Alternative wedding cake

Most newlyweds want on your celebrationsee a drop of creativity, surprise guests. A bold and original step is an alternative presentation of a wedding cake. Do not be afraid to move away from traditional concepts, because the wedding - only your holiday. Favorite sweets can easily become the basis for dessert. In this case, the treat will be part of the wedding stories.

What can replace the wedding cake?

The tradition of wedding cakes to order originatesin the 70s of the last century. Up to this point the guests, the bride and groom after the feast treated loaf. Your celebration should be a charismatic individual, so feel free to move away from past concepts rooted. Follow the current trends, give preference to the new that is able to make a holiday memorable and spectacular. Alternative wedding baking set, and they are an excellent substitute for cake.

Cupcakes in the form of a multi-tiered cake

Last fashion trend decoration sweet tablecelebrations - cupcakes, which are miniature cupcakes with different tastes. This is a great alternative is not always appropriate, bulky wedding cake. Cupcakes every day are becoming increasingly popular, displacing tiered cakes. They do not require cutlery, dishes will not get your hands dirty. Cupcakes do not need to be cut, because it treats a la carte. No guest will be left without a piece of him laid.

Cupcakes as an alternative to the cake at the wedding

Cupcakes served at weddings in the formtiered cake on a special stand or plate. Very original look feed each cake in a beautiful cup with bandaged tape that will emphasize the individuality of the dessert. baking design is easily adapted to the style, theme, color scheme of the wedding ceremony - fillings, creams, colored glaze, decorations, spreading open sea of ​​possibilities for decoration.

French dessert croquembouche

In French weddings traditionally servedCroquembouche, known to the whole world. Its name means "crunch in the mouth" is translated from French. This alternative wedding is cone-shaped baking: Custard cake of small size, profiteroles, laid out a slide, fastened with caramel or chocolate. This wedding delicacy got its name thanks to the caramel crunch. Decorated it candied flowers, fruits, caramel threads, almonds.

French wedding dessert croquembouche

Croquembouche pending cut: it is cut cutlery and distributed on the cake for each guest or invited themselves arms break off balls. Profiteroles were first created by Jean Avis, French pastry chef who baked rolls from the original raw eggs and flour in the form of small balls. A form of wedding goodies went from the English tradition as an alternative to cake served slide sweet rolls.

Bowl of creme brulee

Such a replacement wedding cake known for manythe film "Amelie." The main characters of this film, with a special pleasure to savor the treat. creme brulee dessert is ideal for weddings, because it is very delicious, convenient and romantic. Delicacy is a creamy custard, similar to a pudding consistency. Its texture is soft, melting in the mouth, and the taste - sweet, but not cloying.

On top is covered with crème brûlée caramel crispycrust. The name translates as "burnt cream", because, according to the classic recipe, to complete the preparation of the cream on the surface ignited sugar. Since the upper layer caramelization occurs. According to one of the many versions of the creation of a dessert, creme brulee was prepared by the British in the 17th century to the College, Cambridge University.

Bowl of creme brulee dessert as a wedding

Chocolate fountain

Chocolate cake as an alternative - universaldessert. He gives a lot of space for imagination: chocolate lettering, figures, slides, tree or other forms of collected sweets from chocolate. Not forbidden to set a wedding chocolate fountain and enjoy the divine taste of dessert with marshmallows, fruit pieces. Delicacy is a special confectionery plant. It includes several levels, which flows flavored soft chocolate.

Chocolate fountain at a wedding

Pancake cake

The idea of ​​creating this delicate dessert ascribedFrench. Pancake cake as an alternative to the traditional wedding baking looks very appetizing, tasty home-style and fine. Layers of pancakes, smeared with cream, caramel or jam, with a sweet face powder ignite guests babe joy. The dough for pancakes can be varied: pumpkin, carrot, chocolate, lemon, banana. Such a replacement wedding cake is easily adapted to any style of holiday, resorting to a suitable decor.

Wedding cake pancake

Tower of macaroon

French pastries called macaroon steelIt is known all over the world. Unsurpassed taste, aristocratic delicacy dessert will give the atmosphere of the ceremony. Macaroon suitable for the construction of beautiful towers, pyramids, which will be a great alternative to the cake. The smooth surface of goodies perfect for writing, pictures, paintings. Combining all the features that provide macaroon, easy to make dessert individual, original form.

Macaroon - wedding treat

truffle tower

Truffles - a refined, excellent alternativecake at the wedding. This dessert treats for each other. Assorted truffles different flavors - a win-win. This will allow each visitor to find entertainment to their liking. Chocolate truffles can be a fruit, marzipan, nut, alcohol, caramel filling. Exquisitely look handmade chocolates that are bought in upscale pastry.

Submission of truffles at the wedding

Photo interesting alternatives to wedding cakes

Perhaps you are not a fan of cakes,or, conversely, too you love them, and you can not choose one. There are lots of interesting options for replacing the wedding cake: cream, cakes, truffles, ice cream with crumbs. Now the impact of new trends in the organization of the banquet in honor of byurakosochetaniya is that many newlyweds abandoning traditional sweets. Alternatives cake mass and they are all very tasty, original decor and are no worse than the classics.

Possible replacement of a wedding cake