the wedding cake with figurines of Cossacks and Cossack women in suits with bright ethnic ornament is a symbol for those Ukrainians who revere the history and traditions of their country. Such decoration is relevant for the newlyweds, who in the family has the Cossacks. For more flavor, you can add mastic hut Ukrainian sculpture, figurines of clay pots on the fence, bacon, vodka, and other attributes.

Wedding feast with figures of Cossack and Cossack

Cake with large sunflowers

Sunflower - is the national flower of Ukraine. Along with wheat, it is grown all over the place here, that's why Ukraine is considered a leader in the production of this crop. Field of sunflowers in the flowering period and the bright summer sky resemble the blue-yellow flag of the country. sunflower heads are always turned towards the sun, so in the world literature, this flower is a symbol of life and prosperity of sunlight.

For honeymooners Ukrainian sunflower ancientlyIt means wealth, success, work, dedication, loyalty and happiness for two. Large bright yellow flowers were indispensable decoration of weddings in Ukrainian villages. Therefore, the wedding cake, decorated with alive or mastic sunflowers, will be a worthy continuation of the celebration, emphasizing the national character.

Cake in the Ukrainian style with sunflowers

With Ukrainian traditional ornament

Ethnic patterns that are fashionable to decoratemodern wedding cakes, repeated motifs of decorative embroidery - art, which developed and popular in Ukraine today. The simplest designs easily applied with a cream and confectionery syringe. Complex designs are printed on rice paper, food dyes, and then superimposed on the surface of the cake, pre-coated with putty. Almost every Ukrainian pattern blends well with the living or sugar flowers.

The most common and well-known Ukrainianwedding pattern - geometric, with diamonds, zigzags, triangles, crosses and rosettes. Equally popular are floral motifs (with the image of poppies, roses, berries and viburnum leaf, hops, grapes, wheat ears, oak leaves, etc.) Or a pair of birds (doves, peacocks, swallows). For the wedding is used predominantly red and black pattern, although in some regions of Ukraine other colors are common.

Ancient Ukrainian custom wedding lodgeloaf on the embroidered towel (towel) is reflected in the modern design. Many newlyweds choose as the main wedding feast cake that wrap the fabric is not very convenient. Towel, completely made of snow-white putty with an exact reproduction of the ethnic ornament, will in this case not only the actual decoration, but also a kind of a tribute to tradition.

Wedding dessert with traditional Ukrainian ornament

Cake in the Ukrainian style with poppies

Red poppies - a symbol of beauty, youth,virgin purity (all that is fleeting - runs as fast as poppy petals fall off). Therefore, since ancient times to Ukraine poppy embroidered shirts unmarried girls. Mack is also revered as a symbol of Ukrainian family, fertility, protection from evil, or evil spirits. The wedding symbolism these flowers mean a duty of young continue his race.

Decorating the wedding cake alive poppiesproblematic because of their fragility and inaccessibility. Therefore, modern bakers made these flowers out of sugar. Due to the properties of sugar mastic experienced master can make poppy decor, almost identical to real flowers. White wedding cakes, decorated with large red poppies with Ukrainian national ornament, look very impressive.

Ukrainian Wedding cake with poppies

With branches of viburnum

Kalina - is another symbolic for Ukrainiansplant. It represents motherhood: trunk means "mother", berry - "children". Kalinov leaves - a symbol of childbearing - always baked at a wedding caravan, expressing in this way the desire of young families to have children as soon as possible. Another meaning of this berry - the home, the parents, the link between generations.

Kalina or poppies in conjunction with the nationalornament - a popular option decorations wedding dessert for Ukrainian custom. If young married autumn cake (or, according to ancient custom, round loaf) is decorated with fresh cranberries. At other times of the year using sugar paste, from which you can make the berries with leaves or twigs. Frozen viburnum quickly loses its shape, so the cakes are not suitable for decoration.

Cake in the Ukrainian style with snowball

Cake with storks

Stork - a symbol of family and offspring, happiness,good, new life. No wonder he is revered by many peoples like a bird that brings children. Ukrainians Stork is a symbolic sign: the house, the roof of which he sovet nest is considered blessed. In the Ukrainian language, the word "Stork" sounds like "Stork" - in honor of the god of Lel, the patron saint of love and marriage. There is even a sign: if you see two storks in a dream - wait for courtship or marriage.

Storks have a reputation for birds-one-woman man - creating a couple,they are no longer separate. Therefore, their image on a wedding cake symbolizes the loyalty and love for life. Previously storks for cake decorating baked dough. Modern technologies allow pastry to make a very realistic three-dimensional colorful shapes that will adorn the wedding cake. This decor is quite edible, but by tradition the newlyweds leave it to memory.

Wedding cake with storks in Ukrainian

Photo of wedding cakes in the Ukrainian national motives

Preserving the old traditions at weddings is considereda good sign, respect for ancestors and their land. This does not necessarily reproduce exactly all the rites. The cake can be just one highlight of which will make the wedding more authentic, different from a string of similar modern European wedding. Photos of cakes in our gallery prompt, how to make the wedding the national colors with a Ukrainian accent.

Cakes for wedding in Ukrainian style

Options dessert decoration