Redemption of the bride in a rock style

Now most young people preferto arrange non-traditional bride price, but the real action, during which young people manage to have fun. Redemption of the bride in the style of rock is not the last place among honeymooners popularity. At the moment, many addicted to rock music, and collecting memorabilia associated with this genre of music. If the couple are fans of rock, this stylish ransom perfect them! How to organize it?

Redemption of the bride in a rock style


Preparations for the celebration consists of a choicesuitable costumes and design the entrance, which will host the main part of the event. In addition, it is necessary to undertake the development scenario, where the entire course of the festival will be shown. It can be both poetic and unrhymed. voice actors Style should not be so rude as cheerful, cheerful. Please note these details in the preparation of the script.

Redemption of the bride in a rock style

You also need to ensure the availability of transport. Fast, stylish bikes, which will come to the festival participants will be the highlight of the event. Brutal bike Harley-Davidson or any other brand it is not necessary to decorate the wedding accessories. This vehicle after purchasing man will take the lady to the registrar. Helmets, leather hammers make the image memorable. To have had the opportunity to look back on this event, take photos and video of the event!

Redemption of the bride in a rock style

Details for redemption

To arrange a bride price in the original rock style, as well as to hold competitions, you will need the following details:

  • Guitar - with the help of this musical instrument groom could sing a song dedicated to his beloved.
  • Posters with photos of couples and drawings in the style of rock. They should also write a greeting appropriate style.
  • Small tricycle groom need to pass the competition.

The need for additional items is found in the preparation: during the preparation of the script, design contests, decorate the room, which will host the event.


As a rule, the actors of the event - it isguests who will attend the wedding. Together with her future husband on a motorcycle of his friends come to help prove to others the love of his beloved. A check on the seriousness of the groom will be a witness, who organize competitions and prepare it. It is advisable to use mother-in event - it will try to groom struggled for the heart and the hand of her daughter.

Redemption of the bride in a rock style

Dresses must be participants of the festivalrelevant rock style. The groom and his friends can wear ripped jeans with chains, leather jackets, T-shirts with the logos of rock bands. Bridesmaids and future wife is recommended to dress in a leather suit or dress that accentuate slender figures of women. Experiment with rivets and chains - these elements will make your original image.

Redemption of the bride in a rock style

Making room

Check in and the room must be chainsvinyl records, photographs motorcycles. It is also a good idea to decorate the staircase attributes bikers. Garage your fellow motorists and motorcyclists are always crowded with old obsolete tires, wheels, wheels, handlebars, and other attributes of the biker movement. With the help of these elements will be able to create an atmosphere of freedom that provides a rock style.

Redemption of the bride in a rock style

foreclosure scenario in the style of rock

The culprit celebration arrives at the venueRock bride price - to the home of his beloved. Near the entrance sit bridesmaids dressed in black leather jackets, they are decorated with leather bracelets, belts with rivets. The groom comes closer, it becomes clear that the girls listen to music. The witness says Mr Right:

- Hi! So staring at us. Maybe I forgot something here?

The culprit responsible celebration that came to the bride.

- To the bride .. You?

Leading laughs, then says:

- Well, I laugh, man! Our Bride - otvyaznyh girl is unlikely she would have liked a boy, excuse me. Although she said she was waiting for some kind of groom. Show me your passport ...

Hero for the day shows girlfriend's passport.

- My God, it's you! Can not be. Yes, our beauty (bride's name) has always been famous for the strange taste. Now I believe that you came to her. However, for a meeting with the restriction will have to dress up, or will not let you. Take off your jacket!

Witness the groom gives the prepared black leather jackets.

- Now a different matter! I'm sure, like a bride.

Comes another leading:

- Yes, it looks more pleasant, but we can notlet him pass without preliminary tests. Bride deserves only the best, you have to prove that he is the best. Say, groom, know that your favorite rock fan?

celebrations culprit replied in the affirmative.

- Good. Every girl pertaining to the subculture of rock, dreaming about a guy who will carry on her Harley concert favorite bands. Now we will check your driving skills.

The bridesmaids are the groom to the first test foreclosure rock. Member gets on a small platform in the courtyard, there is in using tapes designated road to "start" is a children's tricycle.

- Here's your vehicle. Yes, it was not possible to get Harley to us, but if you have to cope with this large object - doubts about your driving skills will not go! You need to overcome the sharp turns to get to the finish line. If sedesh the road - will have to pay a fine.

Hero for the day of redemption passes this test rock, if the handle is bad - pay a fine. After the trip leader says:

- Yes, the way you're feeling good, congratulations, this exam is passed.

Girlfriend pulls paper from his pocket and puts it in a cap with the name of the famous rock band.

- In addition to the ability to drive a motorcycle, future husbandOur bride should have a good ear for music! (Bride's name) left me a few names of their favorite songs. You need to fulfill the stated song to the tune of heavy rock.


Leading stretches betrothed cap with papers, he pulls. Songs there is not fatal, and romantic.

- Great choice! Now I'll turn right music ...

It includes a minus "severe" style songs rock, future husband will have to figure out how to execute at this romantic ballad. After passing this contest bride price, a leading said:

- You have a good voice, but carry a heavy rock is too early to have ... Although the makings. Well, that's your business, how to use the talent, and we move on to the next test.

Leading the groom carries guests to the entrance, on the wall is a poster with prints of lips.

- Your bride loves to dress stylish and bright. By the clothes she picks up a beautiful makeup, emphasizing the lips. Before you is a few prints that have left different girls, your bride - among them. Guess what lips belong to her. You can tell the color of lipstick.

All lipstick colors are different, but in the same range. If the hero of the occasion guesses, goes further, not - pay the ransom for another attempt.

- Good! Sponges his bride you know. Now we see that you know her soul as well as the exterior.

Bridesmaids pulls out a list of questions.

- I'm going to ask you questions that willanswer only one who truly loves her and knows therefore concentrate. For each correct answer you have the right to go up a notch. For every wrong will have to pay.

Groom passes this test bride price rock.

- Yes, I see you know a good lover! More I can not so scared to give it to you. Let's go further.

Hero for the day with stops leading to a flight of stairs.

- You have shown that you love a bride, but now have to put it into words. We chose the favorite lines (bride's name) of the Russian rock songs, and you need to use them all, confessing his love for her.

Leading the groom gives a list of song phrases.


- Each line is used will allow you to go one step further.

The future husband passes this test foreclosure rock, if does not know how to use the phrase - a leading pay.

- What eloquence! Well, I think that your beloved will be pleased with this recognition. The guy you're good, beautiful, but let me know if you can provide a narrowing? Sometimes concert tickets are so expensive!

celebrations culprit replied in the affirmative.

- Well, now you will have the opportunity to show it.

Bridesmaids brings a glass of water, a third of which is filled with water.

- Lay the money here as long as the water does not reach the edges of the spill or not!

Groom together with the witness fills a glass with money.

- The wealth you have! I have no doubt that you - the best man for our girls. It remains the ultimate test that finally reunite you.

Leading picked up a box, from which one can see a few tapes.

- Here's the groom - three tapes, each associated with its own key. Choose your favorite color of the beloved, to get the correct key and open the door that separates you.

Groom guesses tape if mistaken - pays for a second attempt. When the key is in the hands of her spouse in leading he said:

- Congratulations! It is the right choice. Your dedication, courage and love inspire respect. Wish you happiness!

The culprit celebration opens the door, there are narrowing, bride rock ends.

Video process

To see how the large-scale action - the arrival of the groom and his friends for ransom of the bride, check out the video sample that will give you a clear idea of ​​this event:

To organize such a ransom easy to doyou need to get the rock paraphernalia, as well as an interesting scenario to play at the event. Then an unforgettable experience, drive provided to all participants of redemption!