Cake golden wedding

The celebration of the fiftieth anniversary - a bright,memorable event. The couple, who were together for half a century, experienced a lot: there were moments of joy, confusion. But through all the adversity they carried their strong love and understanding helped to solve their disputes. Cake on the golden wedding is to sweeten and decorate a holiday. Many people prefer to celebrate the triumph with family or with friends. No matter which option you have chosen a celebration, you need to take care of appearance and stuffing worthy of the main delicacies.

Ideas of decoration of cakes for 50 years of marriage

Cake golden wedding can be veryunusual and original. Sometimes a treat produces a real sensation on the golden anniversary and remains in the memory of all the guests. Desert - one of the main components of the holiday feast. It represents the understanding, the love, the beauty of the couple, as they cut it together, holding the knife in both hands. Delicious for a gold wedding would be a treat for guests, children and grandchildren. Do not forget to choose the right dishes, which will be served dessert.

A beautiful cake for the 50th anniversary of the family

You can order a delicacy in goodconfectionery, adding decoration to your desire and taste, to emphasize the importance and style of the event. Do not forget about the appropriate stuffing because dessert should be not only beautiful, but also delicious. You can select a single storey or multi-tiered cake of any shape. Each "level" dessert may be your taste, for example, vanilla and berry, different impregnation, filling that adds zest baking. Ornaments may make flowers, couple pictures, stucco elements.

Wedding cake covered with gold-colored putty

baking Decor often chosen in color,symbolizing holiday. Gilded dessert decorated in different ways. Full Coverage mastic colors of this precious metal looks very nice, elegant, tasteful. It is best to use light shades of gold color. The dark, blackened gold adds baking palatability. Fully covered with "gold" dessert on the 50th anniversary of the wedding day is further decorated with flowers relaxing colors. Bright decor is best not to choose, because it will create disharmony.

Golden cake at the 50th anniversary of the day of marriage

Dressed figures newlyweds

To treat for golden wedding given the form,conformable to the occasion, using figurines decor, symbolizing love, or figures of the newlyweds. They can be made in any color, and genre. cake decorated with figures of the couple takes roots from the time of paganism, where they were a talisman couples. Figurines can be both edible and inedible. For their manufacture is used: porcelain, polymer clay, chocolate, plastic, ceramics, candy, candy mass, marzipan paste, dough.

Classics of the genre are considered to be the bride figurines andgroom, where they dance, hold hands, kiss, go by car. His view of these figures should resemble the character and lifestyle of the couple. They may be visually similar to its prototype, or be a pair of comic images. For the cake on golden anniversary of this ideal. Figurines may look like angels, Adam and Eve, a pair of swans.

In many cases, chosen ridiculous figurescartoon characters. If you do not like the classic, the animated statues - your choice. Firebird, cats, elephants, giraffes, bears, heroes of "Beauty and the Beast," "Rapunzel," "The Simpsons," "Prince and Cinderella," "Gloria", "Eugene" - the mass of options. Such characters will cause only positive emotions and a smile on the lips of the guests.

Cake with figures on a golden wedding anniversary

White cake with golden decor

Delicacy in honor of the 50th wedding anniversarywhite with gold elements will be a luxurious table decoration. Very interesting to look three-dimensional patterns. To bring a dessert shine, note decoration ribbons, patterns, flowers, bows, gold figurines. Such decoration looks impressive on the usual white background, executed, for example, a protein cream on top. Originally look goodies with alternating gold and white floors biscuits.

Baking with gold decoration on the 50 years of marriage

With words or numbers "50 years"

Golden Wedding - a great event, anniversary fora married couple, their children, grandchildren and close friends. Since the main decoration of the table is a cake, it is necessary that their views, he showed everyone what timed baking. This is most easily accomplished using the dessert on golden anniversary as number 50 or with the inscription "50 years." The classic version - gold plated digits, and the cake of neutral colors such as beige, white, gray.

Cake with numbers on their golden wedding anniversary

In the form of one or two hearts

Bake in honor of the golden anniversary as a heartone or two is very convenient for the occasion. Dessert will hit all those present. Preparation of the original cake takes time and effort. For decoration use pictures, symbols, events, labels, and other elements of decoration. It may consist of several cakes, cream-based impregnated butter, be layered. On top of the cake can be covered with powdered sugar, cocoa powder or another.

Bake in the form of hearts on 50th anniversary

Decorated flower buds

Dessert decorated with flowers, dedicated togolden wedding anniversary, will transform even the most simple treat, giving it a spectacular luxury. Such decoration can be made in the form of a cascade, that is the most popular method of baking decorations. The flowers fall from the top of a spiral or a curve. If the cake is large, the flower can be several stages. The composition can decorate just the tip, crowning a treat, full of minimalist style.

The elegant technique of cake decoration on goldAnniversary flowers are between the layers that share the goodies floors. If the layers are identical in diameter, the decoration may denote the joining line. Large buds look well, if erratically dispersed baking. This option is ideal for small treats. Particularly impressive look outstanding, unusual flowers.

The delicacy of the 50th anniversary of the family with floral decoration

Photos of cakes on their golden wedding

Above offer a lot of options, what shouldbe a cake dedicated to the golden wedding. First of all, it is unusual, since 50 years of marriage, celebrating not every married couple. This celebration should have a special scale, and without the confection can not do. It can fully repeat the cake, which stood at a wedding 50 years ago, to awaken memories of the couple. But also this is a great case for making sweets, which symbolizes a new stage.

cakes options on 50-year wedding anniversary