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Colorful original cake - worthythe culmination of a wedding event. Guests expect the removal of the time dessert eagerly looking forward to see the unique confection. A classic tiered cake one can not be surprised, therefore, more and more newly married couples tend to choose for your celebration an original fancy cakes, which will be a symbol of love and will be remembered by guests for a long time. Unusual Wedding Cake can be a work of art, if you invest in the manufacture of pastry all their imagination and skill.

Original versions of wedding pastries

Ideas unusual cakes for wedding

Professional pastry chefs offer their servicesmodern newlyweds for the realization of original ideas unusual wedding dessert. Traditional wedding cakes are selected primarily for classical celebration, but for a holiday theme will suit incredible intricate confectionery. Even in a normal wedding cake, you can add decorative elements that support the theme of the event will become a bright accent dessert.

Creative wedding desserts

candy cakes

For a bright creative wedding couple canchoose such a rare but spectacular dessert like cake candy. The point of this product is that when you create a ready-applied colorful candies. In some cases, the basis is the usual cakes (sponge, sand, puff) and the decoration make the candy. To such an original way to decorate the cake, use bright sugar candies on a stick (like candy). If they crown the top of the dessert, it brings notes of originality and singularity.

Wedding candy cake

Some bakeries offer the bride and groomdepart from the accepted standards of the wedding dessert and make it entirely of candy. With the help of various sweets dessert is shaped three-tiered cake, which at first glance does not differ from traditional wedding cakes. To create such a dessert, you can buy a ready-made candies and sweets to order to order from an experienced pastry chef. With the help of high-quality chocolate, a variety of fillings, it will create for you an incredibly delicious handmade chocolates.

With figurines

The wedding confectionery composition usually decoratecream-colored flowers, fabulous butterflies or simply glaze selected color. But to give the product personality, to erect the recommended miniature statuette. Many couples opt for this figurine of swans, hearts and rings. But for customized desserts in bakeries create original figurines of a miniature copy of the newlyweds. Optionally, such an image must be made in a conservative or retro style.

Figurines on wedding baking

Topped with pastries can figurines depictingromantic scene. Originally will look Bride figurine on the top tier and groom figurine, playing guitar and singing a serenade his sweetheart, on the ground. Some couples organize a celebration of his wedding day in a Halloween style or Gothic. Then decorate cakes such action is necessary to statuettes, skeletons that will look very fun and funny, not only at the festival, but also to video and photography.

From cakes

Cake and cake - a new trend in wedding fashion. If you order dessert, the bride and groom to understand that the traditional baking in the form of solid cakes does not suit them: cut a cake is not easy, and deliver to the banquet hall is problematic. Some couples choose an option from the a la carte desserts. Confectionery cake composition is a multi-tiered structure consisting with many small cakes, cupcakes or cakes. Batch cakes laid on supports in the form of a conventional cake.

Each guest will be able to take liked himcake and the bride and groom do not have to try to please everyone present, cutting the same size portions. You do not need to do all the cakes with a filling or taste. The lower tier could be baked with fruits on average - cupcakes with cream and on the top - a small personal pie for spouses and parents.

Cupcakes for a wedding

Respectable, luxurious look smallprofiteroles with sweet filling, caramel bonded together into a cone shape. This option is baking has come to us from France and called croquembouche. Decorate it should be sugar golden threads. This unusual dessert will delight all those present at the ceremony and will be an elegant final chord of the day.

Fancy cakes are also used for macarooncreate unusual confectionery for the wedding. Macaroon considered the most difficult to manufacture the sweetness of the world, so if you submit your guests with an unusual dessert in the form of assembled macaroon cake, they will appreciate it and will remember for a lifetime. With a variety of colors macaroon, you can make a dessert in a color that will blend with the theme of your celebration.

The original cakes with strawberries in chocolate

Strawberry is always associated with peopleromance, love. What could be more beautiful than this combination of juicy berries and taste of dark chocolate? Many confectionery offer in choosing a wedding dessert prefer the classical baking, fruit soaked in syrup and decorated with strawberries, covered with a layer of chocolate. Such decoration is stylish and fresh looks at the confectionery. Chocolate fountain with fresh berries will be a wonderful complement to the fruit cake.

Wedding cake with strawberries

Funny multilevel

Fun and creative couples seek not onlytheir lives to bring the fun and celebration, but to make their most important celebration memorable and unusual. These people opt for its unusual layered desserts events affecting its originality and non-trivial. The only rule that should guide the choice of a baking dish, is the theme of dessert.

Tiered wedding cakes

The theme and style of the cake manufacture shall befamiliar and intelligible to the newlyweds. For example, the cake can portray the scene love the bride and groom (if the first contact occurred in the network, then make a cake in the form of a computer or laptop). The first meeting was held in a pair of diner - dessert will be a semblance of a hamburger or pizza, made from sweet ingredients. Everything is close and it is important for the young can be shown on their wedding cake.

Funny wedding desserts

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Funny and unconventional wedding cakes