Redemption of the bride in style Airlines

Organizing a wedding - troublesome thing, requiringattention, taking into account all the details. Now many wedding ceremonies are held according to tradition. So, before the wedding, the groom had to be sure to redeem the bride. But as a rule, get the girl groom is not easy, because in addition to redemption bridesmaids require you to perform various tasks. Bride price in the airline style provides a fun pastime for the groom, witnesses, and bridesmaids. How to organize a ransom?



To force majeure is not interruptedransom charming bride in the airline style, you need to thoroughly prepare for the event. Otherwise, unexpected problems will not take place repurchase. Consider all the details: the place of a makeshift arrangement airline, flight attendants training suits, the task for the groom.

Attributes for redemption

Use some props for redemption to the event turned out colorful and original. So, you will need:

  • Caps, ties, shirts for the bridesmaids.
  • Badges on which to write the initials of the bride, the position (the flight attendant or manager).
  • Logbook, which is suitable for conventional notebook.
  • A box for collecting money.
  • Toy Guns - necessary for the final scene.
  • Items to decorate the entrance and apartments.

Decoration of the entrance of the bride and apartments

Properly decorate the place, which will host thecelebration, you will experience the atmosphere of the airline. Entrance should draw posters, which depict a young bride and groom, a lot of children, mother-in-law and other family members. Let the pictures on the posters will be comic style. As for the corridor and the room where it will be the bride, they need to decorate balloons. The girl should be dressed up in a white dress.



The redemption of the bride attended by her friends,who play stewardesses. Witness helps a friend to cope with complex tasks, let it get expensive bride. It is not enough to pay the ransom, you must prove your love by performing different tasks.

foreclosure scenario in the style of airlines

This script will help you to spend a bride priceinteresting, original. It is necessary to distribute the roles, learn the words and the sequence of actions. First flight attendant begins to speak his words at the entrance to the entrance, where all participants of the event will gather.


Stewardess 1: Warning Dear passengers! Airliner "bride's name" is sent within 30 seconds. The flight will last about 20 minutes. We recommend disabling mobile phones and fasten your seat belts! Aircraft Landing performed at "Happy family life".

Stewardess 2: Only that the manager of our airliner reported that on board there are two stowaways - "the groom's name and witness." We ask these passengers pay for tickets with a fine.

After the groom to pay a fine witness, the procession goes to the entrance. Before reaching the steps, bridesmaids bride and forced his friend to perform the first task.


Stewardess 1: Dear passengers! The pilot reported that the aircraft system is broken - holed fuel tank. Eliminating this breakdown occurs through the execution of folk songs. Fix the gas tank will help us professional experts - "the groom's name and witness."

Stewardess 2: And to make up for the loss of gasoline, which has flowed out of the gas tank, you need to refuel champagne.

Comrades, sing a song duet, and then "airliner" continues on his way. The second task does not make long to wait.


Stewardess 2: On board our aircraft detected the bomb! To eliminate the risk, you must enter the secret code, which consists of 5 characters. According to our manager, code is the name of the Ukrainian folk dance (the correct answer - hopak). Who will help us solve this riddle?

The young man with his friend, you must notonly guess the name of the dance, but also to fulfill it. The process should capture the photo or video, since the form in young people is ridiculous. Subsequently, reviewing photos or video recording, event participants will remember the wonderful moments during foreclosure.

The next step is the third task. For its implementation need to prepare in advance a few pairs of shoes, of which one pair shall be the bride.


Stewardess 1: Attention, passengers! The chassis of our aircraft jammed, so we have some time to fly in the sky until such time as a chassis fixed. We can help fellow "groom's name."

The young man is blindfolded and take turns presented with a pair of shoes. Among the many foreign couples groom must learn to touch his shoes cute. For every mistake relies fine.

At the time of execution of this competition processionIt should be close to the bride's apartment. Out the door look out a few colored ribbons or threads of which lead to different rooms. The room where the bride must be locked with a key, which will be in the pocket of the witness.


Young people should choose the right path. In case of an error it is necessary to answer the question about his beloved, for example: "Height and weight of the beloved", "? The eye color of the future mother in law", "What date did you meet lover?", Etc. When the groom will be defined with a choice, the witness should give him the key. There is a child bride with a gun.

Stewardess 2: Aboard an airliner hijacked dangerous terrorist, which requires a large amount of money. Comrades, "the groom's name and witness" we recommend that you give their wallets to the flight ended without incident!


After the young men give their wallets "terrorists", the procession leaves the apartment, and one of the flight attendants informs passengers about the successful landing of the aircraft:

Stewardess 1: Dear passengers, we landed safely at the station "Happy family life". Thank you for your flight under the wing of our airline, "the bride's name."

Video process

You want to know how the bride price? Watch the video:

Redemption of the beautiful bride in the style of airlineswill be held on the "cheers", if you will prepare all the props, thoroughly familiar with the words and assign roles. Then, many years after the wedding you will remember this event with enthusiasm!

Have you already participated in the redemption of the bride in a similar style? Share your impressions in the comments to the article!