Cake on silver wedding

For twenty-five years of marriage the couplehas been through a lot together, their family became strong and happy. This anniversary is called silver wedding, because relationships are similar to those responsible for the triumph of the precious metal - they are beautiful, durable, light. If you decide to celebrate anniversaries round date, you need to think in advance about the preparation for the banquet menu. A special point will be a dessert among other dishes - cake on a silver wedding, which should be issued accordingly. About decor styles of delicious treats will be explained in detail below.

Cake decoration ideas for 25 years wedding

Silver wedding anniversary - it is not onlyanother reminder of the day when the couple were married, but also a large-scale, significant event, and therefore need to pick up a cake solemn and beautiful for him. The couple can enjoy a multi-tiered dessert, richly decorated with symbolic figures, silver ribbons, shining pearls. Good fit into the theme and beautiful confection can be succinctly decorated silver mastic alone - it looks interesting and unusual, such a great dessert just want to try.

Separated spouses should think about stuffingcake - their great variety. As a rule, manufacturers desserts separately offered to choose the type of protein cream, which will be located between the shortcakes, impregnation for the test. heroes of the occasion is to order a cake on a silver wedding with a light, airy creamy layer between biscuits and low content of butter - a different meal can be too "heavy" for visitors and for themselves anniversaries. Here are just a small list of toppings from which is produced a delicious dessert:

Fillings for dessert at the twenty-fifth anniversary
  • Yoghurt.
  • Curd.
  • Vanilla.
  • Caramel.
  • Smetana.
  • Coffee.
  • Chocolate.
  • Tiramisu.
  • Praline.
  • Bird's milk.

If desired, the couple may be asked confectionerscook a cake with several options of cream or impregnation - such as strawberry flavor harmonizes perfectly banana with milk chocolate - coffee and vanilla layer options. Laminated sugar treat with an interesting combination of toppings exactly like the present, the main thing to make sure that no one has an allergy to components of the cake. Perfectly suited for the feast of lush fruit dessert, after which no one will be the feeling of heaviness.

Another great idea for an anniversary treatwedding - a birthday cake in the form of cupcakes. This option is only dessert become popular during weddings, as it is perfect for anniversaries: small portions and convenient to transfer guests to try, like an unusual supply present at the festival. As the utensils for cupcakes fit tiered stand: on the lower tiers of cakes will be located, and on the top plate spouse can put a small cake, which will cut at the end of a solemn feast.

Cake, cupcakes for the twenty-fifth wedding anniversary

Coated mastic silver

Hue is important when decoratingcake on a silver anniversary: ​​perfect color that reflects the character of the anniversary. Cake can be fully covered with mastic silver - a sleek, elegant and rich design. Looks a great cake, he will definitely impress those present original decor. By itself, the silver paste is not the case, the whole thing in a special dye - Madame Kandurin that manufacturers cover layer of white or gray sweet paste. When making this cake can be used and other confectionery materials.

Silver for the silver anniversary cake

White cake with silver ribbons

White - the second color, which is idealcake decoration on the twenty-fifth anniversary. To decorate a treat symbolic elements, heroes of the occasion may be asked to complement the design of fine pastry ribbons silver. Manufacturers will decorate dessert conventional satin ribbons at the bottom of tiers or make them edible option: for example, a mastic coated Madame Kandurin. Delicate silver ribbons fashioned from sweet paste hands of an experienced pastry chef, will be a perfect design for a white cake for the wedding anniversary.

White cake dessert for the silver jubilee with ribbons

With words or numbers "25 years"

To emphasize the symbolism of silver wedding,Newlyweds can enjoy cake with appropriate inscriptions - such as the wedding date, the name of the anniversary, the number of years lived together. If the cake is presented as a gift jubilee children or guests, invitees may ask confectioner write some wishes or congratulations to the couple: "Happy anniversary!", "We wish you happiness and love," "With a silver wedding!" One should indicate the date that it remained at the holiday photos that will remind heroes of the occasion of the holiday.

Inscriptions on the anniversary dessert for a silver anniversary

Adorned with flowers and swans

There are many decorative elements thatsymbolize long life together spouses, their acquired experience, together, well-being. If the cake on a silver wedding decorated swans or doves - it is said that all twenty-five years the couple were faithful, loving couple, they did not stop before the difficulties and always supported each other. The decor dessert for anniversary flowers says family prosperity, its fortress, on a warm family hearth. A variety of plants are decorating the cake may symbolize the rebirth of life, the love of offspring, family ties.

Making dessert to the silver anniversary

Cake in the form of hearts

Beautiful cake decoration element to silveranniversary - it is the heart that speak of true love of the spouses. Treats, made in the form of these figures, it looks interesting, it emphasizes the good relationship between the perpetrators of the celebration, their long enduring feelings. In the case of the hearts of the spouses may depart from the white-and-silver color of cake, make it bright or pastel shades. To emphasize the connection with the anniversary of the feast, heroes of the occasion should decorate the heart with the inscription wedding date or the name of the twenty-fifth anniversary.

Cake-heart 25-year marriage

Photo of wedding cakes on silver wedding

Dessert for the 25th anniversary may be differentforms - the classic round, asymmetrical, heart-shaped or other shapes. It looks good as a single-stage and multi-tiered treat. Any type of confection, emphasizing the theme of the anniversary, will be a wonderful decoration of the festive table. To make out on top of the dessert can be cream with powdered sugar, products made of mastic, ribbons, lace, beads edible, live or artificial flowers - see the selection of photographs, which will help to gather some fresh ideas.

Ideas to decorate the dessert to the silver anniversary