How to calculate the cake for a wedding

Cake - a mandatory attribute of a wedding celebration,the culmination of the feast is always a welcome treat and expected that await and will want to try the guests. And as for weddings there are many guests, it is difficult to guess with the right size so that each had enough not only try, but also to eat. If the cake is too much, it can lead to unnecessary spending, to the deterioration of the product, which is after the wedding, there is no place to be stored for a long time. That is why it is important to correctly calculate the size of the cake. Fortunately, this is a set of techniques.

Three-Tier Wedding Cake

What to consider when calculating the weight of the cake?

The size of the cake can be calculated in different ways:

  1. Experienced pastry can themselves calculate the required size of the product, based on the number of guests and your wishes.
  2. wedding organizers, hired professional can navigate in the proportions of treats on the number of guests.
  3. You can calculate the weight of their own.

In the first two cases it is necessary to trustprofessionals who truly understand this issue. If you do not believe in them, it is better to rely on yourself, because you know better than invited guests, their physical capabilities. We cook the cake is to clarify the relation of volume and weight, caloric content and composition. Organizers can help assess the demand for dessert by the time of its filing, which also affects the required amount. The remaining counts will help to make special tables and calculators for calculating the weight of the wedding confectionaries.

Portion wedding cupcakes

The number of people invited

Cake order, based on the number of guests. However, there are some nuances that need to be considered:

  • Not all the guests eat sweet for health reasons. Do not take them into account by defining the desired weight.
  • Tortovy auction. A tradition at weddings is auction, which acts lot portion of the wedding cake. If you sell a portion of dessert guests mandatory, those who do not eat sweets, you still get it (respecting young money for a lot of the auction). If you will be selling all the cake, it would be difficult to regulate how many pieces of leaves, as guests, they do not buy any, so snap up everything to help the couple financially.
  • Personal stock. Do not order a cake just for the wedding, even a little bit left, and the next day, when the desserts are particularly in demand, and the couple will want to eat a few bites in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Distribution of home. Newlyweds can give a piece of cake to the guests themselves. If applicable, you should order a product weighing a little more than necessary.

Cake with tier-heart for a small wedding

Calorie-cooked meals

In determining the size and calorie dessert it is also important the festive nature of the menu:

  • If drinking a small event (wedding reception), the dessert should be more than 1 piece, after the cake itself will be a major treat sweet table.
  • If the event involves a wide menu withchange of dishes and a long celebration, the dessert may be a little, enough for 100 grams per person, because the guests will already be satisfied at the time of its submission.
  • If broad menu, but no caloric, the sweets can be more than one piece per person.
  • If the cake the air, but not heavy, it can be more than the norm.
  • If heavy and high-calorie cakes, the pieces may be less than or enough for one standard cake.

Delicious reduced calorie menu for wedding

Table for calculating the weight of cake on the number of people

Once you consider the number of guests andother important organizational issues, using the table below, you can calculate the amount by weight of the cake and to determine the approximate number of tiers. Please note that the number of tiers indicated, based on the fact that the cakes are on average statistical, not much air density. Air cake may have more tiers of 1.5-2 times, its output for each guest will also be more, but enough of this treat will be more difficult.

Table for the calculation of weight for the wedding cake

If guests will be more, and dessert should beproportionately more counting 1 kilogram (a piece of 100 g) for ten guests plus an additional 1.2 kg. The more people, the greater should be the "overlap" - a supplement guests who in the residue can be sold in a lottery or the newlyweds left for themselves.

"Admission of" 1 kg to 10 people will enable to distributetreat after the wedding guests home that they necessarily happy. If the pieces are planned for 150 grams, similar calculations will not take into account the additives and extra servings. Learn more about the rules for calculating the wedding dessert can help video:

Calculator to calculate the weight of a wedding cake

A convenient tool to count the number of cakeWedding is an online calculator. They are easy to use, as well as to take into account such nuances as tortovaya sale and the number of people who do not eat sweets. However, it should be understood that the results of this calculation are approximate and require consideration of other factors listed above. To properly calculate the ideal weight dessert, do the following:

Air light wedding cake
  1. Enter the number of participants in the banquet.
  2. Below, enter the number of people who do not eat sweets.
  3. Rate guests love the sweet (thisparameter may affect calorie food, the cake, the nature of invitees, their tendency to eat sweet, shape banquet and other nuances of the above). Select from the options ( "moderate", "strong", "do not like") appropriate.
  4. Note whether tortovy auction is planned.
  5. Press the "Calculate".

Cake yoghurt on the wedding

As a result, you will not only get an approximatesuitable weight wedding goodies, but also estimated, which is an entertainment cost. The amount is based on averages for proposals among the top companies in the production of wedding cakes and demonstrates a price category to which the dessert of this size. This function is very useful, as helps determine how expensive will the cake for the young.

Giant Cake for wedding

Wedding cake - it is a special treat thatIt brings joy and a sense of celebration. If the material resources allow, it is better that it was designed with a reserve, to be able to eat them and after the celebration. To determine how many treats will be in demand at a wedding, and what will be the couple, is to use special means of calculation. In light of performance and additional factors, you will be able to order the desired amount of dessert, thereby reducing costs and avoid unpleasant situations at the ceremony.