Vintage cake for the wedding

The word «vintage» in French -"good quality". It was first used winemakers to express the unmatched quality of the wine. Modern fashion vintage washed over all spheres of human activity, and the couple gladly organize weddings, where there is a cake, bride, car, banquet hall, decorated in a retro style. Vintage - a return to a fascinating and unforgettable past.

Options decor wedding cake in vintage style

Design options of wedding sweetsRetro-style huge amount, and they are all unique. They are dominated by beige, white, gold, and champagne. The latest hit - Vintage cake with hand-painted imposed for dessert. The scenery varied: graffiti, black and white graphics and realistic portraits, even honeymooners. The main thing - to cook was a good artist. Look in the video are several options for the wedding cake in vintage style:

Vintage lace wedding cake

Lacy cakes look delicious. Aged in pastel shades, with lace wedding desserts in demand not only for the vintage theme wedding, but also for the traditional celebrations. Decorated edible ornaments, they hit with its magnificence. White mastic or chocolate brown lace harmoniously look at the color of cakes:

  • beige;
  • cream;
  • butter;
  • milk.

Lace decoration in retro style

With floral decoration

Flower theme in decorating cakes style vintagethe most popular. Edible or fresh flowers give the wedding feast a special charm. Confectioners vintage dessert decorated with sugar roses, daisies, pansies or other flowers. Elegant two-tier cake on a retro-style looks more orchids or calla lilies, which are difficult to distinguish from the real thing. Large flowers are often placed on the side of sweet products cascade or small individual bouquets. Small modest flowers decorate, usually on the upper tier.

Floral decorations for design

With sugar bows and ribbons

Multi-colored ribbons and bows of mastic - avintage classic culinary art. Air dessert single storey with a huge bow on top of diabetes - the dream of each bride. Such confectionery masterpieces come in different forms, but all are incredibly elegant and festive. Low-key colors cake and contrasting ribbon with a bow, much like the fabric, create a festive atmosphere of the wedding.

Making bows and ribbons of sugar

Cake decoration in the form of beads and curls

Culinary masterpieces vintage style almost alwaysdecorated with beads or curls. Such decoration is ideally rests on a golden or silver background white mastic, whipped cream and colored glaze. Curls or inscriptions of gilding a very nice look at the contrasting tiers wedding dessert, for example, a lower "floor" light beige color and the top - soft pink.

The use of beads and curls for a retro style

With lace pattern in black

They can not be surprised, but admire black laceat the wedding of culinary delights. Black and white vintage has always been at the peak of popularity, so the cakes in a similar performance is also on the crest of style. Black lace decorates and feminine items, and the more modest square desserts. Such an option would be a culinary highlight of any wedding. Confectionery lace made of colored mastic in two ways:

  1. With moldov (special pastry forms with silicone inserts).
  2. Common forms of deep and sharp knife.

Making black lace patterns

Photo of wedding cakes in vintage style

For any pair of wedding dessert selectionvintage style is very complicated, because bakers, trying to outdo each other, coming up with new variations of taste and decor every year. When choosing a cake the newlyweds are guided primarily by two criteria: taste and appearance. Popular wedding preparations culinary products:

  • cheese biscuit;
  • fruit cake soaked in syrup;
  • chocolate cake with cherries and whipped cream;
  • vanilla cakes with sour cream and nuts;
  • honey cakes with dried apricots, prunes and walnuts.

Decorate Wedding Vintage many dessertsproducts. This may be a traditional chocolate, nuts, fruits, berries, or more exotic - marzipan mass, confectionary paste with different flavors or sugar paste. Giving tips on choosing the cake does not make sense - it is the case of every person of taste. But I want to suggest: vintage style does not like pretentious decor, so choose some one decoration - patterns or colors, stripes or squares, in a word, decorations should be in the same style direction.

Wedding sweets in retro style