Redemption of the bride in the bank's style

Wedding - an important, memorable event forhoneymooners, because of their natural desire to make the triumph of an original, interesting and unique to make it memorable for everyone. The fun starts with the bride's home when the groom comes for the lover, but all is not as easy as it might think it is waiting for a difficult task - bride price. It is an old tradition, which can make the original organizing cool theme ransom, for example, the bride ransom Bank style.


If the future wife has decided to organizetheme or redemption is conceived of her girlfriends, you need to prepare everything in advance. Organize a bride price - a good idea, the realization of which should come with great responsibility. First of all, you need to create a scenario (especially if there will be poetry), to prepare the necessary equipment, clothing, accessories, assign roles. Only with a good preliminary preparation redemption will take place according to plan and everything will be organized as well as possible.


Details for redemption

On redemption of the bride in the original style of the bank isprepare in advance all the necessary details. What is required, you decide on the basis of the script compiled, but your attention is an overall list of accessories that will be required for such an original event:

  • Original, funny glasses to "employees of the bank."
  • Badge with the words "administrator", "cash desk".
  • Box, a bank, a bag or basket in which to collect the money.
  • Notepad, which will serve as the "banking book".
  • Paper, writing instruments.
  • Keys (one must be from the apartment or the bride's room, etc.).
  • Also need glue, pens, paper, scissors, tape, and other stationery trivia.


The redemption participate girlfriend,witness - these are the main actors, which is responsible for issuing the mission beloved girlfriend married previously to suffer future spouse and checking his knowledge of memorable dates, tastes, preferences of the bride.

On the part of the spouse to the aid can come bestfriend - witness, friends, guests, who can provide financial support if it is not able to answer any question or fail the quest.


Decoration of the entrance and apartments

To create the necessary festive atmosphereyou need to decorate the bride's apartment, entrance. Particular attention should be paid to the entrance, when the walls of the last inscriptions or bumps - it is necessary to mask, adorned with posters, balloons, to create a beautiful background when shooting photos and videos.

Decorate a beautiful staircase possible with postersnewlyweds image, perfect satin ribbons, handmade jewelry (eg, napkins figurines, balloons). Room bride may decorate with balloons, ribbons.


Bank foreclosure scenario in style

As foreclosure scenario, the bride plays the role of an important treasure stored in a safe location.

At the entrance, her future husband met with girlfriendbadges "administrator" and the door hangs a large poster with a beautiful inscription "Bank of love and relationships!". One of the bridesmaids is holding a large banking book, which contains a list of tasks, tests. Another girl is holding "cash" - a basket or jar (it can be any container, which may put the money). To the girl looked serious and interesting, perhaps funny to wear the original glasses.

Encountering young girlfriends talking:

- Good afternoon! We are glad to see you in our bank, "Love and Relationship", which is considered a reliable repository of family values. Would you like to open an account or wish to take their valuables, which are stored with us?


- I came for his bride!

Bank Workers:

- You have chosen the most precious treasure, butget it not so easy to have to go through several serious security levels. First of all it is necessary to prove that the treasure, that is, the bride belongs to you. Let's start with a simple test: Give the date of account opening.


- And what is the date of that?


- To get a hint, it is necessary to pay in cash!

Girl with a capacity for money and have box office. Beloved pays hint receives a receipt, it gives the bank administration.


Administrators of the bank:

- The date of opening of the account is considered to be the day of your love when Cupid joined your hearts!

Groom calls date dating.

Girls are reconciled with a book, verify that the specified account opened in the name (surname future husband), and say:

- Show me the document to check whether it is exactly you?

After checking the data, girlfriend return the passport.

To gain access to the cell, which houses the bride, you need to find the key, hidden in a safe, closed on the combination lock. To get the code, you need to answer the questions.

The bride receives a pen and paper to write code.

A list of questions, the answers to which will be part of the code:

  • Code Home - the date when the groom to see the bride for the first time.
  • Next come the letters. To get them, you need to remember the first joint trip with his beloved, the first letter of the place where went and will be part of the code. (If the groom can not remember - let him buy a clue).
  • Bride growth - is the next numbers that make up the code.
  • The following figures - ring size of your girlfriend.
  • To be continued code - write the size of shoes Bride.
  • Question on filling - remember the date of application to the registrar.
  • The last letter, the final code - this is the first letter of the color of the dress (costume), who was the bride at your first meeting!

The code is made - it is possible to move on.

Girls and groom rise in the entrance to oneflight to the windowsill, where the laid out keys that are covered with paper to the groom from sight did not specify what kind of key to the bride apartment. On pieces of paper indicates the codes, but only one of them is correct, the necessary key is hidden underneath.


- Before you safes with keys to find the right key - codes reconciled with the fact that you wrote in the previous test.


Groom check code comparing with others. If he did not find an identical code, then I answered wrong on some issue and he had the wrong code. Re wonder if he is something not sure - is to go to the cashier to buy a clue. When the code is written is true, he will receive the key to the cell where he was kept a precious bride.

The groom opens the door and gets the treasure - a bride gives her a bouquet and becomes the richest, as was a large jewel.


Video process

As clearly going the foreclosure process, watch the video:

Organize bride ransom interesting styleBank is not difficult, you need to start preparing in advance to collect all the necessary accessories, assign roles, create a script. The main thing - a good mood, and everything will be fine.

You already have experience in the organization of the repurchase or participated in such an event? Share your experience, post your feedback and comments!