Redemption of the bride in the army style

Each pair of dreams, the wedding took placeoriginal - from the beginning of the holiday and the end of a wedding celebration. A major role in this is the style of redemption, which will prepare girlfriend narrowing. Army bride price - a unique event, it certainly delight all participants. Bridegroom to become a soldier of the army and go through several tests before, competitions, perform tasks in order to prove - betrothed will be a real support family life.


Preparation of the redemption of medium complexity. Girls should be to create an original, unusual scenario, consider contests, which will become the basis for - all they have to comply with a military theme. Girls with the witness must ensure that the roles have been learned by all leading, conduct some preliminary rehearsals - only event will be held perfectly. Do not forget about decorating the house, porch themed things.

The duration of repayment should not exceedforty or fifty minutes to future husband was not tired before the heavy wedding day. If funds are available assistant organizers can become a professional toastmaster.

Details for redemption

corresponding attributes need for redemption in the military style. List of props needed for the event:

Photo: bride price in the army style
  • attire - a form of the army. Suit camouflage suits with shoulder straps, soldiers' caps or military cap. Shoulder straps with caps girls can do it yourself with the help of paper. To create an image of fit and style business suit - the main thing that was attached epaulettes denoting rank (general lieutenant).
  • Darts, paper "convenience", "friendsmade "," out of love ", etc. The first screening test to family service - show dexterity and accuracy, hitting the target - the real reason for marriage. Narrowing given the opportunity to hit the target a few times for free.

ransom army style
  • Abbreviations on the walls of the entrance. To go further, the future spouse must undergo an intellectual challenge. A man should solve the abbreviation that will be a kind of vows for the bride. For example, the MP - washing dishes, DBTSKD - giving bouquet of flowers every day.
  • Cards with questions about the bride. To prove that the ordinary is worthy to enter the service of the army honorable family, will have to show their knowledge of the beloved. Girls need to prepare questions, each correct answer will zoom betrothed to marry, for every wrong - will have to pay the money.
  • Cut marks or chamomile. Physical training betrothed check the following test - minefield. To advance on one of the flights of stairs, is allowed only by carved elements, one "but" - they end up on the second step and glued to the ceiling and walls. Hero for the day must guess to ask the witness to carry it.

bride price in the army style
  • A ball of tangled wires. The last test before the cherished door to the bride's room - together with friends to unravel the wire. This proves that the future husband is able to unravel any difficult situation.
  • Oath, written by friends. After the last contest ended, the groom beautiful bride reads the oath, which vows to love her, to respect, to carry out the family duty to ensure the girl.


The protagonists of the army ransom style:

  • The soldiers of the army.
  • Doctor.
  • Private groom.
  • The photographer, who will make a memorable photo.


Making room

Themed room design style forarmy bride price, will help to create the right atmosphere. Before the entrance to install the table, where it will sign "the recruiting station." Decorate the entrance better painted banners, arches military rules, adapting them for family life. Also bridesmaids can choose themed music that will be played during the military purchase.

The scenario of redemption in the army style

On reaching the house of the beloved, future husbandsees at the entrance is a table, bridesmaid sitting behind him, dressed in military uniforms. On the table plate - "the recruiting station." When the groom comes closer, the leading pay attention to him and says:

- Oh, look, a novice back! You want to family service sign? The military have a ticket?

The future husband responds that there is no military ID.

- Well, young man, we are always happyvolunteers, but just to the front is not empty. We'll have to go through extensive training before you get a coveted permit. Hopefully, at least from a medical certificate that's all right?

The bridegroom answers that help either.

- You disappoint me! The first visitor today, but did not come. Well - here's a referral, check, and then march to the training! Forward!

bride price in the army style

The future husband comes into the entrance, where it is waiting for the first test of redemption army bride - the medical board. The doctor is waiting for Mr Right:

- Hello, rookie! I was told that you go to, and still say that you are in a hurry, it's true?

The culprit celebrations responds positively.

- Well, then check will be accelerated for you,It hurts like you. Now we are examining both your eyesight and memory! I think this will be enough to see our little test was considered valid. You see - balls to the wall?

Groom nods.

- Already good! You have to burst the balloons with the help of special weapons (javelins doctor gives the groom). Do not forget to cover one eye with his hand before throwing!

When future spouse falls, note drops out of the ball.

- And here is the second part of your test. On that note - a figure that has to do with the bride. In the family service to remember important events, dates - is vital. Here, for example, the figure is 23. What does it mean?

The figures may mean age of the bride, shoe size, weight. The destined responsible. For errors or additional darts pays ransom.

- Congratulations! Medical examination is passed. I wish you success in the preparation and prompt meeting with the bride. Before the general that you are a brave guy that did not make concessions. Go!


Next, the groom goes to the following test foreclosure army bride. There betrothed meets bridesmaid in uniform:

- I came, finally! Smi-and-and-polar! Do not you hear me, soldier? Smyrna!

Hero for the day on the counter becomes "Attention."

- Well, the groom, few come to a family service with such zeal, but lazy, we do not need here, cool off during training you will not. I clear?

The destined positive answers.

- Good. Your first test as a member - checking accuracy. The doctor gave me that vision you have all excellent, so do not let me down, son! Do you like the bride?

The future husband says that he loves.

- Let's see! On the wall hangs a target, which you must hit the center, if you truly love. What land smite - and that is the cause of your marriage. At ease!

Besides other reasons of love are there - "made friends", "there is no one to cook." The groom takes the bride foreclosure test or fee to pay the army.

- Yes, the groom, you marksman. However, during the service will require not only your physical abilities, but also intelligent. The bride left a few abbreviations whose meaning we do not know for you. Unscramble them so that it is clear - your mind is perfectly adapted to the service of the families of the army!

By turns bridesmaid showsabbreviations - the groom must decipher them. For example, "DBM" - always take out the garbage, "DC" - to give flowers. If this test betrothed bride price can not come up with a transcript, paying money.

bride price in the army style

- I can see your mind copes incritical situations. But in addition to flexible thinking requires serious knowledge that during the battle will not leave your head! We have a few questions about your bride - Now let's see if you know it well. After all, if it is good - you can easily sort out the military family conflicts.

Bridegroom ask questions about the bride, if he meets the right - pass on, if not - pay the ransom. Commander:

- Well done! I'm sure you'll be able to easily resolve any confrontation because of his intelligence.

Leading with the groom goes to the next flight of stairs - test bride ransom Army "Minefield". Bridesmaid:

- Here we come to one of the most dangerousstages of military training. It's a minefield responds only to grooms. One of our Sapper leave the safety notes for you - traces to help pass. Remember that nothing, except for the following, you can not advance!

This test is the bride price is complicated by the fact that the tracks are not only on the steps, but also on the walls, the ceiling. Betrothed to guess to ask the witness to incur it.

- Great job! I see you have true friends who will not abandon the battlefield. Now you will face the ultimate test.

Bridesmaids with a future spouse enter the apartment, on the table lies a ball of tangled wires. Leading-commander says

- That you are worthy of honor start to provefamily army, you have to untangle the wires. Every soldier, passed this training, knows that all conflicts, quarrels, should be able to deftly unravel - after all they are the main danger to the family. You have shown that you know how to get things done. Good luck in this test!

Commander note the time, the future spouse is a competition bride price. Moderator:

- Congratulations, young man! Your love, courage, agility does not cause us to doubt. It remains the last - solemnly take an oath of loyalty to his bride.

Presenters include music, hero of the occasion read out the oath.

- That's it: you became a soldier of family life! We wish you happiness. Allowed to join his beloved. At ease!

After the words of the commander-bridesmaid beloved meet redemption army ends.

Video process

Watch the video of the original bride price, which involved military detachment for special purposes:

Army cheerful bride price - a brighta view that certainly will be remembered for a long time heroes of the occasion, as well as guests. Create the perfect event helps careful preparation, good organization of the process.