Three Tier Wedding Cake - Photo

The climax of the wedding celebration is cutnewlyweds cake, dessert so special attention. Cakes must be ordered a wide variety of configurations, sizes, colors and with a variety of ornaments. Now single-tier product is no surprise - in high fashion wedding cakes. The harmonious combination of elegance and aesthetics - a three-tiered cake decorated with flowers or berries. And air sponge cake soaked in liqueur flavored low-calorie cream and decorated, will not leave indifferent even the most real gourmet.

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Tips for choosing a multi-tiered cakes

To the wedding cake is not only impressed visitorsits imposing appearance, but also satisfy the taste preferences, you need to take care of his choice. Take some tips when ordering a three-tiered festive goodies:

  1. Read reviews of the wizard or confectionery, inwhich will make the order, because good people are always a lot of customers and orders. In large confectionery usually present catalogs with offers of different formulations creams and cakes list.
  2. Decide on the weight and size. It is necessary to count the number of invited guests, and a lot of dessert, order on the basis of this amount. Consider the number of children in the marriage, men, women, and their taste preferences and calorie products. The average serving of dessert is usually 150 grams, but if it is too rich, the portions are smaller.
  3. Think clearance. If the wedding cake would weigh more than 3 kg, it is, as a rule, is three-tiered. Some newlyweds bought a wedding with a dessert so that the entire top floor after the banquet to take home and enjoy the treat alone.
  4. Select a design for wedding culinarymasterpiece. Popular figures of the bride and groom, swans, doves, patterns that mimic lace, hearts, rings and flowers. This beauty is made from edible (mastic, chocolate, caramel), or inedible (clay, porcelain) materials of your choice.
  5. Discuss recipe, shape, color and decoration of the weddingcake. Often festive decorations adorn the white desserts, which are covered with a special silver coloring, totally safe for health. Three-tiered cake is better to create a multi-colored as white on the wedding photos look colorless spot.
  6. Before ordering a large wedding dessert, order a small cake to taste and appreciate the taste in advance. When tasting make adjustments, if necessary.

Three-tiered cake is better to make a color

Stand and the number of storeys

Three-tiered cakes look great iffor them to choose the appropriate support. The tiers can be located close to or in a small distance. There are several designs of shelving units, combined with each other. Made they are usually made of white plastic, silver chrome-plated steel, yellow brass and can be completely wooden. If you want a wedding cake with three-tier one common thread in the middle, then you need to choose a design consisting of trays with different diameters and tubes screwed to them as light bulbs to patrons.

Typically, three-tiered stand for weddinggoodies lease bail confectionery shops or easy to find and buy in the supermarket. The more expensive the cost of the stand, the greater the amount you will have to leave as a deposit. After her return to the amount of collateral you will return minus the cost of rent, which you will agree in advance.

But if you can not find the three-tierstand for a wedding cake, do not worry: A good master would make the creation of the wedding so that the cake will hold perfectly and without the stand. If the base of the three-tiered dessert biscuit at 90%, well propechena and is not too thick layers of protein or butter cream, then rest assured, it will withstand all tests and do not crumble in front of the amazed public.

Decorative stand for the three-tiered cake

The dream of every bride - tiered weddingcake. But if the wedding will be just 20 or 30 guests, many tiers do not work, because that design was kept, the bottom layer should be at least 3 kg. The multi-tiered dessert sometimes weighs between 15 kg and more. But everything is possible in the modern world and confectionery masters can offer you an alternative: the first tier to make a plaster cast. Within the first tier is foam, decorated with chocolate or velvet, which looks absolutely identical to the upper tiers, which are already full dessert.

The shape, color, and toppings

More recently, the couple choseonly round wedding cakes or in the shape of a heart. Now in vogue creativity and individualism, so we often see on the wedding cakes in a variety of exclusive varieties: in the shape of the Eiffel Tower, cornucopia, planet Earth or pram. For myself choose form a three-tier structure, depending on the subject matter of a wedding celebration.

For example, when preparing gangster party,make main dessert in the form of weapons. In vintage wedding to the place is the dessert in the form of an old car, a sailboat or a phonograph. If the groom loves to play chess - order the cake in the form of a chessboard. Do not be afraid to experiment, push the most unusual ideas. Any creativity is always found on "hurray".

Unusual Wedding Cake

White three-tiered cake is the most popular. But order and multi-colored tiers: blue, red, the color of the bride's bouquet or a basic color of the banquet hall. As for the types of surface treatments and fillings for wedding masterpieces, their great variety. Please find more standard toppings:

  • Meringue. This layer of air, which has a completely different flavors. If the whip meringue and add the vanilla, pistachio, coconut or cocoa, it is possible to achieve unusual taste. Meringue is usually placed between the biscuit shortcakes as a primary layer.
  • Biscuit. Extremely tasty dough, from which the volume of chefs create their products. Biscuit mass has high porosity, therefore excellent for the foundations of any wedding goodies.
  • Cream. Impregnation for the wedding cake can be different: the custard, cream, condensed milk and sour cream. Different layers dessert fit a variety of creams.
  • Candied fruits, nuts, nougat. All these ingredients are also used for wedding cakes. Lay them in one piece, chopped, ground, most importantly, know when to stop, because nuts and seeds are high in calories.

Wedding cakes are made in different colors

Ornament and decoration

The art of creating a culinary masterpiece weddingIt is to choose the right decoration for the cake, because, first met on "clothes", but the taste is determined much later. Masters of their craft can realize any customer desire as well as the decor usually use marzipan, fruit, flowers, ribbons, figurines. Recently, the couple often bought on the top floor of the main wedding dessert your picture, which is made from the top chefs in the dessert. The edible image is applied using food coloring.

The original way of decorating goodies -cream inscription on its surface. Amounts to absolutely any slogan, for example, "Bob + Tania" and "Council and love". Fortunately look embossed three-tiered wedding cake with colored elements or cake, which resembles the surface of the fabric upholstery. Skilled craftsmen achieve a similar effect special surface treatment mastic with mascarpone cheese. According to customers' request such a method can be used as part of the décor or completely mimic the surface of the whole three-tier products.

Three-tiered cake with effect lace trim

Another fashion trend began with the wedding cakerealistic prints. This effect is created by applying a paste of fashionable color prints. The image is different topics: photo of bride and groom, watercolor sketches and stuff. The main thing is to put drawing did not look like a foreign body, and fit harmoniously into the overall design of the product. Realistic print edible and harmless.

The main sweet wedding trend this year was the"Naked" cake. Its feature is that the manufacturing process does not need whipping glaze, sealant is not used: all visible shortcakes. Cream, fruit, flowers and figurines decorated with just the tip of the product, for which the dessert is called "naked". This is a great choice for the so-called ekosvadby.

Three-tiered cakes without filling

How to build a multi-tiered cake - master class

Putting two or three-tiered cake, it is important tothe lower tier of the weight of the upper layers are not dipped. To avoid such troubles easily with the help of cocktail tubes or wooden skewers, which are sold in supermarkets. If you are preparing a multi-tiered cake yourself, think about the density of cakes, such as the lower tier make honey, and top - light biscuit. If the recipe is correctly observed, there is no need to strengthen the lower tier.

In strengthening the cake in the lower regiondetermine the center and insert the skewer perpendicularly. Measure the length and pull it back. Cut off the desired length skewers and at the same cocktail tube and then insert the skewer into a tube and return the cake to the entire structure. The same elements, insert a few places near the center for strength, and then boldly expose the top upper tier, which will not push your weight and will not damage the base of the dessert.

Strengthening the lower tier

Video: how to cut the wedding cake

The culmination of the wedding cake is cut. Do not think that during the cutting the young guests to share their prosperity. On the contrary - they are invited to bestow happiness, share joy. How to be cut three-tiered dessert, take a look at the video:

Photo of a beautiful multi-tiered wedding cakes

Three-tiered designer wedding cakes areexpensive, so not all the couple can afford such a luxury. But if you do decide to order a wedding artwork, remember that the appearance of a product - this is not all. Pick the right stuffing, attention transporting your dessert, so as not to damage the road, enjoy the beautiful and tasty treat at a wedding. We have prepared a beautiful photo galleries, in our view, wedding cakes, and we hope that some come across you to create your culinary masterpiece.

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