Cake wedding anniversary - photo

Wedding anniversary - an excellent opportunity to arrangegala dinner, gather all your family and friends to share them c this wonderful holiday. Book a beautiful restaurant, organize a real triumph, even if the guests will be very little. You will have a wonderful holiday, which will bring a lot of joy to all, happy, positive. But what is this celebration, if the table is not a beautiful cake? This should take care of ahead of time, to consider all the original ideas, choose a favorite option.

What should be the cake for wedding anniversary?

As the anniversary of the years lived together - itno less important event than the day of your wedding, then the dessert should be a solemn, elegant, festive, impressive in its appearance, but also have unmatched taste. You are free to invent design of the cake, and then turn to a professional pastry chef, who will embody your idea to life. Surprise your guests with unusual tasty dessert made of many layers, decorated with flowers from mastic.

Birthday cake on wedding anniversary

Dessert on the anniversary of marriage should bethe main highlight of the evening, because the cake will summarize banquet. In a beautiful dish and laid a symbolism because the cake is always identified with the themes of love, happiness, loyalty, well-being of the couple. Husband and wife have the same way as in the day of his wedding, cut together the first big piece of birthday cake and then distribute equal pieces of the guests of honor.

Ideas original cakes to wedding anniversary (photos)

Today's confectioners are able to implement any ideascustomers, especially in the manufacture of birthday cakes. They are able to impress with his skill, professionalism, creativity, performing interesting with unusual decorations. If you order dessert, wedding anniversary, depending on the date (eg, calico, wooden, golden wedding), which is marked, you can select an appropriate design. Options can be varied.

Ideas original cakes on the anniversary of marriage

At 1, 3 and 5 years of marriage

Choosing a design idea for an anniversary cakeliving together, are repelled by your imagination, taste preferences of spouses and guests of financial opportunities. Below, check out specific examples showing the possibilities of decorating the grand dessert, the first, third or fifth anniversary wedding celebration:

  1. The first wedding anniversary is called calicowedding. Chintz symbolizes practicality and everyday life of the young couple that lived during his first year of the joint. From here we choose the design idea of ​​dessert - calico. On this date will be appropriate cake in the form of a family bed with chintz linen, on which sit the young. Embellish it hearts, flowers, funny little men use names of spouses, a variety of interesting inscriptions, slogans.
    Cake for the first wedding anniversary
  2. Date three years of living together is called leatherwedding, it symbolizes a stronger relationship. During this time the union of the spouses has reached the strength of the skin, which is very difficult to break, as well as the existing relationship of the couple. Make a cake for a wedding is easy: imitate leather sofa with their spouses seated on it. You can decorate a cake with decorative leather straps, etc.
    Dessert three years of living together
  3. Anniversary five years of married life -This anniversary, referred to a wooden wedding. The tree - a symbol that indicates the strength of the union of the spouses, which was so strong that he had acquired the firmness and eternity of said natural material. In this case, it is easy to portray the cake in a wooden chest with a couple in love of husband and wife. Embellish confection number five, use the flowers from sugar mastic or edible pearl necklace of candy and other decorative elements.

Confection on a wooden wedding

On the 10th anniversary of living together

Anniversary 10 years of living together referred to as the pinkwedding. This is an important date, you want to celebrate in a big way, in a special style, reminding each other how much you love, appreciate and respect your partner. The traditional gift is a pink rose. In the same category must be completed and festive dessert. Use colors with a maximum of jewelry, with an emphasis on the color pink. I should get a nice soft cake, which will take the couple to the memories of a decade ago, and will give the joy of memories.

Birthday cake for the 10th anniversary

Parents on wedding anniversary

To surprise my mom and dad in the day whenthey celebrate, for example, 25 years or 50 years of life together, you will have to try. It is necessary to bake a cake that would suit for an important date and handed over all the attitude of each other, scrapie Union. There are several examples of how to make festive cake on parental anniversary wedding anniversary, for example:

Cake-a gift for wedding anniversary of parents
  1. Find all the photos from the wedding of your parents. Collect a few touching moments (for example, painted in the registry office, putting on rings, etc.), use them to decorate the cake. Let this be a huge cake in one or two low cake where will play the selected photo on the perimeter. The more will be the cake, so it will look spectacular.
  2. If the celebrations occasion - golden weddingpicture a symbol of love and union of your parents with the help of a confectionery product in the form of a huge gold ingot. Decorate a small confectionery loose stones, gems, put on top of a pair of white doves or romantic figurines of the couple.
    Cake golden wedding
  3. Similarly, gold, a good cake, and in the case of a silver wedding.
  4. If the wedding pearl - do focus on stylish edible decorations, beads, shells disclosed with huge sea stones.

Confectionery for pearl wedding anniversary

How to make a cake with his hands - a step by step recipe

Show your love and special attitude toa married couple, by preparing a beautiful cake with his hands. All you need to do - it is necessary to stock up on food, choose a pair of interesting ideas have left a lot of time and a lot of patience. Step by step recipe for an interesting cooking cake, which can be prepared, and then to give to your wedding anniversary, you will find below (in this example uses a cake called "Swan fidelity").

The ingredients you will need for confectionery masterpiece:

  • Three cups of flour.
  • Two standard pack of baking powder.
  • Two and a half cups of sugar.
  • Three and a half cups of milk.
  • Five tablespoons of cocoa powder.
  • Three eggs.
  • One glass of water (hot water).
  • One-third cup vegetable oil.
  • One packet of vanillin.
  • One packet of butter (softened, 250 grams).
  • Ready mastic (500 g).
  • Fresh cherries (1 kg).
  • Sugar syrup (200 g).
  • Sweetened condensed milk (200 g) and butter (350 g) of the cream.
  • Decor beautiful cake decoration.

Swan fidelity: cake on wedding anniversary

Cooking process:

  1. This cake uses biscuit dough,so first of all, mix the flour, sugar, baking powder and together with the cocoa powder. Separately whipped a couple of eggs with sunflower oil and milk and add to the listed ingredients and stir. When you see that the dough was thick, add boiling water.
  2. Go to Baking: Take a round shape, lay a parchment for baking, lightly brushing it with sunflower oil to pour the resulting dough. Bake in oven, holding the temperature at 170-180 ° for 30 minutes.
  3. When ready the cake has cooled, cut the middle (along) to get two.
  4. Then proceed to the cream. Возьмите яйцо и разотрите с ванилью и сахаром. Then sprinkle in to flour, pour the remnants of milk and bring it to simmer until a thick consistency. Then it is necessary to cool the cream.
  5. Cooled cream is necessary to shake up using the mixer together with butter, after dividing it into portions and gradually adding.
  6. Then proceed to the assembly of a celebratory cake. Take the first cake and generously soak it in syrup. Very good will, if you give it time to soak. Then carefully brush with cream, which lay out cherries are pressed movements. Top cream again. Cover it all the second Korzh, who should also lubricate the cream with condensed milk.
  7. The final stage - design and decorationwedding cake. Cover it with mastic and decorate decorations prepared in advance - swans (use as confectionery beads, figurines of a couple in love, hearts, doves, and others.)

Video: how to decorate a cake with mastic?

Mastic - confectionery material from which youYou can make any picture on a birthday cake, to create various figures. This material has the ability to prepare yourself at home, but it is a long and laborious process. Want faster - buy ready-made paste. Armed with such a confectionery material is easy to make any cake design. For information on how to do this, refer to the video: