Celebrity Wedding Cakes

Famous people as usual, also wanthappiness, wedding planning, create a family. Sometimes they resemble the days of celebration of the competition: who is the most beautiful dress, the most luxurious feast, the largest wedding cake. Unique works confectioners attracted the attention of no less than the "star" gifts or wedding venue. Wedding cakes have become celebrities themselves heroes of secular chronicles, as well as the bride and groom.

Royal wedding cakes

What is so remarkable cakes for the royalweddings? First of all, an impressive size. Sweet dessert has to match the scales of public celebration. For its production involved the best pastry chefs used only the choicest products Naivysočajšij quality. At the royal wedding of repetitions recipes, decorations can not be. even the dessert should be exclusive for the first persons.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana

Wedding of Princess Diana and PrinceCharles held on July 29, 1981. It is the most fantastic, beautiful for the last 100 years. Solemn reception held on the territory of Buckingham Palace and had a capacity of 120 persons. 27 cakes were prepared for the celebrations. The main wedding cake had five tiers, was made in two copies, he was presented the newlyweds armed naval forces of the United Kingdom.

Confectioner named David Avery worked oncakes 14 weeks. Dessert, whose height was 5 feet (a little more than one and a half meters), was decorated with bouquets of lilies, roses, orchids. From all sides of the cake to the arms of the prince were depicted, the royal family, honeymooners initials. Unfortunately, one of them was ruined during transport, he was sent to employees naval cuisine. Another cake created by the famous Belgian "baker king» S.G. Maid London residence of 20 years was able to sell it then received a piece of cake, for one thousand pounds.

Wedding Cake of Prince Charles and Princess Diana

Prince William and Kate Middleton

The wedding ceremony of Prince William and KateMiddleton took place in 2011. fruit cake was presented Among the dishes with candied fruit, nuts, consisting of 8 layers. The upper layer 3, the couple took themselves, and the rest was divided into equal portions, distributed to guests. Sweet treats are manufactured by already distinguished himself at the wedding of Prince William's parents. The history of the auction and a slice of cake repeated. One of the guests decided to earn some money on this, put a lot, enclosing a wedding invitation printed on stamped paper of the queen.

Royal wedding dessert Prince William and Kate

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II,are the parents of Prince Charles, the wedding was celebrated November 20, 1947. As on all the celebrations, the menu was a must-see destination cake. He was so impressive, that is 9 feet tall (2.75 meters), weighed 250 kilograms, while had four tiers. After the war, there is a shortage of high-quality products, so many ingredients for confectioners were sent from abroad as gifts.

Confectioners Company Mc Viitie and Prace LTD,This work of art is made, able to decorate a cake monograms of the newlyweds, fragments of coats of arms of both families. The sweet bridal figurines depicting moments of their favorite activities. They cut the cake wedding gift from the King of England Duke Mountbatten - saber. For the purposes of the charity, pieces of dessert, as well as other products have been distributed to schools and hospitals.

Wedding feast of the first British individual

Prince Haakon and Princess Mette-Marit

On the day of their wedding in 2001Crown Prince Haakon of Norway and Princess Mette-Marit received a surprise in the form of a cake, which weighed 140 kg, was about 2.70 meters tall, contains seven layers. Basic decorations were unusual historical and patriotic Norwegian style. Viking Ships took pride of place on the tiers of sweet treats. Biscuit was richly imbued with rum, stuffed with lots of raisins. The first piece of the famous dessert, the couple cut off his own hand.

Wedding Cake Prince Haakon and Princess Mette-Marit

Cakes for weddings of celebrities

Some instances of wedding cakescelebrities are true masterpieces of culinary art. Therefore, each wedding ceremony the next "star" newly married couples attracts the attention of millions of people worldwide. Many confectioners take note on jewelry, makeup famous desserts that then offer similar items for the wedding the newlyweds usual. After all, cake - it's a beautiful culmination of any wedding celebration.

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas

Starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas are consideredperfect pair for Hollywood parameters. By the day of their wedding in November 2000. The confectioners have made five tiers cake taller than 120 centimeters. The authorship of this work belongs to Sylvia Weinstock, a member of the top five most expensive, famous confectioners in the world. To decorate the dessert took a few hundred colors, made on the basis of icing sugar. Cost elegant dessert was 7 thousand pounds (10 thousand dollars).

Wedding cake from the ideal Hollywood couple

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

Hollywood actors Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes in a daytheir wedding 18 November 2006 submitted offers cake unusual beauty. Stunning five-layer miracle was made of white chocolate with marzipan in the form of roses. Under a sweet crust hiding most delicate mousse. Guests were delighted with the taste of the confectionery masterpiece. Experts have called this fabulous wedding thanks largely to the unique cake.

Cruise, Katie Holmes and wedding cake

Tony Parker and Eva Longoria

At the wedding of Eva Longoria and Tony Parker 07.07.2007 surprised everyone vanilla cake bright red color, 5 storeys which littered the red roses. Deep purple color attracts the eye, tinged with echoes Eve dresses bridesmaids and bride's bouquet made up of white orchids, red lilies. Top dessert decorated with classical figures of the newlyweds. Renowned Californian chef Sam Goldfrey with skill and love has made this miracle. The cost of this unusual dessert topped 40 thousand dollars.

The famous red wedding cake Eva Longoria

Christina Aguilera and Bratman George

Wedding ceremony stellar pop starChristina Aguilera and music producer George Bratman took place in the Spanish tradition, in November 2005. The climax of the celebration, the most striking point was the removal of his huge cake that guests compared with an iceberg. Chic dessert was covered with white chocolate, decorated with bright pink flowers, cream-colored lace.

Wedding cake Iceberg Christina Aguilera, George Bratman

Donald Trump and Melanie Knauss

The famous wedding model Melanie Knauss andextravagant billionaire, owner of a large number of real estate around the world, Donald Trump was surprised not only by the amount of money spent (it is believed that at the time in 2005 it was the most expensive wedding in the world), but also a luxury cake weighing 23 kilograms, the height of half a meter. Seven tiers cakes were soaked drink Trump - orange and cognac liqueur. On the surface of the cake housed thousands of flowers from sugar glaze. The instigator of the manufacturer became famous confectioner Cedric Barbaret.

Wedding cake billionaire Donald Trump

Kim Kardashian and Kris Hamfisa

Choosing a wedding dessert the famous Kim Kardashiannot trust anyone, in August 2011, she went to the pastry shop, choose the best. All party socialite and the famous basketball player Chris Hamfisa held in white and black color scheme. Even the wedding cake fit into the dress code celebrations, it was made in two contrasting colors. Cost shestiyarusnoy "tower" is 20 thousand dollars.

Black and white wedding cake Kardashian and Kris Hamfisa

Evgeni Plushenko and Yana Rudkovsky

The wedding of the famous figure skater Evgeni Plushenko andsocialite Yana Rudkovsky was held in Moscow on 12 September 2009. A large number of guests were shocked scale celebration. But the highlight of the wedding party has become a huge cake. Height masterpiece of confectionary art was about two meters. A large number of edible flowers crowned with figures of newlyweds, exactly copied from the originals. After the first dance, it has a legitimate wife, Jan, and Eugene was cut five tiers, the giant cake, which they presented confectionery "Pushkin".

Dessert at the wedding of Plushenko-Rudkovskoj

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz

Wedding music and representatives of Ashlee SimpsonPete Wentz was held in the style of a fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland." Cake is an original edible composition of a hat-cylinder green, hours, cups of tea and flowers in a pot. As part of the vanilla wedding cake was a lot of raspberries, mixed with chocolate chips. It is considered the most original cake among similar famous desserts.

The original wedding cake Simpson and Wentz