Gorgeous wedding cake

Wedding cake is a symbol of celebration. Modern masters are able to create a whole work of art for your wedding, using a variety of elements and modern decor. Sweets assortment huge, but they contain the same design patterns, allowing to classify them. Chic wedding cake round shape with floral design - a classic grand dessert. Let's see what else there are culinary delights for the wedding.

The most chic wedding cakes

Treats for the wedding are single-layer,stacked, on supports and without decorated putty, sugar, marzipan or chocolate figurines. Cream bouquets scattered loose on a glossy surface or dessert modestly perched in a basket, give the wedding so solemnly. The inspiration for the pastry can be newlyweds passion or beauty bride's wedding dress, they can recreate every detail in the decoration of the holiday masterpiece.

The style of the sweet miracle is often used:

  • natural motifs;
  • clean lines of contemporary modernity;
  • Air romanticism;
  • luxury Royal Empire.

Modern technology helps confectionerscreate delicious whole city with towers, roads and cars. Weight some masterpieces comes to 23 kg and height is 160 cm. The main thing that this couple had the financial capacity and the imagination of modern confectioners know no borders. Take a look at the video below a selection of the most elegant cakes for weddings.

Tiered cake with a huge cascade of flowers

Wedding cakes with a cascade of flowers - a classic,which has not lost its popularity. Confectioners invent new methods for manufacturing delicate petals, buds chic, making floral desserts even more delicious. Instead of the traditional roses newlyweds were more likely to order a noble orchid, beautiful tulips, gerbera and other unusual least popular colors. Originally looks dainty wedding decorated cascading flowers.

For the production of sweet buds usedcooking paste, from which quickly and easily molded different forms. This material hardens in a very short time after finishing tools or hands. Master culinary decorate stacked goodies chic colors that are indistinguishable from the real thing. Especially good in the wedding dessert large buds with fresh herbs and fruit. Stylish looking flowers that are also available on the bride's dress or in her bouquet.

Tiered cake with a cascade of colors

Decorated with rhinestones and Swarovski crystals

The most expensive and exclusive cakes are madecelebrity weddings. They are decorated with Swarovski crystals or rhinestones colorful, surprising guests luxury. These elegant desserts shine so brightly that dwarfs sometimes Bride ring. This is more than the sweetness for the wedding. The creation of such a delicacy involves several culinary, showing maximum imagination. Exclusive cake has to be not only beautiful and elegant, but also unique.

Some couples prefer the metercake, decorated not only with crystals and rhinestones. Especially generous in the couple added a confectionary masterpiece several diamonds, conquering guests in style. At the wedding of luxury confectioners require primarily an exclusive design of the main dessert with cakes and taste qualities remain in second place.

Swarovski crystals on the cake can surprise anyone

With gold and silver motifs

For the wedding in gold or silver tones cakesdecorated with gold or silver. Decorate wedding desserts mastic precious metal color, using lighter colors, as bright shades of gold and silver do not look very harmoniously. Elegant looks are cakes with the volume patterns. And if the young want to add luster, the culinary product is further decorated with ribbons, flowers, bows or sequins. Gold and silver colors are universal - they go perfectly with many wedding styles:

  • rococo;
  • baroque;
  • minimalism.

Gorgeous cakes colors of precious metals

Cake in the form of a fountain or vase

Tiered wedding desserts in the form of highVase or fountain of dazzling glaze. It is widely used for the elegant cakes special stand-fountains, on which the design professional confectioners show the wonders of skill. They can see the whole sweet parks and castles surrounded by moats with "water". The sugar fountains colored fish swim, and on top of sweet masterpieces groom holds his darling in her arms.

Cake in the form of a fountain - the original idea

Gorgeous cake in a wedding dress

Pastry for a wedding as two dropsrepeating the bride dress - a new trend for the newlyweds. Elegant cake dress mastic immediately attracts admiring glances guests, it's creative, that has not yet had time to enter the rank of the ordinary. The main thing - to entrust the matter to good pastry chef, who can convey exactly to detail all ruffles, folds and ruffles wedding dress.

Excellent desserts in the form of a wedding dress

Covered with thousands of sugar flowers

Chic and expensive wedding goodiesmade from royal icing sugar and mastic. Multilevel cakes, completely covered with sweet flowers, more like a beautiful bouquets than edible products. Thousands of sugar flowers lend romance wedding dessert, do not even want to have such a culinary masterpiece, because it is beautiful. Favorite flowers to decorate desserts were and still are the classic white roses.

Thousands of sugar flowers on the posh cake

Photo of wedding cakes

Choose a chic culinary masterpiece needtaking into account the overall style of the wedding. So, at a celebration in maritime style can be ordered dainty decorated mastic shells and starfish. For a gangster wedding will be relevant original dessert in the form of weapons or playing cards while on holiday in the oriental style pastry to offer chic sweet sphinx, decorated with gold.

The best wedding desserts