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Cream wedding cake - a commondessert option, practicality is the wedding anniversaries and it is undeniable. It is hearty, delicious, flavorful, and there are no borders structure and decor ideas that can be applied to the classical cake with cream. It can make the bride herself, and for decoration to invite a specialist, what will save considerable funds. More details about the wedding of baking cream, read on.

Wedding mnogoyarusnik cream with pieces

Benefits cream wedding cakes

Cream cakes - is a broad concept,combining high desserts based on any test, smeared with cream. Most are products on the biscuit base, especially this is true for wedding cakes - crumbly dough is impractical at such an event. However, well smeared with cream cakes or puff batter will be no less strong than the sponge.

Wedding croquembouche

Competitors cream cake can be considereddesserts based on yogurt, mastics, meringue, curd mass, and croquembouche (dough balls, folded slide and smeared with cream or caramel) and cupcakes (small cakes of different shapes). The advantage of the cream cakes in front of similar treats:

  1. Cream cakes have a stable, secure form, without losing tenderness. This can not boast of products based on yogurt, or meringues.
  2. In cream cakes great Yieldproduct, they are often made of biscuit dough is whipped, increasing at a rate several times. Cupcakes is also increasing, but the lumpiness does not allow to adjust the issue, as a result of someone can not reach the food.
  3. Cream nourishing products. You can not say about the cakes on the basis of meringues that just pose in the mouth. Many guests will want to supplement, but it may not be a lot, then this cake is to be of enormous size, which is not practical.
  4. Cream cakes moderately sweet. Cakes is based mastic can seem cloying.
  5. These cakes have a high maneuverability inexpression of ideas. They may be of any structure and be decorated as you wish. Other desserts this limited (either in the form of either the main ingredient).

Wedding cake cupcakes

Tips for choosing a cream cake at the wedding

Choosing a wedding cake, you must payCareful attention to the appearance and taste, like a bride, this feast is a jewel of a wedding celebration, the central figure of the banquet. To him will be on all the views, it should surprise of all present, as well as fit in a wedding concept. To cake perfectly played its role, it is necessary to pay attention to its size, color, decor, taste, meaning that he must bear. How to do the right thing?

Dessert garnished with fresh berries

Stand and the number of storeys

Choosing a cream cake to the wedding, you mustto plan the number of storeys of which will be a treat. The number of layers will depend on the volume and weight of the cake. Weight goodies is calculated on the number of guests, if heavy cream, then 200 grams per person, subtract the number of people who will not eat desserts (about 10 people with hundreds of guests each), and get about 8 kg to 50 people. If the cake air, light, then take half of the weight - this is enough.

If the dessert air and the total weight does not exceed 6kg, the tiers may be put one on another. If the weight of the product more, then you should use a special stand-whatnot, it is still convenient because the young will be convenient to remove the upper tier, designed especially for them, with the pyramid tiers which are located one above the other.

Wedding cake pyramid

The color of decorations and toppings

Ordering stuffing, produce better asktiers of different levels of fat and sweets to the guests with diabetes, dieters, and children could try this delicacy. However, the taste of such changes should not be reflected. What size stage to be dietary, calculate the number of guests who will use it.

Ombre Cake

Registration can be completely different. It is customary to do wedding candy in pastel tone (beige, pink) or pure white. In recent years, moving away from this tradition by making cakes, close to natural, colored or metallic Ombre (gradually turning from a light shade to a more saturated), under the shade of the dress or the bride's bouquet or matching the decor of the room.

Wedding cakes metallic colors

Decorating and finishing

Decoration and finishing can be completely different. Currently confectioners are real artists who can create a unique masterpiece. For this purpose a mastic, cream, caramel, cream, chocolate and other materials. Fashionable recently considered cakes with ruffles (they performed side finishing products with the help of the cream), the classical form, decorated with fresh flowers or berries, cylindrical, finished with a silver or gold, tall cakes, pies with a pronounced lack of finishing ( "natural"), longlines with geometric paintings.

Natural design dessert at a wedding

Jewellery can be completely and copyrightreflect the interests of young, the place of the first meeting, the future common home or celebration theme. Experiment with figures of young people who are depicted in the original form or position, can be replaced with a portrait likeness or abstract figures, but the thematic nature (eg, two-penguin snowboarder when met at a ski resort). Such decorations reflect the personal characteristics of the pair symbolically demonstrate the love story of newlyweds.

Original figures on the cake

Recipe biscuit cream cake

Cake in a natural style is easily made inhome. For biscuit cream pie cake, whose preparation technology is very simple, you need (ingredients must be proportionally increased if the product you want to cook larger):

  • For Shortcakes:
  1. Eggs (9 pcs.).
  2. Sugar (9 v. L.).
  3. Flour (9 v. L.).
  • On Cream:
  1. Condensed milk - 10 Art. l.
  2. Butter - 200 g
  3. Dessert wine (1 tbsp. L.) Or liquor / brandy (2 hours. L.).
  • On Syrup (impregnation):
  1. Sugar (4 tbsp. L.).
  2. Sweet wine / liquor / brandy (in the same amount as in the cream).
  3. Water (150 g).

Cooking process:

  1. Divide the ingredients into 2 cakes: for the first take all five (eggs, spoons), the second on 4. As a result, the first cake will be slightly greater than the second.
  2. Prepare the dough into cakes: whisk together sugar and eggs (weight should increase by 3 times), gradually enter the sifted flour and mix moves only from the top down (not yet disperse clumps).
  3. The finished dough into the pan, or shape,oiled (or fat) and covered with paper baking. Bake for 40 minutes at a temperature of 180-200 ° C. After 40 minutes, check the readiness of cake, piercing match (on it should not be a test).
  4. Fabricate and bake a second cake.
  5. Do not rush to remove the cake from the paper, it may break, let cool down for several hours at room temperature.
  6. Carefully align the edges of cakes. Cut off the edges dry and chop.
  7. Prepare impregnation: add sugar water and wine, boil the syrup and leave to cool.
  8. Prepare the cream: gently melt the butter, add the wine and condensed milk, you can sprinkle a little vanilla, beat with a mixer.
  9. Saturate the cooled cakes with syrup (for half of each cake). Pour carefully over thumbs to the cake is not softened, and soaked uniform.
  10. Place the cake so that the lower side is at the top (if baked in a pan), then the cake turned out beautifully tapered shape up.
  11. Lubricate it with cream.
  12. Place the second cake on top (the lower part).
  13. Soak grease and cream, including the side of the cakes.
  14. Roll the sides in the flakes.
  15. Garnish with roses and hearts made ofcream - with pastry syringe. The cake is ready! You can decorate differently, to make square cakes, do not gloss over the side surfaces, add fresh berries and fruit (eg, cherry or strawberry), pour chocolate glaze, sprinkle with powdered sugar and ground nuts. All on your taste.

Video tutorial on making "Boston" cream cake

Boston cake - a great cream dessertwhich are made of biscuit dough. Korzh it is divided in half, the gap is filled with cream "Patiser", and the top covered with ganache (chocolate glaze). That will have a treat that can please even the most demanding taste. Preparing this dessert is simple and easy to get at any housewife. How do you see in the video:

A photo of beautiful cream cakes

Beautiful cream cake