Original wedding cakes

Wedding cake is a symbol of triumph, itculmination. It can be a true work of art, which is made by high professional and master of his craft. Original wedding cakes are decorated in different ways: icing, marzipan and chocolate. These materials make colorful bouquets, figurines and ornaments. Classic culinary products for a wedding made single-layer, double-layer or multi-layer, and are mounted on special supports.

Ideas original design wedding cakes

Original desserts

Original wedding cakes - this is a highflight design imagination, a source of pride and joy Suite guests. Ideas for creating them are born thanks to the beauty of the bride, unusual wedding dress, bouquet of the bride or her original jewelry. They are implemented in tiers dessert, sweet figurines, delicious stuffing and non-standard product appearance. Check out the video below, which shows the unusual desserts for the wedding, made by skilled confectioners.

From sugar mastic wizards make extraordinarythings: bouquets, leaves, branches, cars, houses and even castles that do not want to eat, so as not to spoil the work of art. On the cake design for wedding and can affect the place where the couple celebrated the triumph. For example, the bakers in the desserts for the wedding easily embody the theme of the sea, decorating their delicious:

  • shells;
  • a variety of marine life;
  • wave crests;
  • pearls;
  • corals.

Decorated with original figures

Wedding marks the beginning of a sweet dessertlife for the newlyweds, so culinary masters make every effort to each product harmoniously combines new and original ideas. Traditional cake decoration - the groom with the bride figurines, which are different creative improvisation and imagination. Magical ideas come during the creation of a masterpiece: a pair of dancing or skiing, the bride elect is waiting in the tower or the groom scrambles to her from the lower to the upper tier.

Dessert decorated with original figures

"Falling" cake

When the wedding celebration promises to becrowded, the couple bought two or three-tiered cake, each "floor" which shape, color, filling, impregnation and cream differ. The original idea - this incident dessert, which tiers outwardly look like they are about to fall. This dessert will not leave anyone indifferent, and each guest will be sure to try a piece of this culinary wonder. An interesting solution - the falling cake ladder by which the bride and the lower tier is trying to get to the bride, located at the top.

"Falling" shaped desserts

Wedding eco-cake

Newlyweds, imbued with ideas of ecology andcarefully related to its gifts, bought a wedding eco-cakes. The main idea of ​​the environmental desserts - use in the preparation and presentation of the product only natural ingredients, so these delicacies are not bright. Eco-style involves the use in the decoration of wild flowers, ears of corn and other natural materials.

Dessert decorated with wild flowers

In a castle or tower

Recently among Suitefashion can be traced to order a wedding cake in the form of the Eiffel Tower, princess castle, famous monuments. Multilevel shelving units without dessert bakers decorate any idea why confectionary masterpiece becomes a fabulous view. Great look snow-white tower of cream with no hint of any color or a Japanese castle, decorated with beautiful patterns and branches of sakura.

Desserts in the form of locks on the wedding

The multi-tiered cake stands on the original

Multilevel look at the wedding feastattractive and original. Some parts are placed on special stands. Especially festive wedding dessert looks unusual shape, which contrasts tiers interconnected stately columns or are not located one above the other, but in opposite planes. Confectioners covered with a plastic stand protein coating or adhesive qualities mastic in the English style, creating the visual integrity of the product.

Treats stacked on the original stands

Cake in the form of a wedding dress

If the couple does not want to classical figuresFor dessert, they offer an original idea of ​​wedding decoration dessert in the form of the bride dresses that will exactly replicate her wedding dress. Confectioner in his creation completely edible recreates the bride by placing a colored mastic layer after layer of ruffles, lace and fabric folds. An integral part of this culinary masterpiece becomes a veil, bouquet and jewelry the bride.

Original decoration in the form of a wedding dress

Photos of the original wedding cakes

Modern masters of the confectionery art notSuite limit in the choice of allowing recreate absolutely any cakes. It is only necessary to provide the selected photo or a masterpiece in its details to describe. Here are some of the most original ideas:

  • Discovery Club: planes, boats, suitcases.
  • Eternal childhood with your favorite characters from the cartoon.
  • Kingdom of terror: zombies, corpses and other evil spirits.
  • Village Theme: straw, pets.
  • Sweet wedding cars.

The original cakes for wedding