Redemption of the bride in the Institute of style

The institute's many years remembered asfunny, interesting, full of a variety of bright events. Probably everyone at least once dreamed of returning to carefree youth, where "from session to session, students live fun." Briefly feel like a student (or a strict teacher) may have organized the bride price in the style of the institute, where the main role is given to the student, the groom and his cronies, but the best reward is a lovely woman / bride.


Preparation of bride price in the style of the Institute asusually engaged bridesmaids. First of all, they need to come up with, write foreclosure scenario to match the selected style, distribute the roles. To everything was fun and interesting, you need to come up with a variety of tasks - questions on the exam and prepare the necessary details, arrange the room in an appropriate style. During the training it is important to remember - the main thing that the ransom be fun, exciting and memorable for everyone.

Preparing for the redemption of the Institute style

Details for redemption

To fully answer the ransom style institution, it is necessary to prepare the relevant details that help recreate the atmosphere of my student years:

  • Examiners suited strict dress or costumes.
  • Girl-student - a bridesmaid who participate in the buyback, can choose absolutely any clothing that was fashionable at the time of their students.
  • The groom - a student who came to the exam should have a bag where you store lecture notes and cribs.
  • As cribs future husband, and witness may use a bag of sweets, prepare for the role of bribes of money and chocolate.
  • Invariable attribute of each student's InstituteIt considered the record book, which indicates the academic performance, and in this case will show how strong love for the bride, and how well he knows her - for a small notebook.

Gradebook student
  • It is necessary to prepare in advance the examination tickets with questions.
  • Musical instruments.
  • Flower with numbers that have a particular relationship to the bride.
  • Poster, pencils, markers, pens.


The main actors who participate in the redemption of the bride, in the style of the institute will be:

  • Students - bridesmaids, who are near the "cabinet", leafing through notes, repeating the learned lectures. They are directly involved in the purchase.

Students of the Institute
  • Students - the groom and his friends, who will perform a humorous, interesting tasks.
  • Teachers-examiners (there may be several). The main task of the examiners - to check how the student is ready to join the family.
  • The photographer, videographer, which fix the foreclosure process in the Institute of style, on further publication of photos and create interesting videos.

Making room

To ransom Institute style lookas realistic as possible, you need to arrange the room, which will host the action, in an appropriate style. Create an atmosphere of the institute is not difficult: it is necessary to put on the wall calendar pairs, and make it look more interesting titles employment costs a little change. Perhaps the place on the wall posters, wall newspapers, scientists portraits (cartoons). It is necessary to put the examiner table, where teachers will take the exam.

Cartoons scientists

foreclosure scenario in the style of the institute

Redemption of the Institute style starts with thegroom arriving to the narrowing of the house. Conduct examinations may on the stairs or on the floor on the way to the bride. Ideal for such a ransom - the bride apartment. At the entrance stand-student girlfriend who intently repeat the material covered and do not pay attention to the arrivals of students - the future husband and his entourage.

At the apartment door hangs a sign on whichwritten in large letters: "Silence. There is a test! "After the arrival of the main applicant, the door of the" cabinet "is opened and the lady comes out with a serious expression on his face. After seeing the list, the examiner says

- Proceed - (name of the future husband). Come on!

The tablet-style: silence - is an exam

The bride is trying to enter the apartment with his friends. Teacher with rigor:

- You want all together to take exams? Then hand over all the cribs!

The woman takes the witness with candy bag. Betrothed friends goes to the apartment where the examiners are sitting at the table, whispering to each other and looking askance at new students.

Rises chairman of the committee and says:

- So, dear applicant, toto become a student of the Institute of family relations, several exams on important subjects must pass. Teachers will ask questions, and your task - to give the maximum number of correct answers and to successfully pass all the tests, after repeating here can not be.

The bride sits on a chair and a large beginsentrance examination. The first subject on which tested knowledge will be a great and mighty Russian language. The teacher of the Russian language to get tickets for his subject and offers to pull out 3 of them:

- Well, first of all, you need to find errors in the sentences written on the tickets that you have chosen.

Applicant is trying to find errors, searchinggrammatical or spelling. But it's much easier - a test of knowledge about the bride. For example, "In this parlor lives girl with brown eyes and blond braids" (misspelled color of eyes or hair).

If the groom can not find the error, he will have to pay a bribe. At the end of the test the teacher says:

- Well, the first exam was successfully delivered, but there is still a lot of tests!

The next thing, who will deal with the groom - history. A history teacher:

- Welcome the student. You have to answer a few questions that relate to your bride's biography (fit issues: the year of the bride entering the institute, the future mother in law's birthday, etc.). For is not the correct answer, you will have to pay chocolate. I ask you to get a ticket.

The bride pulls the tickets if you do not know the correct answer, puts a chocolate on top of the ticket. At the end of the exam the teacher says:

- Congratulations! Another stage will be held! In your zachetke will be another positive mark!

Further, the future students of the institute of family relations have to pass an exam in music. Teacher:

- You are given 3 musical instrument, playing in which you have to perform a favorite song of the bride. Let your friends help.

Examination in music

The groom takes one tool itself, and the other two give your friends. Trying to get into the rhythm and play the melody, they sing a favorite song of the bride. It can be a guitar, accordion, maracas, etc.


- It was just amazing, maybe not so beautiful, but fun - that's for sure! Keep your record book!

- Test your skills in drawing (says a teacher in fine arts). You have to draw a symbol of love. It has a drawing paper, pencils. Show what they are capable!

The bride draws what he considers a symbol of love (the heart, pigeons, etc.). Skeptical looking at "work of art" of the young student, the teacher says:

- Everyone has a symbol of love, so your image a priori is praiseworthy. Let's record book, get a well-deserved top five!

The bride draws a symbol of love

Next comes the mathematics teacher:

- Too easy to give you priortest with my subject is not so easily overcome. I have a flower with petals, each petal painted figures, which have a particular relationship to the bride. Your task - to give the correct answer, what kind of number is written on the petal.

An example of the numbers, which are written on the petals can be bride growth in mm, year, date dating, apartment number, and more.

The bride is trying to give the right answers, but asimagine a teacher cope with the task is not so simple, so the groom has to seek clues to the bridesmaids or the teacher, after giving a bribe.

Math exam

At the end of the test the teacher says:

- Yeah, as expected, it was not easy, but you have successfully coped with the task. You get a well-deserved five and can proceed to the final test.

Last Exam - literature. It may take place in several forms:

The student should read the romantic verse for the bride.

The future spouses must remember the most tender andaffectionate words that only we can say as a compliment to his lover or insert missing words in the sentences. For example: what is a great happiness ... and be ... (Love, favorite).

Successfully passing the test, the groom gets zachetku deserved five.

Dean gets up and says:

- Congratulations (groom's name)! You have successfully passed the test, received a positive mark, so I am very pleased to present you a student card, which shows you admission to the institute of family relations. All my life you have to learn, acquire new knowledge, overcoming various obstacles in life, and your only companion on this path of life will (bride's name).

Having said this, the Dean takes the bride. The bride receives the most desirable, then, for what took place so many trials! This ransom Institute style finishes.

The long-awaited meeting of the bride and groom

Video process

Redemption - an integral part of the weddingevent, and if it is organized and conducted in a certain style - this is doubly exciting and fun. All should be well planned and thought out, executed in comic form. Well, if the redemption, carried out in the style of the institute, will leave pleasant memories and positive emotions to all participants of the ceremony. Watch the video with the example of redemption, with a lot of other competitions that can be useful for the redemption of the Institute style: