Creative wedding cake

Thinking through every detail before the weddingcelebration, it is important not to forget about dessert. Modern confectioners offer a huge range of cakes with different types of cakes and cream. But the first thing that catches the eye - it is an external decoration of sweet treats. What are the only fantasy is not executed in the form of a cake! A favorite theme for a wedding - figurines of the newlyweds. But this is not the limit. Experienced confectioner invented and developed the whole picture, from which all those present at the wedding will be delighted.

Ideas creative design wedding cakes

Ideas for decorating cakes for the wedding atProfessionals often born on the basis of customer requirements. The future married couple can give their views on the appearance of the dessert. Sometimes there is the grim pictures of Gothic, but creative couple bought and bakers perform. Do not take into account the extreme. Wedding - a celebration of fun and joy. Dessert should also induce positive emotions, as well as the wedding ceremony itself. Bright ornaments, figurines, inscriptions, the unusual shape of the product - all this will create a festive mood.

Decorated with bright ornaments

Cake decorating ornaments in bright colors -modern approach to wedding style. So delicacy can perform a function not only of sweet dishes, but also decorate the table. Many guests try to take a picture for memory is the product of confectionary art. Ornament can be built on the basis of national motifs or geometric pattern. For the application of the décor uses plenty of putty, cream, marmalade or fruit. Bright contrast ornament on striped background enhances the holiday feeling.

Creative wedding cakes

Decorated with original figures

Wedding bride and groom figurines, toweringon a pedestal, executed in various poses: embracing, rushing towards each other, or simply standing nearby. Often there are humorous variations on the theme of life newlyweds, where the main role is played not only the bride, but the bride. Scene situation figures talk about plans for the future: vacation, kids. Image Suite is sometimes presented in the form of animals, which also looks original and funny.

Desserts with figures of newlyweds

With creative inscriptions or decorations

The unexpected decision for the guests at the wedding - cake,apparently being enlarged copy of the marriage certificate. Duplicate rows and words of the official document will cause tenderness and a smile. Nobody will be indifferent and cake, which shows the newlyweds on their honeymoon plans. Vyleplivaya figures with mastic, confectioners put into it the soul, and their creations are comparable with the works of sculpture. Inscriptions do icing.

The original inscription on desserts

Creative cake unusual shape

Among the wedding cakes are found not onlyinteresting decorations or inscriptions cream, but also form the aligned dessert sometimes striking. It can lock the heart, all kinds of creative pyramid, even bedrooms attributes. Among the confectioners are such professionals, the result of their creations are often sorry incision to try. For creative ideas often use edible paste of different colors, using which it is easy vyleplivayutsya desired shape.

Desserts unusual shape

In the form of a cone of profiteroles

The base of the cone-cake in the French style -cakes, profiteroles with soft air-filled cream. Small choux pastry balls are bonded together using a special sweet caramel or chocolate sauce. Creative dessert decorated with sugar flowers and other figures, roasted almonds or fruit. Unusual in appearance, in our understanding, croquembouche cake is very convenient to use. Uniform portion can be easily separated from each other by cakes will facilitate the distribution of their guests.

Creative cone-shaped wedding cakes

From cannoli tubes or waffle cake

Cannoli - Traditional Italian dessert,which is a baked crispy wafer rolls with filling mascarpone cheese and cream-based whipped curd. They are unusual for a wedding, but it is very popular with guests and newlyweds. Tower crispy pastries, watered syrup, or decorated with icing sugar, to be appreciated. Waffle cake with layers of air of cream, you can decorate with berries, whipped cream, fruit syrup or grated chocolate.

Duct cannoli for wedding

Cake Tower of macaroon

Macaroon tower - French alternativetiered wedding cake. If you want to surprise your guests, it's the surest way. The unexpected decision for creative wedding table - small cakes, built in the shape of a pyramid. It is convenient to consider serving on the number of guests. Tastes macaroon delight with its variety: pistachio, black currant, raspberry, mint, apple, praline, chocolate. Every guest will find a cake to your taste, as they differ in color.

Creative macaroon tower

Wedding cake pancake

Cake, where pancakes instead of cakes, alwayscaptivates guests at the wedding. This is a typical Russian meal. His love to all - children and adults. Cake on the basis of pancakes will be a highlight of your wedding! Truly creative national dessert. Multi-layered, with sweet filling of condensed milk or cream, a cake will astonish all guests. If the layer to make a multi-colored, then Blinnikov will look even more interesting. Make small fritters, smeared them with cream, you can get the individual portioned cakes and happy to entertain the audience.

Dish of pancakes for a wedding

Photos creative wedding cakes

A kind of beautiful logical conclusiongala evening is a wedding cake, it is served at the end of the celebration. New technologies, fashion trends, creative approach to design - all this makes the dessert the main dish at the festival. This attribute of the wedding will long be remembered, not only the couple, but also to all the invitees. Combining imagination and skill, it is easy to get an unusual, original and delicious cakes, as in the photo below.

Creative and original wedding cakes