The ship of chocolates for wedding

Every guest in the wedding day want nicesurprise, please honeymooners, making them a unique gift. Really unique, they are all admirable things handmade. It can be a flower, a savings book at a wedding or a beautiful ship of chocolates. Young family - a new ship that is sent to a happy family life by swimming, so this gift will bring joy not only, but also to be a kind of symbol.

Master-class on making wedding ship of chocolates

Make your own sweet charmingship as a present simply, most importantly, a lot of patience, time, show a little imagination and create a true masterpiece of the master class will help. First, you need to prepare materials that are needed for the ship, its decoration:

  • Styrofoam to create a base foam.
  • The material for the sails - organza, satin ribbon to the edges of the decor.
  • PVA glue, scissors, double sided tape, glue gun, orange stick (wooden skewers for shish kebab).
  • Crepe paper, foil.
  • Candy (to your taste).
  • Additional decorative elements (anchor, funny figurines bride and groom).

Before the creation of the gift,you need to imagine how it must look, where some elements will be located, choose a primary color and a decorative little things for decoration sailboat. After a rough picture of the end result is ready in the imagination or in sketches on paper, we can start to work. As a result of the creative process is supposed to be a charming boat, as in the photo.

Wedding boat made of sweets

Consider the gradual production of ship:

  • Cut the foam form of the required size, fill with foam. Give the foam to dry completely.

Training ship base
  • Getting decoration. First of all it is necessary to paste over the foundation of the ship corrugated paper color, which is central to your selected song. It is important to do this work as thoroughly as possible, gently, so as not to remain white spaces. Adding decorative elements on the sides.

ship foundations Making crepe paper
  • We continue to decorate the base, giving it a festive look. For this organza (or grid) cut into pieces and fastened to the floss or with glue gun.

Making candy shell boat
  • Sticking out of skewers rail and mast. Cut the required size of the sail and fasten them to the rails.

Create and fasten the sails with figures
  • The most interesting part - decorate begincandy. There are two options of decor - if the form of candy and wrapper used in the usual form, simply paste their foundation. Alternatively, from colored and transparent wrapping paper to do the cones, which are placed in food, decorate their ship. Wonderful Handstitched gift is ready!

Necessary materials

a list of materials needed, without which the production of works of art, sweet masterpiece is simply impossible to create any sweet craft:

  • The basis for the future of the ship. It can be a basket of elongated shape, packaging, a box from under the shoe, which gave the desired shape, foam or foam construction.
  • Crepe paper, which will be useful for decorating and creating the foundations of candy colors.
  • To create a mast rails needed long skewers, orange sticks, and for the fixing of colors - a toothpick or safety pins.
  • The material for the sails - it can be a light, airy fabric, floral mesh, organza, tulle.
  • Auxiliary tools: scissors, stationery knife, PVA glue, silicone gun, two-way, and an ordinary adhesive tape, metal thread, thin wire.
  • Additional decorative elements. This may be a small anchor, small figurines, bows, satin ribbons, and so on that will be enough imagination of the author of the composition.

Basic materials for the boat made of sweets

Stages of Development

The process of creating a ship of chocolates includes three main stages, with which compliance is mandatory:

  • The first stage - laying the groundwork. If not finished prototype sailboat (basket or box), you must make it yourself, cut out of foam elongated workpiece and giving it the appearance of a ship. Next, you need obtyanut workpiece cloth or seal corrugated paper grid.

The first stage - the preparation of the base boat
  • In the second phase we continue to attach the workpiecea more realistic look, making the gray base, more like a ship. To get the basics fasten rails and cut the sail, using selected fabrics. To give the sail shape, the fabric must be folded in half, or pasted on the perimeter sheathing satin ribbon, securing the wire.

During the second stage of the need to prepare andcandies. corrugated or wrapping paper can be used for decoration of sweets. There are several design options: the creation of flowers with chocolates inside, a simple wrap candy packaging paper of different colors, all bow clipping or tape.

The second stage - preparing candy decor and sails
  • The third stage - the final stage of preparationa gift, you need to collect all the elements: attach sails to decorate chocolates blank, put on a beautiful stand. A delightful gift is ready, the couple will appreciate this work.

The third step - going to prepare a composition for boat

Ideas spacecraft design of sweets

To ship acquired a unique view, eachMaster tries to invent something new, to make their own adjustments, highlight the general scheme of creating a composition. It can be non-standard colors, the use of additional attributes, such as figurines of the bride and groom, a bottle of champagne or alcohol elite, the establishment of certain types of ships.

The ship of chocolates with a bottle of champagne

An original way of ship designchocolates is the use of champagne or other alcohol. The principle of the manufacture of the composition is the same as when creating a normal ship, but the only nuance is correctly and beautifully to place the bottle so that it fit well into the overall theme. So get three gifts in one - a beautiful composition, sweet candy, and delicious alcohol.

Sweet ship with champagne at a wedding

The hull of the candy hidden in the flowers

The original method of registration isthe creation of the hull of flowers with chocolates. Such a composition is as charming, a variety of flowers, as if alive, are not only an ornament, but also a delicious treat. Such a gift will not leave anyone indifferent newlyweds or other guests. To create such a masterpiece need a lot of chocolates and crepe or a beautiful wrapping paper to create colors of the foundation for the ship, which, together with the newlyweds go to a happy family life swimming by.

The ship with the case of flowers with chocolates

The ship of chocolates with figures of the bride and groom

Create a romantic composition in the form of a shipof sweets is very simple, you need to choose subtle shades for the design of the composition, lace and light fabrics. Delicious candy hidden in the flowers, give a special gift of sophistication, but the decisive element will be the decorative figurines bride and groom. To create these mastic may be used. Then it will be not only an element of decor, but the sweetness of the honeymoon that their family life was sweet and happy.

The ship of chocolates with figures of newlyweds

Video tutorial on creating a ship of chocolates with their own hands

Learn to make your own compositionssweets - will not be difficult, but sometimes it comes out the first pancake is always lumpy and the solemn day, very soon, and I want to please the lovers exquisite handmade gifts. In this case, you can ask for help or advice from a specialist, but if this is not possible - see the video with a detailed master-class from an experienced rukodelnika to create delicate, romantic ship of chocolates, which will be perfect, touching gift for the wedding: