Wedding cake in blue tones

Wedding - is the most important event in the lifeEvery girl and every bride wants to make the holiday memorable for a lifetime, has left pleasant memories of the guests. Therefore, the young prefer not traditional marrying in white and some other bright colors. For example, very strong, unusual and original looks celebration, held in blue. This is a wonderful chance to show that you have a fine sense of taste, express own originality. You will be able to pass it with the help of bright birthday cake. How to make it?

Variants of registration of the wedding cake in blue

If you are attracted stylized holidaysown wedding should not be an exception, because there are many options open for the manifestation of fantasy. In recent years become increasingly popular celebrations held in the noble shade. Highlight the tone you need not only to dress younger, or decorating the banquet hall, but also in soft drinks, cocktails, desserts.

Dekoor Ruffle

Wedding cake of frills and roses

Very bright and interesting looking dessert,complete with roses. They may be white or blue color, depending on the pitch treats. For example, if you choose to cover products bluish mastic, then rose and frill should be delicate white tones. If a treat does not have a single tier, then as a decoration is to use white ribbon color, and the basic tone is blue.

Very nice stylish, elegant lookclassic white product, complemented by soft blue roses. Top figure can stand the bride and groom or birds. Restrained, elegant looks delicate sponge cake, complete with ribbons (can be used mastic), flowers. The main thing is that his appearance is fully consistent with the overall style of holiday.

Floral elements

In the form of gift boxes

If you like unusual, original stuff,you have to taste a delicacy, made in the form of gift boxes, which can be blue. The advantages of the product can be attributed not only the taste, but also a beautiful appearance. Very interesting is the two-tier option, and can stand around small cakes, boxes. The ideal decoration such products will drape ribbon in white or blue. The best choice would surround a cake in the form of "boxes", facing each other, supplemented with braid, made with sweet pastes.

Biscuit in the form of gift boxes

Decorated with bows and ribbons of mastic

No less beautiful cake, complete with ornamentalribbons, bows. Such sweetness always looks festive, bright, stylish. To avoid any resemblance with other holiday desserts, you can safely surrender a flight of fancy and colorful ribbons decorate the product of the mastic, for example, brown, pink or yellow hue. Dessert will be a very sweet, because in its preparation to use powdered sugar in large quantities.

Decor bows

Wedding cake with painted tracery

For a refined, elegant, aristocraticthe celebration is not so easy to pick up a festive dessert. Selecting this delicacy requires special attention. He must fully match the style of ongoing celebrations. For example, if the delicate paintings will be present in the decoration of the banquet hall, this element must be represented by another festive dessert.

Openwork patterns

Decoration orchids

With a cascade of flowers and butterflies

Cake is perfect for a romantic wedding,complete with bright cascade of butterflies or flowers made of mastic. If your choice fell on the second option, decoration items can be not only classic roses and hydrangeas, buttercups. You will be able to diversify its other ornaments made of sugar pastes, silver beads, ribbons, and embossed. Very nice and stylish looks at a wedding cake with pink butterflies, which will become a bright accent and make it more original.

Beautiful waterfalls

Cascades with flowers and butterflies

With the sugar beads and pearls

No wedding can not do without a beautiful,bright dessert. If the bride's dress was complemented by decorative elements such as pearls and beads, you should use them for decoration delicacy. So it would be nice, stylish decoration. Pearl also with beads and ribbons can be used in small quantities for a bright accent.

Making beads

Photo Wedding cake in white and blue colors

Blue wedding cakes are the maindecoration of the holiday. For the decoration of this delicacy can be used colored fillings, strips, sweet frosting flowers. Very unusual look chocolate initials of the bride and groom deposited on paste or cream. You can choose the classic version of the product - a biscuit coated with a sweet glaze on one side decorated with paintings.

decor Ideas

Original decorations