Figures on a wedding cake

In the good old tradition of wedding table decorated withcake, which is usually more like a culinary masterpiece. To cake looked according to the case on its top often flaunt different figurines, symbolizing love. These holiday desserts bought in the kitchen where they make cakes and they are made at the request of the newlyweds in any genre and color. Figures on a wedding cake have their roots in the times of paganism, as they are considered to be charms for honeymooners.

What kind of figure on wedding cake is better to choose?

Figures for dessert, which is dedicated to the wedding ceremony, there are edible or inedible. For their production using different materials. Here is a list of those that are used most frequently:

  • polymer clay;
  • porcelain;
  • ceramics;
  • plastic;
  • candy mass;
  • chocolate;
  • caramel;
  • mastic;
  • marzipan;
  • dough.

If you wish the newlyweds a long time to saveSymbolic wedding figurines, you should buy the product inedible. If you want to please guests the traditional eating of the best pieces of cake with figures of heroes of the occasion, this ritual lay in store at the end of a wedding celebration. Any figure on a wedding cake should match the thematic focus of the wedding and the holiday.

Figurines of the bride and groom

Classics of the genre - the bride and groom figurines onwedding dessert. They hold hands, dance, kiss, riding in a car or a tractor motorcade. Figurines his views resemble the lifestyle or the nature of the latter-day Honeymoon. Often figurines on a wedding cake is visually similar to its prototype, or comic images are the bride and groom. For example, when the bride catches future husband or fiancé rod force drags her to the registrar. Many couples choose very unusual figurines, which are located along the top edge, sveshivaya cake with marzipan their feet.

Couple love comic images

Stylish classic figurines

Figures newlyweds on the wedding dessert is notmust appear in classical attire: a white dress, black suit. If you approach this venture with creativity, imagination, the long tradition of sparkle with new colors. Figurines on a wedding cake may look like Adam and Eve, the angels, in the form of two pairs of doves or swans. Classic wedding attribute for the top culinary composition is a pair of objects of any kind: doves, hearts and wedding rings.

Unusual Wedding figurines on the cake

Funny as cartoon characters

Animated characters - too frequent "guests"Suite on the table. This pretty bored classics, he chooses bears, elephants, cats, giraffes, heat-birds, as well as the heroes of the famous American cartoon: Melman and Gloria, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella and Prince and Rapunzel and Eugene. These characters are all, without exception, causing enthusiastic smile, creating a fairy-tale wedding ambience.

Cartoon characters will cause only positive emotions

What makes edible figurines?

Made edible figurines on a weddingcake differently. For example, marzipan figurines will help you arrange and simple chocolate pieces white or black colors will decorate the stylish wedding dessert. Cream and sugar, too, will create a delicious climax of the wedding. If you want to see the couple on top of the cake with two white swans, something to make them, as a rule, use crisp white meringue. More popular among honeymooners materials for wedding figurines on the cake - mastic and marzipan.

Of mastic

Often to create figurines on the cake forwedding use mastic. This product not only cover the cake and make figurines out of it, but also create all kinds of labels and more complex compositions. Mastic - is a homogeneous mass with an edible binder adhesive consistency. It is produced and confectioneries, and in the home. Properly cooked paste resembles the consistency of modeling clay. There are several types of such material for the production of sweet figurines:

  1. Dairy. condensed milk is used for its manufacture.
  2. Honey. It is not difficult to guess that it is added to honey and, in contrast to a simple sugar such mastic does not crumble and does not crumble.
  3. Gelatine. It is used for creating complex compositions.
  4. Flower. This type of sealant is used for the production of flowers and petals.
  5. Industrial. It is created exclusively in the production halls, and tastes like a simple sugar paste, cooked at home.

for wedding cake: sugar mastic

From marzipan

Marzipan decorations for a familyceremonial cake is very easy to make at home. Modeling figures is much easier, because marzipan well above cementing capacity than that of the mastic or other sweet material. Marzipan - it's not peanut powder, which is sprinkled with bread rolls. The structure of this plastic material includes almonds, ground and filled with sugar syrup. The mixture is prepared either on their own or buy ready-made in stores. Stain marzipan figurines food dyes.

Marzipan figurines come in any form

Video: how to make the original figure with his hands

Inedible figurines Honeymoon cakefigures of animals or birds, expressing loyalty, love and prosperity, order, too often, because they are stored for many years. Look at the master class on making clay figurines on a wedding cake designer by E. Lushnikova:

Photo selection of funny figures from polymer clay

In sculpture, easy to recreate the image of anyperson, with precise features, to use polymer clay. These figurines are made of any size and stored without time limits, without losing its original appearance. Clay figurines on a wedding cake molded masters of the photo, but this service is not cheap. Colored polymer clay itself is not expensive, so the couple may be able to mold to your holiday any statuette yourself little effort. Photo selection below will help you to see what options there are wedding figurines.

Lovely figurines

Copies of the newlyweds after many years will remind wedding