Naked wedding cake

New trends are not spared confectioneryproduction. Fashion trend in the world of sweets and treats - naked cake. The strange name? Everything has an explanation: this cake is not covered or mastic cream, cakes open conquer their naturalness, what is the appeal of the product. As decorations used berries, fruits, fresh flowers. No artificial coloring is not used, only natural juice, which is not only modern, but also the most useful.

Benefits cakes Naked cake

The season promises to current 2016 peak of popularityNaked cake for the cake. The main advantage of a naked cake - a maximum of naturalness. With this final chord you will emphasize the individuality and style of your wedding, especially if it is eco-friendly direction. The basic idea of ​​a treat - layers not masked cream comprising tiers dessert seen. Rejection of chemical additives, the use of natural products to treat cake will allow even children, without worrying about their health. Guests with pleasure will appreciate the excellent quality of sweet treats.

Ideas clearance nude wedding cakes

Despite such a vivid name - naked - CakeIt should be decorated and have attractive appearance, creating a festive atmosphere at the wedding. The side of his put on display, visitors can see some of the cakes is a feast, what layer was applied. Using a variety of colors and flavors of nature's gifts, pastry, using their knowledge and imagination. prepare a dish that will be a beautiful and delicious. Design confection must match with the style of wedding.

Decorated cream

To cake was not dry between shortcakesTraditionally layers of cream dispensed. Better if it will be a whipped cream based on natural cream or fruit jelly. Lush texture will give a festive look and taste qualities benefit compared to oil-based cream or paste. It is popular and sour cream, which is due to air texture melts in your mouth, not cloying, and is conducive to good impregnation cakes. On the white layer of cream, which does not fall off with time, remarkable bright accents look fresh berries and fruits.

Decorating light cream cake naked

Cake with the decor of the living tsvetov

Not less attractive to look alive Korzhflowers are an unusual decoration. Flowers treated with a special composition, so they do not withered and not colored dessert. Use similar colors for the bride's bouquet and the decoration of the banquet hall will be harmonious continuation of the chosen style and colors. Flower arrangements on the tables, their application in the decoration of the walls will be ideally combined with the vibrant colors used to decorate sweet dishes for the table.

Fresh flowers for decoration naked cake

Naked cake with berries or fruit

The most common form of decorationmain sweets at a wedding is still a collection of fruits and berries. Bright colors, juiciness and excellent taste qualities of great influence on the overall impression of the dessert. Fresh berries coming from their aroma will entice any guest, even one who is comfortable with different types of sweets. Vitamin cocktail on the surface of the bare cake is not only attractive, but very useful, since fresh berries for a long time are not the fruits and seasonal products are sold all year round.

If a multi-layer dessert, each "floor" on thecontour spread candied raspberries, blueberries, strawberries are especially popular. On the upper surface of the cake is often spread assortment of berries, pieces of fruit, citrus. For dessert had finished appearance, berries and fruits are not shifted and lined pattern does not get off, the surface of the cake pour a thin layer of a transparent jelly. In some cases, a small amount of berries spread on cakes in the fresh state and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Popular decoration Naked cake with berries, fruit

Decorated sweet figurines

Not to mention the wedding cake onthe tops of which are as set decoration figures. Small copy of the newlyweds, swans, pigeons cooing make a special accent reminiscent of the appointment of the holiday - the wedding day. Birds are the epitome of marital fidelity and pure love, and figurines Suite sometimes made with humorous overtones. It brings a touch of chic holiday, keeping the style of celebration.

Decorating wedding cake figurines naked

Cake with chocolate shortcakes

Confectioners have not paid attention to the sweet tooth,preferring chocolate. Brown cakes, decorated with delicate lace white cream, contrasting look, elegant and refined. Cocoa, added to the dough for cakes, give lasting chocolate taste. The cake can be made in several stages, if a large number of invited guests. One option could serve as a decoration drawing or inscription on top of the cakes made with chocolate.

Chocolate cakes for wedding dessert Naked cake

With a sprig of fresh herbs

Fresh wedding cake will add mint leavesor melissa, which is beautifully situated on top, over cakes. Treated with a special solution, they will not affect the taste of the dessert and will not fade until the end of the holiday. A striking contrast against the background of fresh greens cakes gives the treat sophistication and recalls that the cake is made in eco-friendly direction. Edible fragrant mint leaves give a feeling of simplicity, spiritual harmony, love of nature. An interesting solution would be to add to the bride's bouquet sprig of melissa or other greenery, which is decorated with dessert.

Sprigs of spicy greens on a wedding cake naked

With effect Ombre

The meaning of "Ombre" - a smooth transition of colorshades, gradually moving from dark to lighter. Feature Ombre applied for wedding cakes that technique colored baking cakes or cooking cream with hints of color helps to achieve a stunning effect, which will not go unnoticed by guests. Using different berry fillings, confectioners make a gradual smooth transition staining of each cake. Ombre Wedding cake decorated with decorative butterflies, bows, flowers or beads, candied berries.

Ombre fashion trends for wedding desserts

Photos outdoor wedding cakes

Fashion for the creation of naked cake with cream and withoutI am liking a lot of honeymooners. In the era of preservatives and stabilizers taste people have come to prefer natural foods and healthy food has become a sign of good taste, so many cooks trying to use the recipes of our ancestors. With a little work on the appearance and making a modern corrections, confectioners create masterpieces on the basis of natural bare cakes, and it shows in the photo galleries.

Cakes Naked cake, have become favorites in thisseason, made no frills weighting. Especially they are appropriate for summer weddings, when a hot day do not want to worry about the desserts, "floating" from the heat. Variety of options for the use of fruits and berries for decoration, baking cakes current trends allow us to make an exclusive decoration for each dessert. There are all prerequisites that the current trend will last at least another couple of seasons.

A variety of cakes naked options for wedding ceremony